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  1. You can install this mod on the server, but all the players should install this mod too from the client side.
  2. @Sirillion Any chance we can get a branch with hosted textures? Would like to use this awesome UI pack but i can't install it from geforce now, so i need to install it from the server side.
  3. Thanks for the update, its awesome.
  4. ؟Does this mod affects the spawn rate of the other ores? It's more difficult to find some of them but i don't know if it is just a coincidence
  5. I tried on a new generated world and it's working fine on A18.3
  6. @Sirillion Hello, i think there's a bug. I cannot choose the "Drop nothing on dead" option
  7. Skills and requirements for crafting vanilla items
  8. Using Undead Legacy UI, it's awesome (And the full Mod). Just, i don't want to play with the other changes.
  9. Ok, i can do it. I can give it to you when i got it, if you want. Maybe some other people want it too.
  10. Any way to use only the new items? I just want to play with more stuff to loot
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