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  1. Don't tools in RH break if you don't repair before they hit zero durability?
  2. No, I've noticed this too. Various quests with money, XP, and/or skill point penalties. With no explanation as to why. It actually shows up on the mission tab under the description. Is there a time limit or something?
  3. They only grow if water is in an adjacent block. So either make trenches between and fill with buckets of water, or lay rows of dirt, and fill between with water.
  4. OK, having a senior moment here. I had iron sheets in my last game... I know you need a mold in the forge to make them. Where's good spots to find an original to make the mold from? I must have found them before without noticing where, now I need one, I have no clue. I'm assuming Working Stiff crates and hardware shops... I can't pry one off a fence intact?
  5. Right click and hold, select the hand.
  6. Any special place to look for Grills? Day 13 and only found one despite looting every kitchen I can find.
  7. Crowbar a motorbike. Crowbar is loot only so...
  8. Getting this error from trader after completing quest. I'm using an old map from 17.3, but a fresh game.
  9. Just noticed that the 2 pocket armour mod is a tier higher than the three pocket. Also... fossils? It says better chances in desert? Digging sand? Or ore pockets?
  10. Ok, having trouble with schematics. Says I need Yeah Science lvl 1. Check. Need workbench. Check. Schematics. Check. Parts needed check. Says I don't know the recipe... WTF? What am I missing? Edit. OK, if I get level two of yeah science, It'll let me make tier 1 and 2 schematics. Bug?
  11. Weird. I'm at the mission where I need to craft a farm table. I have the parts. But it says I don't know the recipe. WTF?
  12. Got a problem with the farm table. Won't let me make seeds from potatoes or corn even though I have the first two levels of skill necessary... Am I missing something obvious?
  13. If you really want a map with multiple traders. Try seed "fukjax" [sorry jax]. Got 4 traders in four adjacent towns.
  14. Yeah, I know. I've got a fine collection of half a dozen microwaves, four coffee machines... but no blender.
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