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  1. I found nitrogen maps to be far superior to standard RWG. But then, I love skyscrapers.
  2. Omigod. I set one of these up at the entrance to my horde night fighting fortification... Zombies run up, "Rarrrgh" go to hit me, get shoved sideways. Made me laugh so much. Going to put next horde night fighting area on top of Higutchi tower and use Robo sledges to punt them off a ledge. Will be hilarious.
  3. RWG sucks. Don't know why they don't just license Nitrogen and be done with it. 😉
  4. Haven't tried them out yet, hoping to use them to push zeds off off high places and let gravity do the damage though.
  5. Don't tools in RH break if you don't repair before they hit zero durability?
  6. I nearly always beeline for the closest skyscraper on day 1. Even getting up a couple of floors gives me a safe spot for the night. After clearing, a veritable fortress for the rest of my game.
  7. Just use Nitrogen. You can customise to whatever map style you want. I've pretty much given up on the native RWG.
  8. No, I've noticed this too. Various quests with money, XP, and/or skill point penalties. With no explanation as to why. It actually shows up on the mission tab under the description. Is there a time limit or something?
  9. They only grow if water is in an adjacent block. So either make trenches between and fill with buckets of water, or lay rows of dirt, and fill between with water.
  10. OK, having a senior moment here. I had iron sheets in my last game... I know you need a mold in the forge to make them. Where's good spots to find an original to make the mold from? I must have found them before without noticing where, now I need one, I have no clue. I'm assuming Working Stiff crates and hardware shops... I can't pry one off a fence intact?
  11. Right click and hold, select the hand.
  12. Any special place to look for Grills? Day 13 and only found one despite looting every kitchen I can find.
  13. Crowbar a motorbike. Crowbar is loot only so...
  14. Getting this error from trader after completing quest. I'm using an old map from 17.3, but a fresh game.
  15. Just noticed that the 2 pocket armour mod is a tier higher than the three pocket. Also... fossils? It says better chances in desert? Digging sand? Or ore pockets?
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