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  1. I know this is old hat by now but I think it needs to be said again, I <3<3<3 the Night Vision Goggles.
  2. Yeah it seems like higher game difficulties are just too much to deal with in early game stages which is why I generally change the difficulty to a higher level later when I have some skill and gear.
  3. On another note using a vehicle during a Blood moon on Warrior difficulty is a harrowing experience, the Buzzards are nutty, yeesh. It makes it virtually impossible to go and pick up a respawned buddy if their sleeping bag was destroyed.
  4. I never use the Table Saw so I didn't notice.
  5. All you have to do is add a upgrade slot in the workbench for a Mod that will speed up processing time just like you have for the forge with the Advanced Bellows, easy peasy. I would love one of those for the Chemical Station. The benefits are self explanatory. This may not resolve the players 'on person' ability to scrap or craft faster but it seems to me that is part of why workbenches and other workstations are vitally important to have in your base. Another idea is to add the Scrap-o-matic machine that will scrap items super fast, but then the Workbench and Chemistry st
  6. I thought I should follow up. I am on Warrior difficulty, and roughly on game stage 440 and still no zombies at night for 99.9% of it, on two consecutive nights I had one curious scout and the other night i had one wandering horde and that's it, I had 6 generators, spinning blade traps, tons of lights, 4 forges, and 4 chemistry stations all running, and on top of that 8 burning barrels, and the zombies are just no where to be found. Keep in mind I don't want to be constantly harassed but I don't want it to be so peaceful that I can have a moonlight luau in my backyard and have no
  7. @faatal I noticed with some dismay that on game stage 238 on Warrior difficulty I went an entire night with no zombies attacking my base so I made some burning barrels and put 4 of them outside my base one at each corner and still nothing. Keep in mind this is not unusual as I routinely get zero zombies at night. I can't imagine this is a bug, is there something that can be done about this? I also noticed that random zombie hordes hardly ever happen anymore. I need some Zombluv, help a brother out! P.S. Thank you for making the zombies smart, you da m
  8. This is also a culture thing, if everyone feels safe and not threatened then they can take constructive criticism without being defensive, everyone needs some guidance every once in a while, it also depends on the person giving the constructive criticism, if they do it right it's all good.
  9. @faatal Hey man could you write some new code to allow the zombies to utilize side step and also flanking maneuvers during a group attack so if there is space to move around that they don't just come at you in a straight line like sheep to the slaughter. Thanks
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