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  1. This is also a culture thing, if everyone feels safe and not threatened then they can take constructive criticism without being defensive, everyone needs some guidance every once in a while, it also depends on the person giving the constructive criticism, if they do it right it's all good.
  2. @faatal Hey man could you write some new code to allow the zombies to utilize side step and also flanking maneuvers during a group attack so if there is space to move around that they don't just come at you in a straight line like sheep to the slaughter. Thanks
  3. @Fun Pimps The Chemistry station, Workbench, and Cement mixer all feel super slow compared to the Forge with the Advanced Bellows, would you consider adding an upgrade slot and acceleration item to make them faster?
  4. I like the Advanced Bellows for the Forge but man the Chemistry Station is painfully slow sigh...
  5. I've only been playing since alpha 15 so I haven't been around very long in the grand scheme of things but after going through the wait of the alpha 17 development cycle of over a year it makes the 6 month wait for alpha 18 feel like nothing in comparison. I am looking forward to checking out all the new toys, game/graphics engine changes/tweaks, and rebalancing of the game play.
  6. Ah yeah see since I haven't played Alpha 18 yet I wouldn't know so I guess my lack of actual experience with alpha 18 and my experience with alpha 17 is leading me to think something that is not true and balancing is ever on going so I guess I will have to wait and see. Thanks for clarifying the reasoning behind the idea of vomiting.
  7. When I heard you talking about vomiting in the video I was thinking "man as if we don't have enough trouble keeping up with food as it is" but this is a survival game after all and I guess it can't be easy but man I'm certainly not looking forward to it but it is what it is I guess. I know balancing is on going and things are always changing so we will see how this plays out.
  8. If you don't get it you won't get it so there is no point in discussing it with you.
  9. @TFP Currently there are keybinds that can't be duplicated for instance you can't have toggle flashlight under movement and toggle lights under vehicles bound to the same key so it makes using lights a pain in the ass. Would you fix it so you can use the same keybind for multiple similar functions under different circumstances so for instance the ability to use "O" to toggle both the flashlight while on foot and toggle the lights on a vehicle while using it that way you don't have to have more than one keybind to do the same similar function where you have "O" to toggle lights on foot and then "P" to toggle lights on vehicles. Thanks
  10. @TFP Would you guys please look into increasing brass availability because right now brass is crazy hard to source. Would you consider making copper and zinc available to mine if so that would be great.
  11. Look into more extensive multi-core utilization, the guys who have it will really appreciate it, put my 10 core i9 to work!
  12. Yeah but you are the Co-Owner of the company and you can inquire about it, just sayin'.
  13. @madmole Any chance of better multi-core utilization for us guys with big core count CPU's? Me love you long time if you make it happen.
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