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  1. My suggestion is that "brass junk" covers all those miscellaneous items and could be smelted directly like they can, or scrapped at a loss to "raw" brass. If a radiator is worth 100 brass, then scrapping a car or AC would give you 100 "brass junk". If its stack size is set smaller than for raw brass, we still have the inventory management issue, but it's probably not as much of a nuisance because we won't need separate slots for radiators, doorknobs, candlesticks, etc.
  2. How is "indoors" defined by the game? Is this something POI designers have to indicate, or does the game calculate what is considered indoors based on geometry? Do changes to POIs change this? Curious about whether expanding/modifying POIs or building my own base on open land creates new indoor areas.
  3. I think a bunch of different items that cannot be used in any recipe or as decoration and only exist to be scrapped into one of the base raw materials are essentially the same item. Making more of them is a waste of developer resources. They should all just be consolidated into "brass junk", "lead junk", "iron junk", etc. Each of these items represents various things and the icon should look like a pile of miscellaneous items of that material. Salvage a door, get a little brass junk. Salvage an A/C and get a lot of brass junk, iron junk, plus the other assorted ingredients that can actual
  4. Brass doesn't exist in nature, so they'd have to add copper and zinc ore (which they've already said they don't want to do). And by mid levels I'm swimming in brass and often have so many dukes I can afford to just smelt them. From a gameplay standpoint, these useless items are just extra clicks that add nothing of interest to the game other that cluttering your inventory. And what's the point in wasting developer resources creating models, icons, and xml for objects like this that serve no gameplay purpose other than to be smelted or scrapped? Sure, you can install a
  5. I think any loot item that has no use in any recipe and exists only to be scrapped should be removed and the scrap brass, lead, etc., should be found instead.
  6. I think it would be more realistic to have vehicles perform better on roads and gravel than off-road (run a little faster, use less gas, take less wear-and-tear). The bicycle (since it's clearly not a mountain bike) should certainly go faster and use less stamina if you're on a road. It would introduce some interesting choices between cutting across the landscape and taking more damage, or sticking to the roads and taking less. Maybe the reward for getting the 4x4 would be that it suffers no penalty for going off-road?
  7. So how is a sneak attack with a knife ever supposed to be effective if they always wake up before you can get within 1m? Is the knife reach actually longer than 1m?
  8. Is it expensive to check if all of the voxels directly above the target voxel are empty? Seems like that would be a reasonable "am I outside" check.
  9. I mean, if you're trying to get new players to ragequit and uninstall, that'll do it. (But since I have 2600+ hours, I'll cut you a little slack.)
  10. At low levels I think part of the problem is that there's too great an overlap between, for example, primitive tools and iron tools. I found a Q6 stone shovel that (without mods) is better than the Q3 iron shovel I can craft with a couple ranks in Miner. And I've actually found 3 or 4 of them. The entire point of crafting is to be able to make better stuff than you're finding. I think a Q5 primitive tool should roughly equal a Q1 iron tool, and a Q6 primitive a Q2 iron. Similar for iron to steel.
  11. In my most recent playthrough, I found a cement mixer schematic on day one and promptly scrapped it, because having cement that early would just ruin the early survival aspect of the game for me. I would personally like to see the workbench, cement mixer, and chem station schematics removed from low level loot and have the chance to find one in a destroyed workstation more like 5% instead of whatever it is now (30%?).
  12. Fair enough, reduce the number of items by 1 and make it 10 cornmeal. And as I and others have suggested, the airdrops should either spawn a swarm of zombies when it lands, or (like buried treasure quests) when you open them. Personally I think that the swarm should be gamestaged, too.
  13. Sort of an opposite problem: Maybe have airdrops have more than a single unit of cornmeal? 99% of the time it gets dropped because who's going to tie up an inventory slot for one cornmeal early game? One can of rations or pasta or chili is worth eating immediately or carrying home. One cornmeal is just silly.
  14. Any chance we can get helmet lights or flashlights with low/medium/high intensities? Hit "F" to cycle through them?
  15. And while we're at it, make murky water with boiled water and clay soil? It's stupid that I can't make glue because I boiled all my murky water.
  16. And how about a "fried eggs" recipe that requires a cooking pot and 2 eggs but no water, that gives roughly the same benefit as a boiled egg?
  17. Maybe people would think this is too exploity, but I'd love to see the stealth meter split into "sight" and "sound" bars, so when we're in our well-lit but windowless base and can't be seen from outside, we still have an idea for how much noise we're making for zombies. And while we're at it, faatal, does the "volume" of noise we're making correlate to the distance at which a zombie can hear us? Is there a maximum distance that basic activities can be heard by zombies? Not mining or firing guns, just moving around, crafting, cooking, etc.
  18. I actually like the subjectivity of the stealth meter and have gotten used to "prairie-dogging" while mining boulders or digging up clay soil to make sure I'm not ambushed. What I would really like to know how 7D2D determines that you've been sensed or spotted. How far can zombies hear noise? Does noise have a "volume" that determines how far it can be heard? Iron pickaxe on stone? Shovel in sand? How far can they see? If I'm standing on the top of a ruined building 20 meters up and not in stealth mode when a horde wanders by, do they automatically see me if any of them have line of
  19. I think scaling zombie block damage with GS (significantly reducing it from current levels for low GS) would make the first one or two blood moons less frustrating for new players, especially those who want to build and defend a base (as opposed to hiding out at the top of a sacrificial POI). I don't think zombie melee damage vs. the survivor needs to get any tougher than it already is. At level 38 I'm still getting my ass kicked on a regular basis, and I've only fought a few ferals and a few cops, but no wights and nothing irradiated.
  20. According to the QA discord: TwiggToday at 1:56 PM hopefully late tomorrow evening, subject to testing
  21. Not for nothing, my Thanksgiving will be very happy indeed if the streamers get it this Friday and we get it Monday (which I happen to have off). *crosses fingers*
  22. I love what I'm seeing in the new RWG map. Snow up north and desert to the south is much more believable than the previously (way too random) random worlds. I like the dangerous cities in wasteland biomes, but maybe my only concern is whether there are enough smaller (but not too small) towns to provide good scavenging grounds early and mid-game. Hard to tell from that one screenshot. I'm even more excited for A17 than I was before.
  23. In a related story, I love that I can use the paintbrush to paint far away blocks without having to build wood frame scaffolding. Realistic? No. Does it provide some kind of "unfair" advantage in MP? No. Does it affect anything in any meaningful way? No. Would making it so you can only paint an immediately adjacent block improve gameplay? HELL NO.
  24. I think a good roleplaying solution for RWG would be to always spawn survivors on the very outside edge of the map, with the central quest to get to an NPC or POI at 0,0. Ideally, the world gets more and more dangerous as you progress toward the center (or maybe it just appears that way as your gamestage increases).
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