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  1. Any chance we can get helmet lights or flashlights with low/medium/high intensities? Hit "F" to cycle through them?
  2. And if A18.x, will they require a restart or will survivors get their perk points refunded when the change comes?
  3. "Blood moon spawner ignores bedrolls" Does this mean I have to worry about zombies spawning inside my base during the blood moon? (I fight from a raised platform maybe 30m away from my main base, but it's close enough that they could probably spawn inside it.)
  4. And while we're at it, make murky water with boiled water and clay soil? It's stupid that I can't make glue because I boiled all my murky water.
  5. Thanks for the warning. Maybe I'll try to install the semi-auto trigger mod first.
  6. So, my base is in the modern fire station with its 10,000hp walls, and there are a bunch of 10,000hp little trim strips around the top edge of the building that interfere with placing iron bars, stairs, etc. I don't really have the time or interest to spend actual RL hours smashing them all. I haven't really used the creative menu or God mode before. Is there a way for me to enable either and just insta-destroy those blocks? I don't really want to cheat in equipment (like a T6 steel pickaxe and mods), because it would still require a lot of time smashing the trim. Suggestions?
  7. I get this as well, intermittently. A typical location for the phantom blocks is on both sides of the double doors at Trader Rekts. Logging out and back in seems to clear it. I have an nvidia GTX 960, fwiw.
  8. It's a nuisance to have to stay logged in until dawn after an early-game/low-gamestage horde is wiped out before midnight just to avoid the horde starting over again. If it's a bug, please fix it. If it's a feature, please add an option to disable it. Thanks.
  9. Modern looking fire house has walls that are 10,000 hp and a gorgeous bulletproof glass area (you just need to make a floor). The Paper Mill is also sturdy and has the benefit of a huge cache of paper in the cellar, more than you'll ever need for shotguns, or you can sell it for loot. I often will find the collapsed 5-story building and make my base at the top. I think it's high up enough that zombies don't hear you even if you're tinkering. All of these are predicated on the fact that I build a separate 4x4x7 fighting tower for horde night.
  10. This is, I'm sure, why they're looking at rebalancing this. They swung the pendulum a little too far, and now crafting is a clearly sub-optimal choice. There needs to be an incentive to craft that is different but similarly attractive to looting. It should be a trade-off. I think looted items should have benefits you can't get from crafting, and crafted items should have benefits you can't get from looting. If looted items can get up to tier 6, maybe crafted items get a bonus mod slot? Or higher durability? Or stats that are always at least 70% of max? As I think someone else suggested, another tweak might be to have crafted items start at tier 2 instead of tier 1 (but still cap out at tier 5), and dial back the loot tables so that tier 6 gear really never spawns before a mid-late gamestage.
  11. I also got three worlds in a row like this, using an nvidia GTX 960. At 15 minutes each to generate, it was starting to piss me off, so I just went with PREGEN01 and frankly, it's awesome. I pulled prefabs.xml into Excel, worked a little magic, and made a quick XY map of the trader locations. Sweet spot is in the southeast quadrant, where there are three traders within about a click of the big Shamway factory and big Crack a Book.
  12. I'm on day 14 and I could build a POI out of bones. They're everywhere. Every pile of roadkill on the roads. (Maybe this is the big one you're missing.) Every steer skull in the desert. Every animal. Every zombie dog. Every gore block in POIs. Not to mention the glue you find looting. I mean, it's a limited resource, but it's not THAT limited.
  13. I told myself with A18 I'd find some new POI to take over for my crafting and storage base, but the modern looking fire station with steel walls that have 10,000 hp and huge bullet-proof glass windows is just too good to pass up. Besides being nigh indestructible, it has two vending machines and great views of the surroundings. I add a new floor above the second level, flush with the huge glass window area, seal off the front door and weak garage area with cobblestone (upgraded to concrete when available), and hack doorways through the bulletproof glass for ingress/egress. Then I build my standard 4x4 tower nearby, ringed with spike traps for horde night, and I'm good to go. What's your favorite POI to take over for a base? Or do you build your own from scratch?
  14. There is a new military base with a multi-story brick building that has quite a few farming plots around it that you can scavenge. At the moment they're WAY overpriced at like 200 dukes each, so you might be better off selling them to a trader...
  15. https://steamdb.info/app/251570/depots/ Experimental is no longer password protected.
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