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  1. I had a problem with artifacts popping in/out a while back and found out that my high FOV was the culprit, turned it off and it stopped completely. It certainly wasn't a fix but it was an explanation.
  2. Sounds very much like that argument that was banging around the forums many moons ago regarding 'only letting the person with the highest looting skills/bonuses open chests'. Whilst I think this feature of drawing out the early game more (which was much needed and a very long time coming), it has very much broken my desire to open any safes etc, whilst my looting levels are low. I now only really do it till I get an early foothold in the game. In fact (and as it has been so for a fair while now), achieving all the looting skills kind of largely dominate my early game. T
  3. Yeah, I have been wanting the devs to make us love all of the crappy gear they spent time putting into the game (at least for the beginning of the game anyway) not much point having it in there otherwise. I often make my player specialize in the first weapon class he finds, so it'll be interesting to see how it pans out after a few playthroughs, as things are certainly pointing strongly towards the shotgun/sledge/knuckles in the early game atm.
  4. Nice try, but it was an A19 map. Every single incremental update I flush the entire game directory using the provided 'loader' you included (this includes settings, savegames and generated worlds) To be brutally honest with you, in actual fact, I flush the entire world each time my char dies. (my way of playing 'dead is dead')
  5. I skip it purely in an effort to pump up the difficulty in any way possible. I find that by not doing the quests this helps me in a number of ways, not just by forcing me to stumble across the trader, but also by removing the effortlessly acquired '4 free skill points'.
  6. Yeah, I (dont usually but did) the trader quest, and it led me to a 3 story motel instead
  7. Is there a specific reason that crafted items number on char statistics screen does not seem to count (scrapping in particular) from the moment you land in a new game ? I often play a 'zero crafting' challenge, where I do not permit myself to craft a single object throughout the entire game. I enjoy it because it forces me to think in new ways and to use items throughout many aspects, in ways that I would never bother to in a normal game. I have had a few games 'break' in this fashion when checking the 'items crafted' number on player stats screen. I have tried to sleuth out exactly whi
  8. Can someone please clarify whether the inability to add a 'weighted head mod' and 'serrated blade mod' at the same time (on a hunting knife) is a known feature or a bug ? (They can be added independent of each other, so its not a mod/weapon incompatibility issue)
  9. Personally I hated the decision to remove FOV console command, I always played mine on 90, and anything else made it feel as though I was crawling around pushing a peanut with my nose. I did discover (and also reported) a bug which arose when changing FOV. There are occasions when you see a zombie semi-behind an obstacle (most notably obstacles in POI's such as furniture, washing machine etc) when you then target in on them using sight/scope, they disappear and the object suddenly appears in between you and them, completely removing your ability to take a clean shot. I was able to rep
  10. I think the desire to eat brains overrides their desire to hang out in the places they used to, prior to their... condition...
  11. Oh comeon... on the 7th day just run into a random POI and knock out the staircase, or jump into a vehicle and cheese it.... if you wanna cheese it...
  12. the three little pigs each built 3 separate houses, the first little pig made his out of hay, and the wolf blew it down, the second little pig thought he was smarter, and he built his out of sticks and stones, but alas, the wolf also blew that one down, the 3rd little pig however made his out of bricks, and he invited his 2 brothers over, no matter how hard the wolf blew, he could not blow this house down, so he instead crawled down the chimney, being full of soot, he slipped and fell on a sauce bottle, he later found himself in the x-ray clinic having to explain himself to an unconvinced nurs
  13. Does hitting the 'pre-sync mod' button force the mod launcher to delete all old mod files and re-download/install them all over again ?
  14. Tetrameth

    True Survival

    Yeah, i use shorts/tank top/puff coat, i have only ever really needed to pull off either puff coat or tank top on either end of the most extreme conditions, it seems to equalize pretty well
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