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  1. @MadMole, Is it probable that you'll release A18 on Sunday instead of Monday if all goes well with the streamers (e.g., not major bugs or issues? It would be nice to play on the weekend.
  2. Are minor bugs you're finding leading up to A18 release still being fixed? For example, will the minor bug you noted with the workbench (collider being too big) be fixed before release. I'm looking forward to the new mods and all the fixes for bugs from A17. I hope they've all been worked out!
  3. I disagree about the flares and agree about the snakes. I get that it's a game but snakes don't just pursue giant prey. I think snakes should be like pigs and deer and just do their own thing unless provoked. And if you say they're zombie snakes.. well... that's just silly.
  4. Will throwables like grenades have their mechanics upgraded in a coming Alpha? It would be great to have adjustable/manual throwing distances to make explosives game play more dynamic/fun.
  5. That would be a good move! Jeez... - - - Updated - - - Love it
  6. @MadMole, is the memory leak that occurred in your latest horde night video being addressed? It's always been a big problem in previous Alphas.
  7. Please adjust throwing distance for molotovs and (now) grenades. Currently, you can barely throw them 4 blocks away.
  8. include Active gun reloading please (remove auto reload). Maybe work on accurate shotgun reload animation at some point? Thanks.
  9. Yep, really strange. And Devs haven't addressed this yet to my knowledge - - - Updated - - - Nice. I'll check it out
  10. Thanks. Be great if someone edited all the gates out of the XML and shared the source. I didn't look but I think there are gates for crafting some iron and steel items too
  11. Any thoughts on how to remove level gates on perks with the xml?
  12. Man, why are level gates back in B240? Is there a way in the xml file to remove them again from the perk system?
  13. Yeah, I figured you needed medical perk for that. Will rub plant juices in wounds now
  14. Liking the specialty update. Waiting til lvl 20 for a forge or iron tools was wack.
  15. But food in early game is the only means to heal. I find myself running out of food if I get to bold in looting and needing to heal mid POI
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