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  1. I look down into a room, no sleepers in sight. I jump down, sleepers spawn before my eyes. Ahhhh @%$*#!. I did not have this issue in A18, previously it was an issue but it was pretty much fixed in A18. Anyone else experiencing this again? I don't think it is my hardware. Current setup is i5-9600K, RTX-2060 Super and 32GB of RAM. All settings on ultra, consistent 60+ FPS
  2. Almost guaranteed to be multiple updates and restarts.
  3. Pretty much everything in this game is mod-able through xml files. That is what makes this game amazing. Take a look at the files. If you break something, you can always put it back.
  4. In my personal experience with upgrades, I have found the most significant increase in performance was going from 16gb to 24gb of RAM. Other helps have been locking my processor at max in bios and changing from "quality" to "performance" in bios.
  5. Pretty easy, just click on the perks themselves. They literally tell you what they affect.
  6. I'm using G Skill DDR4 3000MHz Ram, maybe RAM speed is the big difference EDIT: just checked my ingame video options, everything is set to high. Shadow distance is low and I don't have Reflected shadows on. FPS hovering right at 60ish
  7. My setup: i7-6700 @ 3.4GHz, 24 GB RAM, gtx 970, Win 10 64bit, Thermaltake 750W power supply, 2 extra fans and a Dell MB (don't remember which exactly). I also use Razer Cortex: Boost while playing. I have almost everything on the highest settings. I still want to add an SSD just for games, but it hasn't happened yet.
  8. The Santa Clarita Diet (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5580540/) is wonderful. Unfortunately only one season out so far.
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