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  1. Ok, huge surprise, the game appears to be stable with the other xmp profile, 3200 cl16, the profile that gave me all the problems left the RAM at 3000 cl15, It seems that put the RAM at cl15 cause some kind of problem with this game, at least with my configuration, I hope that this help another one that have a similar problem, thanks to all, if I have some future problem relate to this I´ll update again. Btw, my RAM is this: Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz PC-25600 CL16
  2. Thanks, I didn´t see anything strange in the maximun temperatures when the crashes happened, my motherboard is an Aorus x570 ultra that have a generous heatsink https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/X570-AORUS-ULTRA-rev-11-12#kf , I have also a ryzen (3700x) and the crashed happened in default and also crashed with an underclock at 3900mhz and 1.175 volt, I have to try the xmp at 3200 and see what happen, in any case without the xmp I´m only lose about 5fps and at least I can play
  3. Update: I have managed that the game not crashed, I disabled the xmp profile in the bios, and after that no problem with the game, them I did several test for the RAM because I supposed that I had a problem with it, but every test was OK, I even test the RAM with memtest, 6.5 hours, and zero problems, I don´t know the cause of the crashes, the profile that I had was one that left my RAM at 3000 and CL15, I have to try with the other profile, 3200 and CL16 and see if this profile also crashes.
  4. Ok, I did a clean install and the game crashed again, I played for about 40 minutes in navezgane, this time I thinked that the problem was resolved, no configuration changes in the game, I only install the amd driver, steam and 7 days to die, the crash to windows desktop was faster than ever, even in the outlog the crash is not registered, I attach the output log and the event log. My only solution now is install another clean installation of windows in another disk and if this fail I´m out of options. output_log__2020-09-17__22-24-06.txt event log.txt
  5. These are the results. Diskspd.txt A fresh start in the nvme.
  6. I installed the nvme, no plastic , but I was thinking in installing windows in the other ssd and try again, the new components of my computer are motherboard, processor, memories and the nvme, I hope is not a hardware problem, but I think it have to be a windows problem or maybe some incompatibilty between the nvme, windows and the game. This week-end I´ll format the nvme and do a new install of windows, if that not work I´ll remove the nvme and install windows in the ssd, wish me luck.
  7. I download the windows harware lab kit, but I have no idea how to run this test, but It´s a good idea because a run a stress that put my processor and graphic card at 100% for an hour and no problems at all, At least there isn´t bad sectors.
  8. No, unfortunately the game crashed again. output_log__2020-09-15__20-39-54.txt Event log.txt
  9. Ok, I choosed the first option, wish me luck.
  10. Ok, the game also crashes in A18.4, I attach the output log and the event log, the error was again with the UnityPlayer.dll, in the past two weeks I've been playing also several hours at Subnautica, an Unity game, and no problems at all, maybe this week-end I´ll reinstall windows, I´ll post the results here, thanks again. output_log__2020-09-15__18-04-40.txt event l.txt
  11. I already tried that, I follow also all the instructions of this page https://softwaretested.com/windows/how-to-fix-ntdll-dll-crash-error-on-windows-10/, but of the many crashes of the game I think only two times in the logs appeared ntdll.dll, usually the error is this: "UnityPlayer.dll caused an Illegal Instruction (0xc000001d) in module UnityPlayer.dll at 0033:6be85cc7" At this time I think my only solution is to reinstall windows, I am installing right now the alpha 18.4 and I´ll try again, if this fail also it´s clear that I have a problem with the OS. I already did this and the game still crashes. The computer is not part of a domain.
  12. I tried that and this https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-server/deployment/fix-windows-update-errors , I already checked the connections in the motheboard and the game crashed again, my last solution is to reinstall windows from zero at least someone could find something in the crash.dmp that I left yesterday, in any case I also attach the files from the last crash. Thanks. I run this crash.dmp error.log Event log a.txt Event log b.txt output_log__2020-09-14__09-01-42.txt
  13. I tried again at 1080, in a new 4k world, with a new profile and with the graphics at lowest, this time the faulting module name wasn´t UnityPlayer.dll, it was ntdll.dll, I attach this event log and also the output log. Tomorrow I will check every connection in my computer. This time the game generated a crash.dmp and a error log, I also attach these files and another file named in the error.log Event log 3.txt output_log__2020-09-13__16-38-03.txt crash.dmp error.log mono-2.0-bdwgc.dll
  14. No overclock at all, yesterday night I left the computer doing another stress test, the power test from occt for several hours and no problems found, but yes, I have to try other things, tomorrow I´ll disconnet and reconnect everything in my computer, I´ll post the results.
  15. Ok, I reinstalled the game in the other disk and the game crash about half an hour later, windows in the event says this: "The 7DaysToDie.exe program (version 2019.2.17.24627) stopped interacting with Windows and was closed." I attach the event log and the output log. output_log__2020-09-13__00-49-29.txt Event log 2.txt
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