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  1. OK, I think we need a Zombie Wabbit, I really want to have a Python Moment & Run Away...Run Away...Run Away...Run Away...Run Away...Run Away...Run Away... Theyre really fast & I would like a Z Wabbit to go for the Jugular in a single hop. I got the idea after being chased by a wabbit on my mini-bike & I just respawned from getting attacked by a pack of 7 Dogs. I want to disover an abandoned mine & get attacked by a pack of Rabid Wabbits then fight or Run Away...
  2. Thanks for the Stable & will future patches be backward compatible for saved games & will U let us know when to use the Corana Wipes. I wasn't expecting this until Jan., awesome work during the Holidays, Merry Xmas...Pimps & fellow Fan Boys...I can finally get passed Day 7...Chaos to all & to all a good Z Bath...
  3. Tandom Bicycle...Tandom Bicycle...Tandom Bicycle...Tandom Bicycle...Tandom Bicycle...Tandom Bicycle...Tandom Bicycle...Tandom Bicycle...Tandom Bicycle... & Zip-----------Lining
  4. I know its on the list but its Alpha 20 now, the Water Mechanics really need some love here... Everything is looking so awesome & then we come to a Lake or Pond...worse Ive seen so far in all the Alphas... There was that time I had a water supply at the entrance to my mine & a Z busted my Hot Tub flooding the mine shaft below. Started a new mine, too much water to displace with blocks. There are things spawning in the water displaceing it, looks bad Mole Man...Real Bad...needs Love....
  5. I propose a name change for the "Dead Rooster" to the "Little Dead Rooster" in memory of Charlie Watts, rock on Mole Man...
  6. Auuuggghhhh...I just built a Bicycle
  7. U can find working stuff like forges, benches, theyre either broken & lootable or usable. Just got to Poke Around...
  8. Still scares the @%$# out of me, I think its even scarier now that a good Stanima balance is making it harder to run away earley game. It feels like a more realistic confrontation wise with the Z's. Ive mentioned many times that it was too easy to run away from the Zed's, much funner & scarier now.
  9. I've rejoined the game from dieing or quitting & having to start Basic Survival all over again even after starting a base & forge/claim block down & deactivated. Did a wipe & reinstall, but it did id again & I dont know the new patch installed so I needed a wipe anyway, got the runs. I'm ready to pull up Steam & I turned off auto update so I know when to wipe again. I'll edit this if it happens again, I also noticed the door/trap door graphics change to a floor tile after spawning on a bed. I spawned after dieing & rejoining the game & once the door changed & then the trap, green squared marble tile floor. I spawned & thought wheres my door?
  10. OK, little unclear, its hard to find the current version of XP so I can know to wipe or not, I might turn off auto update so I know when its going to update. There is usually a thread every release that shows the fixes & current XP version. I'm glad I voted for Large updates instead of frequent ones long ago, this was a good 1, great job now get it STABLE PLEASE...
  11. Well as a Fan Boy from 2014 I was always under the impression to play XP in Vanilla for testing or reporting. So explain to me again how people playing in CM helps find any real bugs. I only see key giveaways from streamers who were confused when asked about a key players thought would let them play the weekend stream, fools...I say
  12. Release the freakin Kraken already....I disliked as many streams as I could find, don't like spoilers playing in CM for an easy start....Ive played Fan Boy Vanilla from the beginning...Release the Kraken already Moleman...
  13. Just thinking out of the box, it would have been nice to let a player ride on the handle bars of the bycicle. We've all done it & its possible & being an early vehicle shouldn't matter, riders still do it. It would actually be fun while drinking Beer while your mate rides the handlebars drinking Beer blasting away at Z's while your view is blocked partially & drunk. I think we can even make that Box even Bigger, we've brought it up before, where are the Z kids? This would be a great time to talk about Z Kids, whered they go, they all die off. We could add a new Profile Character & the whole family could play 7DTD, think about it. Now that we can add seats we cad add a Toddler seat to the Bycycle & you can play as a kid shooting from the seat while mom or dad rides. I think we can make that Box even bigger & what if youre pregnant during the Virus, HUH, Wow is this Box getting big, does this mean more Profile changes, yes it does. maybe we can come into the game with certain basic Skills. How about chosing from basic real life skills like, a Doctor, Construction Worker, Nurse, Security Gaurd, Vagrant, Laywer, a lot of these choices are already Z's in the game if you notice. I get to kill the Lawyer in the 1st PVP Game. If that isn't the ultimate servival giving birth during a Z Apocolypse & trying to find the local hospital to do it in then what is? Riding around on your Bycicle protecting your new born from the Z's. Watching the child grow in game & becoming the next generation in a desperate struggle for survival, NAHhhhhhh, too good of an IDea, Takes BAlls!!! Well I'm glad I got the Timer on the Forge though just wish it included Smelting time for Fuel Input, which is what I was asking for, but it's a small piece. I also quit giving predictions but the game is still where I thought it would end up at a HAlloween Realease & Stable by Xmas or Early 2022, Not Rocket Science, just have to read & played from the start. Well been nice giving a fresh take on the Game & can't wait to Survive in A20 & Bash some Brains in, speaking of Brains, Menu Item? Let me get out of here before this Box gets any Bigger, so excuse me while I crawl back into my 1 Block Box & wait for A20, GJMM & Team
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