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  1. What I would like to see is a new vehicle for the destroyed biome, an "Ice Cream Truck" We all hear the sound but no Ice Cream Truck anywhere in the city to be found, drives me crazy... The Hawaiian Shirt Z, he makes a Spewing Sound like the Z Cop but he doesn't vomit at all. Can we make him spew a Toxic Beer Vomit if you don't kill him in time he explodes & all that Toxic Beer & Acid Reflux Vomit goes everywhere. I would also like to see the Timers I asked for in the Smelting section of the Forge. You added the Timer to Fuel & not Smelting, that's where we need the Timer o
  2. That freaking sucked... I was collecting the Cement behind the big red barn next to the silo on the lift & the whole thing collapsed & killed me... That Freakin Sucked...SUCKED... The Lift inside the Barn collapsed too, lucky I wasn't on this 1...
  3. Vas? Scheisse!!! Handwerk asphalt verboten? Scheisse!!!
  4. Originally Posted by Roland HINT: I__ D____ W____ I__ D____ No chatter that I've seen about an impending release. Its Done When Its Done Freakin Nubes... I know I have asked like a 1,000 times but can we please get another Timer on the Forge. Here is a hint where I think it should go. In the Big Black Background where you Add Fuel there is a TIMER. Please Add A Timer in the Big Black Background where it says, SMELTING
  5. That actually makes a lot of sense, I mean they are Buzzards & Z Buzzards none the less. I remember hitting that small Cacti now & it coming out of hover finally.
  6. Do the Z's Still drop Loot? I have killed quite a few & haven't gotten diddley squat from them. Buzzards seem to stuck hovering again & not attacking sometimes, anyone else notice.
  7. Be nice if they didn't happen every 7 freaking days, 7 days was originally the amount of time you had to find a cure for the virus.
  8. I had an idea after my last post that maybe if you get too close to a Z they can grab you & you would have to mash A & D to escape their Grasp. After breaking free you have to Melee or get grabbed again & forced to fight. Every Z Movie has these type of scenarios where you get surprised by the Z & have to struggle with it. This is what is missing in this game, imagine a Crawler sneaking up on you & grabbing your leg dragging you to the ground with it. To get the total Z experience we need Z's to be able to grab us & stand & fight. Just imagine laying on the groun
  9. Exactly, my whole complaint is being able to run circles around them. I pass so close to them going down the road tired & encumbered & you think they would reach out & grab hold of you. Maybe a mini stun from Z,s that don't slow you down but make you stand & fight, maybe the player trips. I think a tripping animation where you have to get up & fight. In Skyrim when you get close to an enemy you go into a cut scene to battle & have a choice to runaway. I don't want a cut scene but I do want better AI for the Z's to make you stand & fight.
  10. Yea, I up the difficulty as I level up & it just seems you can still run circles around Z's even when tired. Like some of the early W/D where he sacrificed the guy to the horde to get away & save himself. At some point the Z attack has to be overwhelming where you can't run, we need a fight or die scenario in the game.
  11. I am talking about scenarios in most Z movies where you get entrapped by Z's because you are wounded or otherwise & not adjusting the speed. The Z's are still way too easy to evade even when encumbered & tired, just a side step & shift. At some point you have to stand & fight by design & a faster sped up Z is not a fair fight early game. Z's don't tire so they should catch up to you when encumbered, wounded or tired.
  12. I like the direction of Stamina & being encumbered but the Z's are still easy to evade even when very tired. At some point the player must take a stand & fight to defend against an oncoming Z when tired. It is just too unrealistic to be able to evade a faster attacking Z when 1 is tired & out of breath from running.
  13. I think we should talk A 18, lets make A 17 as stable as possible & move on to discussing the next build & not linger on this build. Lets not linger anymore...
  14. I think we need a new Patch... I am going to check out Nav since it is bigger & newer with new Stable POI's. I have the same problem as a Player in Bug/Report. nothing but Radio Towers, Junk Yards & Water Works
  15. I would like to have Alternate Ammo for the Blunderbuss like we have for the Bow. Since it is a Muzzle loading Weapon it should be able to use a variety of projectiles to Maim or Kill a Zombie or Player & I suggest something like this. 1. Stone Ammo = Knockdown + Dam. 2. Glass Ammo = Bleeding + Dam. 3. Ore Ammo = Decapitation/Limbs + Dam. Iron, Brass & Lead could all have the same effect or different Perks. You should also be able to Upgrade the Blunderbuss to a Mortar. Gunpowder + Paper + Candle Stick Add Nitrate & maybe Oil for a Napalm Load... Oh, oh, o
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