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  1. Oh I do too Roland, If it wasn't for the Heat Signature on the map it wouldn't concern me & I use Traders for forging to compensate. This is an Exploit in my opinion, I use the Trader for cooking & Forging to draw Z's to an Impenetrable Base. If we want a game with a survival experience where everything you do impacts the Z's AI then we need better control over our actions in the game. What about the Ice Cream Truck, you've heard the sound, or maybe a bicycle 1 too we can salvage parts from. I also want the Hawaiian Shirt Z to Spew...
  2. What I would like to see is a new vehicle for the destroyed biome, an "Ice Cream Truck" We all hear the sound but no Ice Cream Truck anywhere in the city to be found, drives me crazy... The Hawaiian Shirt Z, he makes a Spewing Sound like the Z Cop but he doesn't vomit at all. Can we make him spew a Toxic Beer Vomit if you don't kill him in time he explodes & all that Toxic Beer & Acid Reflux Vomit goes everywhere. I would also like to see the Timers I asked for in the Smelting section of the Forge. You added the Timer to Fuel & not Smelting, that's where we need the Timer or 2 Timers, 1 for each Ore. It's too complicated adding fuel for Smelting because of the different smelt times for Ores. We know exactly how much Fuel to add for Cooking but not Smelting. We know how much Fuel to add for Forging but not Smelting. Can we please finally make Smelting easier as far as adding Fuel...Please
  3. Bingo, I miss the Wandering Hordes of the Earlier Alphas & they were led by the new Spider Z... Burn the Witch as she does not fit the Game Synopsis... She's not a Z so burn her at the Pointy Stick... Or make her look more like a Z... She's a Witch & not a Z
  4. Oh then you know they have motorcycles that can drive in the snow also, it would be a nice Mod to add to the Game, so again your original statement is again debunked... I had a Schwinn Super Le Tour 2.2, & I fast...
  5. Of course they are they have been for a while now... How I should have phrased it is they intend to leave the Game in the hands of the community to Mod as they please because the Game is Open Source. What I stand by is they do not & have never wanted anyone to report BUGS if the Game is modded or altered in anyway. That has been the Guideline from the beginning, play the Game as the Pimps intended it to be played if you are going to report BUGS... You can use any Mod you want, just don't report a Bug if you do, always been like that... That includes items in the inventory that are DEV ONLY BLOCKS...
  6. To fix the bike (from a reality and gameplay balance perspective), speedwise it should be pretty much ineffective on most 'off road' terrains, unless you are riding it downhill. And it should NOT be able to ride in snow or desert at all. You must have never rode a BMX or a Mountain Bike... I rode Bikes before those as a kid & I could stand up on the pedals & go up any hills or steep freeway overpasses, those are steep... The Mountain Bikes today have so much Torque you can pretty much go anywhere... Just need the will to pedal on... Wow, this guy is riding in the SNOW...
  7. The Game is still under development & should only be played as the Pimp's intended it to be played. That has been the guide line the entire time the Game has been in Alpha State. That is how they want you to play while it is still in Alpha State when reporting bugs. Of course after official release they have always planned on players modding the ♥♥♥♥♥ out of the Game. This is an Alpha State Game & just be happy you can play along & give opinions while they develop it. Not all Dev's do this so be happy you are a small part of that. So many of you forget that this is Alpha, Not even Beta Yet or a finished Game. It's that simple, been like that from the beginning, Kickstarter ring any bells...
  8. Thanks, I'll try that right now, yea its the steep 1's that hurt... It would be nice to stand on the pedals & get some... Scratch
  9. Finally getting some game time & crafted a bicycle & I was wondering if we could improve going up hills. Is it possible to use the Space Bar in combination with Shift to make the Character stand up while riding? I would like to simulate actual Bike Riding where you stand up to get extra torque just like you do when you rode your BMX as a kid. Small hills are pretty much undoable & you have to ride at an angle & that just doesn't feel right.
  10. That freaking sucked... I was collecting the Cement behind the big red barn next to the silo on the lift & the whole thing collapsed & killed me... That Freakin Sucked...SUCKED... The Lift inside the Barn collapsed too, lucky I wasn't on this 1...
  11. Vas? Scheisse!!! Handwerk asphalt verboten? Scheisse!!!
  12. It's always been like that from the early Alphas to now, if your character could sneeze in game then Z's would show up, nothings changed but the graphics. Oh yea, new books, can't leave out the books... Started a coal mine & can not get below 5 blocks without them showing up, 2 torches & I have had to fend off several swarms & still 5 X 5 & 5 deep, sad... At least the screamer count is down but the character is a Z magnet basically...
  13. So how are Stable Updates being introduced now; Will we get a new Build? Are we backwards compatible yet? Are we going to get a new Stable Build as the XP gets updated to the next XP? Are we going to get a Halloween Update Version? Am I asking too many questions? Is it Halloween Yet?
  14. Yea, they need to put a couple Sleepers in that AC Duct to give us that Alien Effect... No One hears you scream in an Air Duct, Arrrggghhh... Space Pirates
  15. Got some advice for yee, Arrggghhh Never put stuff on your X Wall, build some interior walls or something like I have been doing...Arrrggghhh I have been putting boxes in the floor with hatches on top, same with campfires, seems to be working so far Matey...Arrrggghh I don't see any defense out there & might be a heat source & not the attracting them, boxes have no heat. Feel like a pirate this morning, seems to be a trend, Arrrggghhh
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