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  1. Just need a "sledge knuckle" mod where you weld some kettle bell handles to a sledgehammer head
  2. I've been pushing for some of this kind of stuff for years. We want to make it so that NPCs can sandbox around and use various work stations at their base so trader Bob is pounding on a work bench or something, once that tech is written we can possibly extend it to players, or at least modders can do it. The problem is all the weird use cases I suppose like if a user puts the side of the chair against a wall or another block then getting into that seat might clip geometry and push the player into the void. We would have to make chairs "multi blocks" to avoid that, then you can't use them as intended and put a row of bar stools against a bar, etc.
  3. That is an A20 topic. He was the best. I hope he knows his positive influence on us has reached millions of people and even though he was just a humble farmer and custodian, his actions, love and encouragement ended up causing a ripple effect that moved mountains and changed a lot of people's lives for the better. I doubt it, we need to leave some features and incentive to buy the sequel
  4. I don't think there will be anything major added, and the drone won't come until A20.
  5. Oh sheetz candy would come in handy, or place some hay bales.
  6. Yeah I tuned it the way it is because otherwise you have to clip polygons to score a hit and it sort of looked and felt wrong when we tried realism.
  7. Yeah Vats masked the poor combat very nicely. They improved raw combat a lot for Fallout 4. I always loved the slow motion effect, max payne was pretty cool too.
  8. I tried playing it but it seemed too far away from the BGS version I like. I can see why some original Fallout fans felt what BGS is wrong, but coming at it as a BGS fan first their version is better for me at least. The original developed all the cool lore and back story though.
  9. Na, they just bought up a bunch of studios and they needed a project. They saw the success of Rust, us, Arma/DayZ and thought the secret sauce was as simple as multiplayer so they gave these studios something to do. They deviated from Fallout so far it alienated the fans. They will make Fallout 5 internally I think. 76 was no different than ESO, which wasn't made at BGS either, and it took several years of updates to get that to something that did ok, but I hate MMOs so it was a waste of money for me. I was furious when they made Fallout 3, because I knew it would delay Skyrim. Now they are doing Starfield so it is just going to get worse unless they hire 200 more people and have teams dedicated to each franchise. I ended up enjoying Fallout 3, I'd never played 1 or 2, but it was never that special to me compared to Oblivion and Skyrim. Enjoy those milometers
  10. From what I hear they mostly subbed out Fallout 76 to other studios. That is why it was a POS IMO. They let them try some wild stuff, then when the world declared it was a big steaming pile of crap they reeled it back in by adding human NPC questgivers which is what it should have shipped with in the first place. They will probably massage it for a few more years into something reasonable, but it will never feel like Fallout 5 which is sort of what everyone wanted, not what we got. I think its taking forever because they are making a brand new IP Starfield, doing some new stuff they have never done before, and after the fallout 76 fiasco I'm pretty damn sure they need to knock one out of the park. I played the crap out of Oblivion, but I modded the crap out of it too, that was a ton of fun just tinkering so I can relate Game dev is like crack. We won't let you know when it's done because we'll all be ash lol.
  11. Honestly for a hobby game where people play it ALL the time I think it would be a good business model. For games that don't have legs no it would be horrible.
  12. $24.99 is fine, but hey if your throwing money around... Oh you meant hours my bad I was thinking we should just charge 25 cents an hour. Dirt cheap, but you 5000 hour guys would have coughed up $1250 to us by now.
  13. Or just ship this amazing game and stop rethinking every design because 3 5000 hour guys are bored
  14. I just use twitter. Probably go with Unreal but what is done is done. You can be close on a release for up to 2 months, no point in speculation.
  15. I'm pretty sure we can expect traditional BGS features. The thing that bothers me is that it compromised the standard cadence we were getting between elder scrolls games and will probably impact fallout 5 as well. They went from 2002, 2006,2011 what looks like a ten year or more wait between titles. If Starfield comes out 2021 that means 2 to 3 years later for ES6, putting it at 2024. So going from 4, to 5, to almost 15 years between sequels is really depressing. When Skyrim launched I was so happy I thought I will get another 5-10 elder scrolls before I kick off if I live to be 70 or 80, now it looks like 1-2 more at most.
  16. Delayed until next year for sure. Maybe longer.
  17. You left out that Starfield is pie in the sky and Elder Scrolls six is a retirement home for all the devs because they will be elders in their 60's when it is released.
  18. I'm one of the few at TFP who plays solo. Everyone else enjoys coop and I'm sure we will get some data soon from gamesparks once we are out of exp on what % of players are connected to a server vs solo. That is not even relevant though. We have to protect the single players from themselves too, because coffee pot bases would destroy their own frame rate and then they will complain. If you can imagine it, someone will do it so we have to limit things in a responsible manner and design for average use case mostly. Anyhow there are ways around it, but this topic is getting really old as well. The answer is a simple mod.
  19. I think ideas are interesting, but have to say no to everything so we can get the must haves in and go gold.
  20. Yeah Rust single player and coop is so exciting. 🤪 Don't get me wrong I like Rust and have a lot of hours, but the only thing it does good is pvp. They should be stealing our pvp fans since we have put 0 effort into pvp so far. Once sp features are done I will get into pvp and do some balancing. I don't care for the constant maintenance they added to your base. You have to stuff high quality metal into your cupboard to prevent the decay of your steel base, etc. So it becomes a grind to maintain a small fort. I get why it should decay since they don't have voxels and old abandoned bases should decay to keep servers running good but I think the new design is worse than before where you just had to log on every so often to prevent decay. Imagine building a steel base and having it suck all the forged steel out of your chests just to keep the health bars from degrading in 7 days. It would suck. Repair is bad enough but an ongoing cost makes it so you can't casually play, you have to be playing every night for hours to maintain a small base. I used to slowly build large bases all by myself and go up against teams of dudes, that just isn't possible anymore. The big clan wins because they can afford a larger more secure base because they have 20 guys grinding resources daily.
  21. You never had the coffee pot, you never lost the coffee pot. It doesn't eat up too much texture space by itself, but if a person started placing every skinned mesh in their base it might cause blurry textures because of low vram. The bigger issue is someone spam crafting coffee pots and placing one every meter which is 5 million polygons in one chunk to troll other players and bring server FPS to a crash because that is what children do. So for those two reasons players will never get high polygon blocks they can place. Ultimately someone will make a mod that allows coffee workstations, fridges, etc. I'll probably mod my own game to do it when we're gold, but for the masses it isn't worth solving all the problems, and is more of a small niche feature that not everyone would want. It is better to keep it simple and just craft coffee in your campfire, and one workstation isn't worth designing and training players on just for coffee. Paints cannot stream so there will always be a limited number of those available. We do want to figure out tinting though so we don't waste space on 10 different flavors of concrete, carpet etc and that would give us seemingly hundreds more paints for free, and reduce atlas overhead dramatically. The new zombies run faster than the old ones in many cases, because we optimized the uvs to not be an island of 1000 uvs. Polygons are fast, uv islands are not.
  22. None, artists aren't programmers so upgrading art has zero impact on game play. She still looks inpired from the original, but looks scarier. We aren't cutting zombies to make room for new ones. We are cutting ones that you would never see in 1000 days in a real apocalypse like cheerleaders and football players. There will be more unique hd zombies than ever soon enough. Most people have better performance now than ever.
  23. Yeah but you can pick up kills the non stealthy guy cannot, like at night I snipe everything with a bow where using a gun you will get the whole woods coming after you sometimes.
  24. What no you need a box for every one of those items. Only 161 duct tape, you are slacking!
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