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  1. Padded armor for backstabbing glory. I don't think it is the CPU requirements, it is just finding time to tackle it. You might only need to cast in 6 directions periodically to define your space then dampen sounds that collide with those. Or do some kind of pre generation of room volumes and diminish audio and stealth if it collides with each volume.
  2. We'll see how opinions change after bandits are in. Getting the drop on a few guys to lower their numbers using stealth is always a good plan.
  3. Come on everyone knows a smiley face means its a joke. When we get bandit patrols hopefully "roamers" will fall out of that tech.
  4. That was supposed to happen with the design but fell through the cracks. Should just insta eat and not be able to equip food, like every other game. Its been on the list to redo food items but keeps getting pushed back because dozens of new weapons we added takes time to animate and model. That is called a pipe bomb.
  5. It forces variety of tactics which is a good thing. There will still be plenty of zeds to melee and you can still melee the gasser just make sure you have some kind of gas protection on or move in and out quickly from the toxic gas cloud. So when bandits come you will mod them out too? Because melee will not be an option against a guy with an M60 raining hell down on you. He's been farting since Alpha 1, burping etc. Nobody ever noticed? Of course you will be able to. All I was saying is it might not be the best strat to melee with one without protection. Just like fighting a wight with fists on day 1 is a bad idea. Preparation is king. You will need radiation protection from radiation zones and radiation zombies, gas masks against gassers, etc. There will be probably be gas mods for helmets you will just need to have one installed.
  6. A, no reason to, B it makes no sense you could have magic night vision from a helmet mod and clearly see your eyes have no lenses over them, as there are hoods and mining hats which do not cover the eyes, etc. If you want night vision you have to give up something else. What? I can't hear you, you have been blocked for months guy.
  7. He simply made what we gave him on a character sheet. We make small adjustments as needed to make sure everything looks like it was made by the same guy, but not every zombie needs to have a bunch of disgusting gore or it simply makes it feel over done and then when you do see it you are numb to it and it has no impact. No offense, but we don't need art critique, it just isn't helpful and clogs up the thread and wastes my time when I could be answering real questions. We have the some of the best in the industry. Alpha isn't gold, it's just another stamp on the roadmap to gold. We refine stuff constantly.
  8. You have to buy merch the day it comes out, stuff sells out fast AF, like Bradley Martyn's or Odin wear lol.
  9. These are actual screenshots with some color correction is all. Some people (our professional artists) just know how to take great screenshots. A certain time of day, zombie at the right moment, angles, etc all make a huge difference. It is an art like professional photography. I only counted 27. Set your horde size to 64 alive and you'll see twice as many as in that screenshot. EDIT: Not to mention a single screamer can get you 64 on screen very fast if you don't kill her quick enough, or wandering horde.
  10. They are already on Steam, it takes about 24 hours for proxy servers to update. Wasteland respawns instantly at night. He is called "The Gasser" now and will emit a cloud of toxic poison so yeah you don't want to melee him without protection. Snowdog probably will though. He is special infected now.
  11. I think it would just clutter the loot and coming up with a third armor perk... it would just be too clunky and add uneeded complexity. The game was never designed to be purists using a single attribute. Armor perks don't increase your AR anyway so it isn't like you can't use armor with those builds, and buying a few ranks of armor perks is cheap enough.
  12. I think it is too close to Christmas now to do a short build, so we'll just do our normal thing and it will be done when it's done.
  13. That would be awesome, they would be much easier to kill than hiding in the grass.
  14. A20 will be weapon complete for all classes. INT will never have amazing firepower, you sit on your ass and let your traps and inventions do most the heavy lifting.
  15. The plan is bandits that can take cover, patrol, retreat, etc. It isn't that we don't want to put bandits in, it's that we want to tidy up and polish the game before we do. We're trying to break the cycle of putting in prototypes and unfinished work every build, but finish systems off and tidy things up nice so it isn't built on a house of cards. Nope. I haven't even tested it let alone played, so when I do I will think about this.
  16. We use A*. What to do with that information is our code.
  17. I'm pretty sure they fall off the list completely after a while.
  18. Polygons are not expensive though, at least in normal use cases. The controller and pathing/AI is where all the CPU goes. It would look bad too seeing low poly filler zombies next to high poly regular zombies. Everything needs to be the same fidelity.
  19. Get Rekt son. A40+ stuff right there. Anyhow you should know that feature lock means no new features, but I know you are joking so it's fine, I jest too, there will be no A40 lol. I'm even blocking new art content because frankly, it will make A20 that much better versus being "meh" for A19.x.
  20. Now the question is, are you getting hit more than once in a short time frame?
  21. Yeah there is no issue at all using the tech on zombies and bandits, it is just players.
  22. Multi player, yes? Single player or Multi player?
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