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  1. 56 minutes ago, ErikH5027 said:

    @ anydev Are we any closer to a new stream to get a taste of what we are all waiting for? Something that will showcase some of the new additions, such as POI's and what not. 


    We will probably start streaming after we hit content lock and are getting closer to launch. It's going to be a minute yet. Imagine taking random gen out of programming (mostly) and doing art driven content rather than everything code, we need to fill a world with the new content so it's taking some time, but the results are fantastic. Plus we nuked 1000's of blocks and replaced them with the new shape menu. A ton of work though.

    12 minutes ago, Morloc said:


    Gee Wally, I dunno...


    In 2016 there were 4 million cheerleaders in the U.S. There were also 1.1 million HS/college football players....so that'd be as many as one in 60 people presuming they wore their uniforms all the time. Let's be generous and say between playing and practice they wore them for an average of 6 hours per week (over the year)....so roughly 3.5 % of each week, or in general, 3.5% of the time....so at any given moment, 178,500 people would be prepped to make a football player/cheerleader zombie....that's better than 1 in 1250 people. I'm not even counting people who dress as cheerleaders for reasons other than cheerleading too. 🤪:cheer2:


    Save the cheerleader dammit! Use the overlap between "Cheerleader" and "Schoolgirl in skirt/uniform" to further swell her ranks!








    You summed up the reason we aren't doing any weird zombies that don't make a lot of sense. Less than .01% chance to see someone in a football uniform or cheerleading outfit seems like a pretty shallow argument. Now that the story board trailer is in the works I can say there were many weeks of pandemic lockdown and rioting, no sporting events or schools would be open so nobody would be wearing those outfits when things got out of control.

    9 minutes ago, Fanatical_Meat said:


    @madmolethe unannounced game that you are most excited about or the one most likely to be announced.

    1,000 foot overview what type of game or game setting.

    Off topic I like the football player. They are funny and the source of the best game quote from my friend.

    we had a horde of football players (forgot which alpha) he shouted “Put me in Coach!”

    Much laughing followed.

    Yeah I myself had many fond memories. It was my idea and I hacked the first prototype together with UMA and making them always run was a great oh @%$# moment for us and lots of players at the stadium POI. But given the budget and time it takes to make something that appears once in the game and with a strong desire to actually go gold we have to make some cuts and costume zombies were high on the chopping block list. Sorry but bandits need to get done :)

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  2. 1 hour ago, Games'n'Grumble said:

    Could you see your buildings from afar? Does this feature already work in A20 ? 

    Yes, it is really cool, I'm looking forward to building a big castle so I can revel in it's majestic glory from afar :)

    1 hour ago, Junuxx said:



    There sure are a surprising amount of newspapers on the ground, and retro cars and appliances around in 2034.

    They ran out of toilet paper so people were buying old magazines and newspapers on ebay to wipe with.

    1 hour ago, beerfly said:

    Wait, more new skyscrapers ?

    Thanks for the info, man. 

    No but semi destroyed taller buildings that are tall enough to block views and segue into Skyscrapers rather than a lone skyscraper next to 1 story buildings.

    1 hour ago, Junuxx said:

    Nothing against retrofuturism per se, but the Fallout universe presumes an alternate timeline with a point of deviation many decades in the past. Madmole's comment implies 7dtd is situated in our present timeline's direct future.

    Newspaper changed to hurry harry's burger sack, problem solved. I was trying to tell a narrative when I made the newspapers in 2013 on the streets and newspapers weren't 1000% dead back then like now.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Fanatical_Meat said:


    The Mole has returned!


    How about a hint on the unannounced game you are working on.


    What would you describe the overall play style as. What do you want to accomplish.

    Which one, there are 3 other games in various stages of development :D

    1 hour ago, Matt115 said:

    Can i prove that football player and cheerleeder can  suit rly good and even 5 bandits is good enough and 13 can be used for more zombies? 

    No. We already see that schools close in a pandemic so nobody would be suited up in foot ball gear, nor cheering in the weeks of rioting and pandemic  shut down of 2034 before total apocalypse happen.

    29 minutes ago, crazywildfire said:

    Right now rwg are missing some of the skyscrapers. Will those be added back with this new rwg creator or was this already answered before and I either don't remember it missed it.


    Also as silly as this may sound but will the voip ever be worked on? I know discord but some like role playing on a server and discord don't really work well for that type of game play.

    I saw some promising city tiles where the player couldn't see anything but buildings, it had vibes of the first walking dead downtown Atlanta feel, but it was a prototype. I can't promise it will be done but the intent is to put some skyscrapers in it.

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  4. On 5/7/2021 at 11:27 AM, Blake_ said:

    @madmole, I have a single-triple question have you been playing a20 lately ? Can you give us some info on the new loot progression ? What's the vision for a20 loot progression ?

    I played a game a while back and really enjoyed it. Loot isn't done yet, but the full line up of primitive weapons was implemented so I got to start off with a pipe shotgun and proceed to double barrel and then a pump before I quit playing and it was great being able to specialize right away. I focused mainly on PVE and turned off hordes for the first time ever in a game, mainly because I wanted to try out the new build menu. The new build menu features every block shape in the game, so I was able to go crazy with creation and I had a lot of fun even though hordes were turned off. I did quests for money and the economy is harder than before so I was walking until day 21 or 28, I can't remember when I could finally spring for a motorcycle. Even though it was an early build I had a great time with it. RWG is amazing now, especially cities they are well put together with stop signs, cross walks, sewers, and a lot more.

    1 hour ago, Matt115 said:

    Well football player and cheerleader should be everywhere like soldiers .  Because this  is logical - some players and cheeerleader  ecaped from school and get infected before changing clothes or just run away as zombie from this places.  Well this big problem with 7dtd in nza you have maybe 100 variants of zombies? diffrents camos hats , faces wounds some of them are burning some of them are "bloody" . "Clones" are big problem in  7dtd. 

    Nobody cares about that except people who have 5000 hours. Football player and cheerleader are gone for good, they don't fit in average scenarios since one out of 100,000 people have those outfits on. This helps make room for bandits (18 of them planned).

    1 hour ago, Adam the Waster said:

    Well are we getting a new irradiated zombie???


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  5. 4 hours ago, Adam the Waster said:

    i hope those iron sights on the marksman rifle are better.

    i like to uses iron sights like a Chad! but dear god! the sights on that thing are REALLY bad

    still kinda strange the Alarm can't lure zombies! i tried that the FIRST day i got on PC and it didn't work... i still cry about it!

    I think with any rifle you want to get a scope asap but I think they are ok, I just found one so I'll try it out in my game.


    41 minutes ago, Adam the Waster said:

    im not going into the gun ban thing cuz that will causes a Forum war but!

    not all, it depends on the gun maker. Like some Modern Level actions have Polly stocks, metal rails, all metal etc. but some make there look like old ones but with better items.

    i was hoping the Marksman rifle would look like a AR15 sense they are simi auto and they fit well for a Marksman rifle. Maybe it would have a wooden stock, long barrel port, AR Iron sights, and some tape wrapped around it. but a Lever action is cool too!

    i wonder what primitive Sniper is? i don't think its that level action because then the OG hunting rifle would have no role. 
    the Pipe rifle should basically be a long tube with a stock, Bolt, Iron sights and a Front grip, it would have ONE shot like the old hunting rifle. 

    while the Hunting rifle would have 3 rounds and would have a clip on the bottom. the scope would be placed near the bolt like a real rifle sense you don't need to load it via the Bolt. it would be a Classic deer rifle. 

    and what about the pipe AR?

    There is a pipe rifle, lever action and the sniper rifle you all have for an alpha or two.

    7 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:


    *Throws papers in the air* There goes my plans for an Agility build then. 😜 Then again, I could always just save that playthrough for stable and select a different one with Feral Sense enabled for the Experimental branches. Plenty of time still.

    No it's not GPS, but their hearing and sight are much better so you have to be more careful. If you don't have enough stamina or decent guns and you have jog or run on you are dead. Like I was clubbing away at them but ran out of stamina with too many on me and I got rekt a few times early game.

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  6. 16 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:


    I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but the Amigone Funeral Homes are a real thing. Since there is a POI with an identical name in 7D2D, will this name be changed?

    We'll have to contact them and force them to change the name since they probably don't have a copyright ") But seriously no, who cares. Purely coincidental.


    1 hour ago, Adam the Waster said:

    i hope those iron sights on the marksman rifle are better.

    i like to uses iron sights like a Chad! but dear god! the sights on that thing are REALLY bad

    still kinda strange the Alarm can't lure zombies! i tried that the FIRST day i got on PC and it didn't work... i still cry about it!

    It's inspired from an old winchester lever action.

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  7. On 4/22/2021 at 9:10 AM, elektrohund said:

    Do you have any plans on fixing the SMG and marskman rifle animations so that the bolt and magazines move with the hands during reload? Currently the models are static and seem like work in progress. 

    Those models have been redone and replaced.

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  8. On 4/14/2021 at 7:01 AM, Morloc said:


    So it's like the old zombie smell system? The game was terrifying back then (at night). I'd build my workshop/fort and always surround it with a perimeter wall so nothing wandering by would be within the agro radius. Sound travelled a bit further as I recall...so opening a chest or forge would sometimes get you in trouble. You couldn't walk around willy-nilly at night and expect to easily run and hide.




    Very similar but it's not smell, its noise and sight.

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  9. I tried out feral sense with zombies on run during the day and it was intense! There are actually a lot more zombies in the world than people think, they were coming at me from all over the place. I had to repair my club several times there were so many of them, and you really have to pace your battles. I was playing dead is dead and night time came and I was in a house and suddenly a fat tourist and biker and arlene stormed my bathroom door so I bailed, ran around a nice pool fighting them and just killed the arlene and a wolf came into the fight and finished me off even though I hit him twice in the head I just didn't have the stamina to keep up.

    Even on jog it kind of reminded me more of the walking dead where you run away and somehow these slow ass zombies are still coming. It's a great feature I think people will like. Zombies just don't see or hear very far so it takes advantage of that and leverages probably nearly every zombie that is out there to come at you. Reminded me of the earlier alphas where there were more zombies because it was just non stop fighting or running.

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  10. 5 hours ago, Blake_ said:

    Nice. By the way, what are you working on at the moment ? when you disappear for a long time good things tend to happen.

    Working on another game, but I come back to 7 days as needed. Testing out feral sense in between things. I helped a little on getting the drone wrapped up and ready to test recently.

    4 hours ago, Matt115 said:

    So that mean next alpha versions will be bigger or will coming out faster right?

    Funny man.

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  11. 1 minute ago, Fanatical_Meat said:

    What is the expected benefit of the “Unity Update”?

    For one the editor runs about as good as a build. For us that means more productivity. Faatal can go into further detail.

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  12. 5 hours ago, Jost Amman said:

    Thanks for the reply.


    I trust your judgement on how you make your development choices, I'm not a game dev and, contrary to others on Steam, I don't think you're like crazy monkeys randomly doing "stuff". I'm not even against changes "per se", so I guess I'll have to see how the changes feel, but I trust they'll be for the best.


    That being said, I'm worried (e.g.) about the time management part of the game that I see is being gradually removed from 7D2D.

    I don't like watching the paint dry of course, but I see some value in choices you make while playing because some activities take time (like smelting, upgrading concrete or crafting...).


    How many times did you find yourself short of time having to choose between this and that? Well, if (almost) every activity will be done immediately, that part of the challenge is gone, no matter how you flip it, it'll be forever gone from the game. So, do you plan to balance that some way, or you just don't think time management should have a place in the game?

    Time management is always a thing because the horde is coming, calories are burning, bullets are spent, etc. Drying concrete never added challenge because even wet concrete was pretty formidable. Did it cause you to prioritize getting your concrete up and going first? Sure, but with the new building system you can build steel with any shape and the team doesn't like blocks that downgrade to other blocks. 10k hit points, ok I'm slaving away to break this block, boom no now there is another 8k hit point block that just spawned... that is unintuitive and frustrating. How many more are there? It will be better to get rid of downgrade blocks. If we can do visuals great, but when the hit points hit 0 the block needs to go poof.

    At the end of the day we're trading a little bit of old immersion for something that makes sense and isn't so watered down. No more multi stage blocks to break through and no more wimpy upgrades. Big meaty upgrades.

    4 hours ago, OLlIiee said:

    You need optimize alpha 19 before alpha 20.


    I believe we're going to port a lot of optimizations to A19 the last I heard.

    2 hours ago, manni44 said:

    So if R Concrete is gone. What happens to rebarframes ? are we supposed to lay out our bases with woodframes and upgrade all the way ? just curios 

    Pay the price of upgrading from frames to wood to stone to concrete if you aren't confident in what you are building. You can always build it in frames then remove the frame and place the concrete block where it was.

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  13. 7 hours ago, Survager said:

    The torch now has free endless burning. To this you say YES! )

    It is a torch not a workstation making resources.

    6 hours ago, meganoth said:


    No zap crowd control anymore? I usually feel no need for more cargospace once I have a motorcycle. If the drone is still planned as tier3 then at the time it would surface it would solve a problem I don't have.


    Nonsense there is never enough space to carry stuff and we're adding more and more items so if you don't have a problem now you probably will at some point. Don't use the drone if you don't like it. We didn't want to make it so OP everyone wants a drone so we disabled the weapon mods it has, for the first version at least.

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  14. On 3/17/2021 at 5:24 PM, pregnable said:

    Have there been any advances where you guys feel like you will be able to up the default max alive zombie count to 16, or greater?

    There has been a lot of optimization happening, plus Unity is working with us. I doubt the default will increase though, 8 per player is plenty hard for new players. Turn it up if you want, but defaults need to be noob friendly and performance friendly.

    On 3/19/2021 at 12:52 AM, meilodasreh said:

    I really appreciate all that stuff, but...well...with my potato rig any possible future "4K-turbo-rendering-version" of Joel will - in any case -just look like this:




    so thanks for nothing 😂

    Nice Valheim skin bro. 😆 I love that game, but had to make the joke.

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  15. On 3/14/2021 at 1:02 PM, STiM_Desario said:


    @madmole Can you elaborate on this? 


    Are the plans to reconfigure the work flow, or axe the forge? 🤔



    There are no plans, I shouldn't have said anything.

    On 3/14/2021 at 7:26 PM, Guppycur said:

    Will we lose support for the downgrade xml property entirely for this dumbing down change?  

    No you can clunk it up with 10,000 blocks if you want.

    On 3/15/2021 at 12:55 AM, MechanicalLens said:


    Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure Madmole or someone else said at some point that they plan for cars to only have one asset and no breakdown system.

    One model that has parts hidden is the plan, rather than changing models which is why there are bugs with cars popping up and down.

    On 3/16/2021 at 1:15 PM, Blake_ said:

    I can confirm that BATON+TURRETS are barely enough to hold off an horde. I can also confirm that the exact same applies for every single attribute out there if you are butt-naked in the open. With a basic general-purpose Tower defense base I can also confirm that bases are perfectly defended at the same degree for any attribute, but then again Intellect has quite the trader/quest benefits and extremely cheap ways to build and save resources does it not? 


    Who would've thunk uh? you need to use intellect like a person who uses intellect in order to take advantage of an attribute created after the concept of "intellect".



    Let's see if the drone doesn't unbalance it further.

    The drone is just a pack mule and has no weaponry for this very reason. He can heal you if you sacrifice a mod slot for the healing mod. He can boost your stamina recovery speed with the teddy bear mod, has armor and a headlight to light your way when mining, etc. Cargo mods are stackable so I imagine most people filling her up with cargo mods.

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  16. On 3/13/2021 at 2:12 AM, Jost Amman said:

    Why don't they just remove wood, stone iron, coal, lead, KNO3 and shale and make ONE generic blob we can collect called "Material"?

    It'd streamline the game and make every recipe so simple after all.


    On a serious note... I'm all for streamlining "the process", but what about maintaining some "flavor" in the game?

    @madmole Don't you think you've gone too far with this simplification process? :suspicious:

    No because sales continue to improve and review ratings are higher than ever. The process of going gold requires us to look at every system and decide if it's the best we can do or what we really wanted then change it to something shippable. If you don't like change don't play EA games. We haven't removed any materials, we removed the endless tapping of upgrading to reach a decent block. Wet concrete is just a dumb simulation thing and never added any value to the game and eats CPU to calculate when it dries so it really wasn't worth the sim factor for the CPU it ate. Wood to reinforced wood? We want meaty upgrades you can feel, not oh another block that is only 200 hit points more than the last one.

    On 3/14/2021 at 8:57 AM, Thecolours said:

    What exactly is the new trader to trader quests improvements listed on the front page?  We already have a trader to trader quest line, so what's changing in A20?

    New quest type restore power will be cool. When you flip the switch zombies are attracted to the noise/light. There is more to it than that but I'll save that for a stream.

    On 3/13/2021 at 12:28 PM, pregnable said:


    Sounds good.  +1 for the idea. 


    Seriously though, I am sure the changes will be fine.  There will just be more gathering and crafting, instead of gathering, waiting, then crafting. 


    A lot of that stuff is just a time sink.  They can probably make it less confusing and get more players into the game as well. 


    Hopefully we will have better stuff to do with that time, like random encounters, bandits, and more quests.

    Pretty much this. It's too tedious and confusing to upgrade your base with the insane current block upgrade path. It's just over designed. Simple is better.

    proposed block upgrade path.JPG

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  17. On 3/12/2021 at 1:45 PM, SnowDog1942 said:


    Is reinforced concrete gone ?

    Yes, but I think we're buffing the basic concrete to be as strong as the old r concrete.

    On 3/12/2021 at 5:16 PM, MechanicalLens said:


    Excellent. :) You might want to check the spawning conditions of beakers as well. In A19 at least, I've commonly found beakers on day 1 within lootable medical piles.


    You mentioned "stone". Did you mean flagstone, cobblestone, or both?


    This sounds like an excellent change though. Although I am curious, what of frames? Have they been removed? If so that would be fairly unfortunate; working out a template with frames is how a lot of us plan out our builds.


    Edit: Already answered the second section, nevermind. :)

    Probably cobblestone so it has good amount of health and looks better IMO.

    On 3/12/2021 at 6:00 PM, NinjaMoa said:

    Will there ever be a visual representation of block support / strength?


    Valheim does this very well and leads to far less wasted time while building.

    I'm not saying no. I think we have a dev tool that does it.

    On 3/12/2021 at 8:30 PM, Brian9824 said:


    Just out of curiosity does that come with other balance changes like reduced zombie damage to higher tier blocks or increased hp?  The change would result in the higher tier blocks losing a massive amount of durability otherwise.  

    Yes we're rebalancing the hit points a bit.

    On 3/12/2021 at 9:44 PM, MechanicalLens said:

    @madmole What would you say about the fuel requirement for the chem station, forge, and campfire being removed? It adds no challenge and it just disrupts the flow. Sure it's realistic, but that doesn't help it from being an unnecessary extra step in my opinion. It's easy enough to gather wood for fuel anyway, so I don't see balance being an issue.

    Free endless burning? No.

  18. 1 hour ago, Blake_ said:

    I don't completely understand, do you mean that upgrading is still there but you got rid of redundant ones like the frame to wood to nailed wood one and so on leaving only wood which upgrades to stone which upgrades to concrete which upgrades to steel AND if the block is destroyed at any stage it goes poof instead of downgrading?



    Frames are there yet, as well as particle board (same thing) for experimental building with every shape available. That upgrades to wood, wood upgrades to stone, stone upgrades to concrete then steel. All blocks go poof.

    41 minutes ago, pregnable said:


    Oh damn... that is cool. 


    How is this going to affect building and building experience gain?


    Do you get exp placing them, or is there a frame of that material you upgrade?

    You can build with any material but you only get XP for upgrading so if you want max XP start with particle board(frames) and then upgrade it all the way to steel. We haven't really talked about this, perhaps placing the block can grant XP for late game builders building with steel.

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  19. 13 minutes ago, Lffayen said:

    I don't suppose there'd be any chance of adding the wet concrete look to the paint brush. That texture is amazing, even if it's only temporary while we still have it.

    No but be assured we'll use that texture space for something useful.

    Just now, mdf25 said:

    What does this mean for POIs built with brick or corrugated metal parts? I've made a few custom ones so do i need to update brick ones to say, cobblestone, and repaint? Or are tbose other materials still being kept?


    Also does this mean glass is getting all the shapes?

    Brick can probably be just textured stone AFAIK. Corrugated is still there. I don't think we've deprecated any blocks just yet but we'll do a conversion and probably release a conversion utility.

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  20. 2 hours ago, KingSlayerGM said:

    Im very curious about this. How is the new shape menu different from what we have now?

    It's entirely different. All the shapes are in categories now, and unified no matter what material you are building with. So if I want wedge 60, it's always in the exact same category and same position regardless of if I'm building with wood/stone/concrete/steel/cloth etc. All shapes now exist in every material and are in the exact same menu location when using a different material helper.

    You can build steel tables if you want or cloth tables, we don't care. Having a powerful build system you can get creative with is better than using realism to determine what you can and can't make.

    The cool thing is once you memorize the layout of where each shape is you'll never have any trouble finding it, and the categories are pretty good so even if you don't know where something is, you have a good idea on where to look.

    On top of that all icons are now grey, shaded and rendered like art, similar to sketchup art. So they are very easy to read and tell what the shape is. The background of the icon has the material in it so you can tell what helper it is in your belt.

    Finally you can just build with wood, stone, concrete and steel. All the upgrades in between have been deleted, and wet concrete is gone too so less clicking and just build with steel if you want. Nothing downgrades to anything either, when the hit bar is gone the block goes poof. A fairly big change, but now each tier is meaningful and it won't be 1000 clicks to go from wood to steel now.

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  21. On 3/9/2021 at 3:44 PM, MechanicalLens said:

    Will the Feral Sense slider apply to horde nights?

    I think we punted on that, there are too many other unfinished tasks to start on it.

    On 3/9/2021 at 5:03 PM, MechanicalLens said:

    Will trader sell prices be adjusted in A20? If so, I would recommend cobblestone. A stack of cobblestone is, at its base price, approximately 350-400 dukes (I don't have the exact number on me), which is dirt cheap; the traders are almost throwing it away. Maybe doubling the price would be a worthy piece of feedback to consider?


    Beakers almost fall into this same pit; 500-ish dukes for a beaker is an absolute steal. Again, doubling the price of the item in question might create better balance, although this is just one person's take.

    I adjusted the beaker and chem station a bit. Yeah I agree that in the grand scheme of things opening up the chem station is game changing so it needs to have a cost.

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  22. 1 hour ago, Blake_ said:

    I would understand that no primitive boat is added (IF swimming animations were good enough), yet... no water threats ? No plans for that sexy Zombie shark?  Water is completely empty and right now it's little more than a waste of space. You guys are making animals for a20, what's one more that adds awesome jumpscares at the cheap cost of a couple of weeks of dev time tops ?

    Eventually you'll drown when swimming and you run out of stamina. Hopefully we can put some creepy water logged zombies in there that pop up and scare the @%$# out of you or something, zombie catfish.

    38 minutes ago, wwiiogre said:

    With the coming scaling of biomes, can we get a toggle in the game system setup for starting locations. I personally do not mind starting in snow or burnt or desert biome when starting a game. Each has its own difficulties, but are nice to start in as a change. Currently on RWG I almost always start in forest biome. That is getting old. Granted I have 3500 hours playing the game but seriously. Do we always have to start in forest. At least let us toggle this choice, allowing starts in the other biomes, outside of wasteland would be ok for me and if its a choice it will not affect the new players.


    Great work, game is looking better and better. 




    No because that just isn't how the game will work. You'll spawn with a trader nearby to get started and a better tutorial integration. If you want to skip all that leave the easy forest, but you'll pretty much insta die in the harder biomes without gear IMO. Cold will be harsh and radiation even harsher. Desert will be somewhat harder but survivable for a little bit without some gear. So the standard way to play will be to gear up in the forest then attempt harder biomes.

    36 minutes ago, Guppys Fur said:


    Dear Mr. Mole, i hope you guys reconsider here.


    I was really looking forward to this, as im sure many others too.


    Just imagine the level of satisfaction, having this icon of progression in your lategame. Positivly forcing you to re-design your craft room to create place for that Beauty :)

    We might change the forge to a normal workstation instead type of work flow and that will change everything, so it's too early to comment on an industrial forge.

    6 minutes ago, Survager said:


    I think I will give the request of a lot of players: Joel, please stop simplifying the survival game!!!

    Simple is great, stop being married or emotionally attached to old designs. A lot of stuff was prototyped as a work around because we didn't have programmers to do exactly what we wanted so streamlining is a normal part of the alpha experience. I wouldn't expect major changes to everything, but as we go gold stuff gets redesigned in a better way that is easier to understand and more streamlined. It's not going to change what the game is or how it feels, just less clicks or a smoother experience.

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  23. On 3/1/2021 at 11:47 AM, beerfly said:

    I guess that there will be limitation on mods on a single vehicle. Lets say 3 or so, where we could choose a build for our vehicles such as offroad, long roam, team work and so on ? 

    The idea is more mods than there are slots so there is some choice.

    On 3/1/2021 at 4:09 PM, Hasoup said:

    Any plans for upgrades or higher tier workbenches/forges/chem sations/campfires etc? Late game is kind of jarring having 20 or so forges being on and managed at the same time.


    It'd nice to have access to something with more slots at least for work stations, maybe having something like an industrial tier for them wold be nice and be more aesthetically fitting as well.

    Seems to me that is just a balance thing, and 20 is OCD if you as me, I have 2-3 max and build some large bases. They could simply smelt much faster so we don't need late game ones. We've talked about an industrial forge, but with some simplifications coming I don't see a need for it.

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  24. On 2/17/2021 at 10:10 PM, Shineblossom said:

     I would dare to completely disagree. While there are people using those, most of people i know only equip helmet when going to serious fight (or play on PvP server). I am already sad that we won't be able to customize our bodies (did i get it correctly?) and so i won't be able to have flat chested latina with thicc thigs.
    I understand why are you remodeling faces, but saying that everyone uses closed helmes and you won't see those faces sounds really generalizing.

    Also, i know that i am asking this for multiple alphas already, but i would love a truck for A21, when you finish with A20.
    (and by truck i mean actually truck, like the military ones in army base, that will be slow but sturdy with huge space, not pickup, which Americans like to call "trucks")

    I love games with heavy character customization, but unfortunately we can't add 2 years of scope for this. We can always go there in future products.

    No more vehicles are planned, but I'm sure a modders will do it.

    On 2/28/2021 at 4:58 PM, luki12163 said:

    Are there any mods (for vehicles) that are already ready or in development? I would really love to know what mods are planned and how will they work?


    Also is there any news about drone and if it's coming to A20?



    Vehicle mods should be about wrapped up. We'll reveal them later unless Faatal already spilled the beans.

    Drone is getting closer I'm confident it will make it this time.

    On 3/1/2021 at 6:45 AM, Weazelsun said:

    @madmole @faatal Will the animals particularly the bear and mountain lion animation become more smoother? Right now they're a bit janky when attacking and jumping.

    Yes at some point.

    On 3/1/2021 at 11:26 AM, faatal said:

    These are the planned vehicle mods:


    Fuel Saver - Works

    Off Road Headlights - Works

    Super Charger -  Works

    Expanded Seat - TODO

    Reserve Fuel Tank - Working on today


    None of them are fully done, since they still need icons, schematics and put in loot lists.


    Drone should be in a20.

    So much for holding back info :)

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