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  1. hmmm ... returning to Starvation after a while ... can definitely say I've seen a lot more running zombies than I think I should be during the daytime ... but it IS Starvation ... so I just roll with it, and hopefully not die. I do have a request though ... rabbits and chickens ... can you add it so that you can either Scrap them from Inventory, or add a Recipe from inventory to turn them into meat? Otherwise you have to put them down, and try to catch them and kill them, and it's an amazing pain in the rear end. Thanks.
  2. Mmmm. 1) Congratulations on the world revolving around you ... and every comment being about you specifically. 2) I'm a girl, not a dude ... and I can have an opinion that differs from yours without doing so because I am performing sexual favors on, for, or with the developers ... and if I were that would be my business and theirs, not yours. Unless you're just jealous.... And what I am telling you is that the game is already ridiculously unrealistic, and spending time debating whether this skill is more realistic than that skill is insane. It's ALL unrealistic ... I'm not going to sweat it. And if choosing to do so gets you off, more power to you ... just be nice. 3) If I choose to express gratitude to the devs and the teams working to make this mod great, that is my business. I do so because too often people complain and forget to say thank you. It's called manners. I'm sure you can probably look up the word since it is completely foreign to you. 4) This mod right up front states that it's designed for the long haul ... some people like that, some people don't. Do I love everything about the mod? Nope. Do I love the same things about the mod that the other people with whom I play love? Nope. Do I respect the time and effort that went into making this, and stand in awe of those who can come up with all this crap? Yes, absolutely yes. I don't have to like everything about the mod to enjoy playing it. I also don't have to spend time picking it apart and being a general B**ch about it either. I don't believe anyone is telling you not to make suggestions on how to, in your opinion, improve the mod and game play. My comments, ironically enough, weren't specifically directed at you. However, they certainly apply to you considering that you have been less than kind in your responses, enough so that a moderator had to snip your post. My point was simply that a) people should be more kind to each other and think about how what they are posting can be perceived and b) that people perhaps shouldn't be getting quite so bent out of shape about reality in a game that is, by its very nature, completely unrealistic. Thanks.
  3. Wow, so very much impressed at the speed of this fix. Big big KUDOS to you and everyone working on and helping with this mod. I'm the first to say I have absolutely no idea everything that goes into something like this ... as far as I'm concerned it's magic. Or rocket science. Or magic rockets. Every time I think about it I get a headache ... I'm wondering if you buy aspirin by the truckload or by the shipload. Thank you so very much for getting this figured out and fixed so quickly.
  4. Jax, I'm going to say it again ... you have NOTHING ... absolutely NOTHING to feel bad about, either you or your team. You guys are AMAZING ... and releasing something this huge and this resource intensive, there are always going to be challenges with the first release. As the saying goes ... Nothing is idiot proof to a sufficiently talented idiot. You get people out there doing things you'd never dream of ... and poof, situations turn up that you never would have considered. You are working like a team of dogs to get this fixed, AND keeping us updated AND dealing with all the whining and crying and general bit**iness. You guys all rock, and quit putting yourselves down over this.
  5. I agree. Be nice people. There are ways to give feedback without being a jerk. And what is with this hangup on "realism"? How can you ask for that with a straight face? It's a zombie game ... you're okay with being stupid enough to go running around whacking zombies with a stick ... but complain that you can't shoot a crow with a 44 ... have you ever SHOT a 44 before? Or tried to shoot a flying bird? Did you suddenly become Wyatt Earp when you reincarnated in the middle of nowhere wearing nothing but your underwear and a backpack? And feral pigs the size of small cows ARE going to hand you your rear end on a platter if you mess with them. Go run around Texas brushlands and poke a javelina with a stick ... see how that turns out for you. And that's not mentioning shooting a grizzly bear with a bow ... go try that and let me know how that works for you in reality. When you die you reincarnate miles away on a magic bedroll, with no harm done. Zombie bites can give you an infection, but you don't become a zombie. I mean really folks ... complaining the game is not realistic is like standing in the snow and complaining that Frosty the Snowman isn't playing with you. I worry about you guys .... I really do.
  6. Jax ... these things happen. I know it's rough on you and your team because you worked so darned hard to get this together and bring it to as as soon as you could, but it happens. I'm very sorry it's happening though, I can't imagine how frustrating it is for you and your team. It doesn't negate one SECOND of all the brilliant time you guys have put in ... and it speaks incredibly highly of you guys that you're already hot on the trail of the culprit. Do whatever you need to do ... you know the community will all support you. I have complete faith in you guys, and know that you'll figure this out and fix it. Breathe, and try not to let this stress you out too much. No one blames you for this (unless you're like me and you blame yourself).
  7. Not a bug ... you have to scrap wood to make sticks, it's not a recipe.
  8. I use the mod launcher ... and tell it to install a fresh copy of the game for each separate mod. Keeps the mods happy, keeps me happy, all easy peasy lemon squeezy. 'Cause then I don't have to manually install a fresh copy of each mod, and a separate bookmark, and then worry about making sure the files go where they're supposed to go ... and then download stuff when it updates ... it just makes my head hurt doing it that way. Hence the launcher.
  9. LOL Any idea on an ETA? Just a guesstimate?
  10. Can you maybe add so we can paint it? Yes, I know it's the end of the world, and all that ... but there's no reason we can have pretty stuff. Also ... is there anyway to add the PaintAllSides function from creative to the base game?
  11. I agree. The snakes are WAY too aggressive and fast. I know some other posts you've said you're looking at this. Maybe you can just slow the snakes down a little, and maybe up the chance of them dropping a snake body ... more like at least 50% chance ... maybe 75% chance. Because I mean really ... if you kill a snake you're going to have a snake body. It might be a bit mangled, depending on how you killed it ... but there will be a snake body there. Maybe make it so they don't provide meat or hide or whatever ... but only provide dead snake bodies.
  12. Note to self: Tie the tongue of anyone who mentions the mod is too easy into a bow.
  13. Yes, the zombie boss horde on the airdrop .... that was ... special. I will never go for another airdrop again. And that's not counting the killer bees in the stumps, and the flies in the trash ... I'm waiting for cops to show up in the cars. Spiders everywhere. Tigers in the desert. Crocodiles in the water. It's ... adventuresome.
  14. OMG Thank you. I just laughed so hard ... I can't breathe. But so worth it.
  15. Slightly bigger would be nice ... but def food and water levels pretty please. If you can.
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