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  1. You rock! for some reason that doesn't display on mine ... thank you!!!!
  2. @madmole First, I love love love the new inventory sort buttons ... although I'm an old dog and I am having difficulty teaching myself to stop clicking the little backpack icon to sort. LOL Suggestion ... can the smart stash button add all similar items ... not just all similar items until the stack is filled up? Or can another button be made that will stash all of an item if there's at least one of that item, creating new stacks as needed? For instance, if your storage bin has a partial stack of stone, and your backpack has ten stacks of stone, the smart fill will only take the stone out of your backpack to make one full stack in the storage container. You need to manually move all the other stacks of stone. I don't know if that makes sense?
  3. deleted ... don't mind me. back to your regularly scheduled topic.
  4. So ... if they subtract 2 days for every time you die ... if you are really bad at the game or just suicidal game stage could theoretically go negative ... if your game stage is negative, do the zombies stop attacking and start giving out rainbow flowers?
  5. I thought of all the responses I could make ... tallied up how many of them would probably get me banned (pretty much all of them) ... and am gonna settle on "have fun and wear safety goggles..."
  6. It's the circle of life! Hakuna Matata with zombies.
  7. It will be here when it gets here. LOL Well, I am sure they will balance it as time goes on. But the original request was for the skill to be changed for single player. I was pointing out that there is no single player and the game likely will not be rebalanced for something that no longer exists. ********** And, because i am me and cannot resist ... @madmole ... A19 stable ... Are we there yet? Imma keep kicking the back of your seat til we get there ... drive faster! Hook up coffee IVs ... these people don't need sleep! Hehehe. Also, does anyone else think it's slightly mean that they keep giving us teasers about A20? Now I'm looking forward to A20 and A19 hasn't even been officially released yet. 🤣
  8. As a reminder ... just because you are playing by yourself doesn't make this a single player game. The game is strictly multiplayer ... you just happen to be playing a multiplayer game all by yourself.
  9. LOL No ... because I'd probably want to reorganize it. And it would haunt me til you allowed me to do so.
  10. LOL I'm with you. I want to be able to add storage mods to my storage containers. If it exists, I must have it in storage. I might need it someday. Loose screw? Odd scrap of paper? Piece of moldy bread? Into the storage bin you go. I'm hopeless when looting ... I hate to leave anything behind. I will loot a place down to the last crumb ... just like the Grinch.
  11. LOL oopsie. I like it when they stumble out of the closet and fall on their face then I shoot them in the butt and they die.
  12. Ewwwwwww. Never gonna sleep again.... Good job.
  13. Don't let them get to you. You can only do what you can do, and you do just fine.
  14. Not everyone is a native English speaker. Not everyone reads and writes in the same way. Sometimes it is people's phones doing weird things. But belittling someone because you, personally, have OCD and cannot just overlook the error is just as annoying to some as the errors are you to you. (Okay, and to me, but I take a deep breath and move on.) There's no reason to be mean ... it is entirely possible that the person you are mocking is communicating in a non-native language or has other issues with spelling/cognitive function. I have a dear friend who is one of the smartest people I know, but he cannot spell to save his life. His brain just doesn't work that way. So get your head out of your behind and stop being a supercilious (insert common nickname for male genitalia). If it really bothers you that much ... perhaps you should stop reading. Or just skip over the posts from those who commit these atrocious assaults onto your tender little eyeballs.
  15. One of my fondest dreams. Maybe one day.
  16. No earthly idea. Magic I'd think. Black voodoo magic. I was actually on the side of the swimming zombies. Although I do still think the fish should at least try to eat them. But maybe they did and that's why there's no fish ... they got zombified and ate each other. I imagine one really big fish swimming around somewhere out there .... maybe eating swimming zombies from time to time. Like Moby @%$*#!. Or Jaws. Edit: Really? It bleeped out Moby? Although I guess it can be a bad word. Sorry .. unintentional swearing. Additional edit: And as for the eating, I've read some pretty disgusting stories about that ... definitely NSFW
  17. So ... completely off topic ... what do you think the world record is for cutting yourself with a new knife? Can anyone beat approximately 20 seconds? Or twice in under a minute? As I prove, once again, why I shouldn't be allowed near sharp objects. Or blunt objects. Or pretty much any object that isn't covered in foam padding. Although I am remarkably sure I could still manage to injure myself. I've run out of cuss words ... can I borrow a cup of saltiness? And you guys wonder why I don't want the game to be any harder at default settings. LOL Cause I bring that supreme level of coordination to the game as well.
  18. Could be worse. Have you ever had to clean out a house where someone died who had 14 cats? Who hadn't had litter boxes in what was apparently months?
  19. LOL Yeah, that smell does tend to stick around. Try lemon or tomato juice. And I still have hope ... they still have a few hours to get it out ... it could still happen! It could be a Christmas in August miracle!
  20. It is Learn By Doing ... and was the way you leveled up skills once upon a time. So to increase your ability to craft an axe, you would make axes. So people would sit in their bases and craft stone axes over and over and over and over until they were buried under an avalanche of stone axes. To level up armor skill you would get hit ... so you would either run up to a zombie and let it whale on you or go find a cactus and stand there and let it damage you over and over and over again. (When I was new to the game, the server I was on allowed you to craft cacti as decorations (I don't remember if it was a mod or if it was part of the base game ... it's been a while) and I didn't know that cactus sitting was an actual thing as far as leveling up armor skill ... one of the guys asked "Hey, wanna come ride my cactus?" I thought it was a really weird pickup line until someone explained it to me. I laughed until I cried.) Please, by all that is holy, don't respond and say that this is a great idea ... it is anathema. And as for stable, they had a tentative date of today ... and Madmole has already said it's not going to make it today, dashing my hopes and making me cry and console myself with ice cream. Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches to be exact. So, although I'm not a developer ... I think I can safely say the answer is "When it is done." Which means sometime between now and when the sun goes super nova. Or I run out of ice cream, because that signals the true end of the world.
  21. That mod scared the beejezus out of me on a regular basis. Thank you. I think some of the people here complaining about a lack of challenge should give it a try. (Not directed at anyone in particular ... no need to get your feelings hurt, I probably wasn't talking about you. No need to jump on me.)
  22. You have to wait until after morning starts to log out ... the horde can and will regenerate through the horde night.
  23. There is ... or was ... a mod that triggered a horde whenever you opened a supply crate. It made deciding whether or not to go for a supply crate a lot more ... interesting. Do I want to starve to death or do I want to get eaten by a horde of really angry zombies? (spoiler alert ... after triggering the first one and nearly peeing my pants I decided starving was a better option. LOL)
  24. Well considering what is probably in that water... LOL Of course, I also think that people drinking "spring water" or "alpine water" are demented. You're paying someone to drink water from nature that's filled with animal poop and dirt. I'll take good old fashioned strained and treated water, filled with lovely chemicals and drugs, thanks. That's like paying to drink civet poop coffee. Nature is overrated.
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