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  1. That can, and does, happen now. If you don't want to fight other players at all, look for a server that says it is PvE (player vs environment) ... or there are some that are mixed, with certain areas that are PvP and some that are PvE. It is currently a viable game option, and I like my community server very much.
  2. Okay, I'm glad it works well for you. But you do not speak for everyone, or for every situation. You have 20 to 40 people on a server. There are maybe five or so buildings that generate those bones every five days. Do the math on that and you'll see there's a problem. People have different game situations. Those who are saying it is a problem, whether it fits your definition of problem or not, are not wrong, lazy, or stupid. Just different. You may not mean to sound that way, but you are giving off a definite I'm right and everyone who doesn't agree with me is stupid vibe.
  3. You know, this post (and I know, I'm dealing with older posts from yesterday ... sue me) kind of encapsulates why we are all driving Mad Mole and crew nuts. None of us want exactly the same thing. But, it also demonstrates the versatility of the game in its modded versions. Because the possibilities are nearly limitless. If you don't like how the vanilla game plays, you want something more or less or different, that's where the modders come in. There's such a diverse, talented group of them that there's a good chance that whatever it is you're looking for is out there. And if it's not, well, maybe mention it, because maybe they just haven't gotten there yet. Or learn to mod, and make the game exactly what you want it to be. This just highlights the importance of a solid base game, that's in a final version. Right now, the game is in too much flux, so the modders spend hours and hours and (God only knows how many more) hours making their version of the game ... and then the guts of the system changes and everything goes flying right out the window. I can only imagine how frustrating that is, because I know how frustrating it is from my side when a favorite mod stops working, and I'm not the one who spent a jillion hours making it in the first place. I'm just grateful that they somehow find the time and energy to remake it all again. And it's probably why some are getting a wee bit cranky. But think how much nicer it will be once the guts of the game are stable, and they can maybe offer some actual modder support (whatever that means.... I'm envisioning vodka and snacks). The more I think of it, the more I realize why Mad Mole and group talk about the first 20 to 30 hours ... because that's about how long a brand new player will most likely play before starting to hear about mods, and multiplayer servers ... and they drift away from the base game into the modded world. And never wander out again ... I think the mod community needs a slogan ... something like "Players check in, but they can never leave." or "Welcome to the dark side." LOL I admit, I was insulted and hurt when that first statement came out ... but then I realized that it's mostly true, and mostly makes sense. Anyway, I haven't had coffee, so I hope this made sense and wasn't snarky.
  4. Oh my god ... what mod is that????? Released or in development?
  5. I'm sorry I took this the wrong way. And I'm sorry that the post may have (I say may have 'cause Roland thinks you might be joking) been seen as catty. I was trying for humorous (although I stand by SOME of the textures being butt ugly but definitely not all) ... and I really shouldn't try to be funny because I'm really not. Thank you for agreeing their will be more/different textures in the future, especially if you make it so we can add our own. (When I say "we" I mean someone with talent, not me.) That will be amazing. Note: Thank you Roland. Maybe you can snip out my little panty twisted quote from yours as well?
  6. And you're right ... there is a lot of negative, and not enough positives. I know that it's sometimes easier to talk about what is broken, or perceived to be broken. So ... for broken, I don't think it's any surprise that for me it's the available paints. Been flogging that poor pony since A17 was released. There are some others that bother me ... but not as much as they did right after the release. I'm an old dog, I don't like learning new tricks, and A17 was a massive change. Change isn't necessarily bad, but it does take time to get used to. Some things I didn't think I liked I'm starting to get used to and like. The skill trees are interesting, and i am starting to like them more as I get used to what things do. I wasn't originally a fan of the new farming because it was weird and different ... but I am really beginning to like it. I'd love it if you had to use a hoe or tool to harvest the seeds after you harvest a crop because my hand/eye coordination is utter crap and i'm always punching the seed too. I'd like to see the farming perk expanded so maybe at higher levels you increase the number of seeds you make at once, so like you can make 2 seeds for the same price as 1. I know there's a lot of discussion about the zombie AI ... but it is most definitely better than it was. And zombies detecting you 50 meters below ground on horde night has always been there. I agree it's a stupid mechanic ... because I still think if you are under 50 meters of solid rock, sitting in the dark and not moving the zombies shouldn't know you're there. But ... it's not a deal breaker and it's not anything that's changed for A17, so I don't know why the big deal about it. Would I like y'all to remove that? Yes, Yes i would. Especially since the zombies turn into massive diggity mining zombies on blood moon and can apparently dig through 50 meters of solid rock in the time it takes you to blow your nose. At least in A16 if you were under solid rock and far away from your hatch entry they'd dig a few layers down and then die when the sun came up. Here, they're knocking on your ceiling lickity split. I like the new tree designs, and a lot of the new graphics. I even like some of the new paints ... i just want the other ones back too. You don't have to take away the ones you gave us ... just give the other ones back too. I like the new POIs, even though I'm chicken and don't go into most of them, and the few times I have I've died a horrible death (see above about hand/eye coordination ... and add in a tendency to scream and throw my mouse when startled ... makes it hard to fight or run when you're retrieving your mouse). I love the new quest system, although it makes me sad that the early find the buried treasure ones turn into go into the scary house and bring me back something you'll never be able to retrieve because zombies will fall out of the ceiling on your head and kill you dead quests. But you said you're working on more quest types. I get that this is an early version of a major change. Things will be fixed ... and things will be changed more. I'm looking forward to 17.3 "soon" and 18.0 ... it's interesting to see where the game goes. And I'm sorry if I"ve given the impression that I completely hate it. If I'd completely hated it, I'd just uninstall it and move on with my life. I think the fact that people are so dug into the game and involved in the game is a good sign ... at least as far as the quality and perceived potential of the game. Even if it does often feel like you're being drug naked over broken glass.
  7. Here's a thought ... maybe you guys should spend some time playing the game ... I mean playing as a regular player, not using creative mode or god powers. Maybe try playing on some MP servers. See how the game plays as it currently exists. Then maybe you'd be more in touch with what we're saying about the game, instead of giving us opinions and thoughts based on snippets of game play and exposure to works in progress. I'm sure the works in progress are great, and I'm glad you get to play with them. But playing with them and then telling us you don't know what we're talking about is just insulting. I get that you don't give a skinny rat's ass about insulting us or belittling us ... but it might clue you in to why we're often so bloody freaking angry.
  8. I think you are confusing textures with paint ... or paintable textures. Several paintable textures were removed ... and the ones that remain have been "improved" to the point they make me cry. You have also removed the ability mod in textures. If we could mod them in it'd be a non-issue. I'm going to try to figure out how to do this ... I'm trying to show the difference between a16 and a17. I was going to post the pictures, but then figured it'd make the post huge and unwieldy and mean to those not interested in this subject. So I'll post the links to imgur ... let me know if I didn't do this right please? A16 paint menu page 1 ...vs... A17 paint menu page 1 A16 paint menu page 2 ...vs... A17 paint menu page 2 A16 paint menu page 3 ...vs... A17 paint menu page 3 Okay ... now for the nitty gritty: Bookshelves have been removed. The tree paintings have been removed. Stainless steel refrigerator sections have been removed. The solid paint textures now look like they have mange. The red wood is now dull brown. There are others, but those are my biggest pain points right now. A16 blue paint, a pretty sky blue: https://imgur.com/5f8cu4I A17 blue paint, a nasty greyish blueish mange pit: https://imgur.com/lSy3klt A16 green paint, a lovely green: https://imgur.com/oCMMUwq A17 "green" paint ... a nasty greyish green that looks like a dead orc with mange: https://imgur.com/oDA9wWc A16 red wood ... suitable for floors and walls and looking pretty: https://imgur.com/t4RP1NA A17 red wood ... a lovely brown, suitable for a barn floor, not to be confused with, or the same color as, barn wood, which is actually a prettier red than the "red" wood: https://imgur.com/ZneKAN1 So yes, you did add in more paint textures ... most of which no one wants to use because they are (and I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings) butt ugly. You "improved" existing textures, making them JUST as butt ugly, so i guess it's a theme. I can post more pics if needed, can go paint texture by paint texture ... but i don't want to make this post longer than it needs to be. Thank you. Edit: Thank you Roland!!! You made it better!
  9. Nope ... he said AK will break down to AK parts, shotgun will break down to shotgun parts, etc ... and that you use those parts to make new AKs or Shotguns. I don't think it's going to be as clunky as what we used to have which was a million different pistol parts ... I'm at least open to seeing how it works. As long as the "AK Parts" stack, I think it'll be kind of neat. And it's a compromise between what was (A16) and what is now (A17) ... to make what sounds like a pretty interesting what will be (A18 and beyond). But, it also sounds like this is still in progress, so things may (of course) change. We will see what we wind up with. But I am very much against having to find tool parts ... I don't mind the parts, but I think we should be able to craft them ... perhaps that would be a good use of the Hammer and Forge perks ... levels there to be able to create tool parts in the forge.
  10. I will be incredibly sad and angry if they continue to take away paint textures to save memory, and then add in ten billion new textures just because someone doesn't like the fact that a brown level item looks the same as a blue level item. It's a gun. It looks like a gun. It should look like a gun. I don't care if it looks like every other gun. It shoots things and hopefully kills them dead. Good enough. I'm already upset over the removal of most of the paint textures and the uglification of the ones that remain. Yes, I know, it's a zombie game, blah blah freaking blah. I know the devs think we should all be freaking Rambo and do nothing but shoot and loot all damned day and night. Not everyone plays the same way, not everyone enjoys the same things. I like to have a place look nice, and I can barely manage that now with the paints as they exist, and having them even more negatively impacted over something this utterly stupid would be complete bull. Give us our paints back please, or at least make it modifiable.
  11. I dunno, Roland. They said weapon parts were dead a long time ago ... and suddenly we have weapon parts back. (And I am IN NO WAY endorsing this drop the backpack lunacy, just to be clear.) But that's okay, I love storage boxes, and can make lots and lots of storage boxes for weapon parts again. I just wanna see the new stuff, I'm sold already, release the Kraken! Now y'all are just teasing us. BTW, I want that die ... a nice big one that I can throw at people.
  12. Hover your mouse over the lock icon. It tells you what you need.
  13. That's how it is now. Have you even played A17? Why are you offering suggestions for something you haven't played?
  14. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwii0-eZodPhAhUFaq0KHfstBsMQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fgiphy.com%2Fexplore%2Fbeat-a-dead-horse&psig=AOvVaw0K1B1ttTUN-3xc95DHA9md&ust=1555457588603529
  15. LOL I'ts a Zombie survival game ... if your friend is sick and making too much noise and attracting zombies, kill him and feed him to the zombies and escape while they eat him.
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