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  1. I am not sure what you are asking for? A specific modlet that you want added to the mod or you want to install it together with Gnamod? Gnamod comes with its own custom UI, you can try loading a different modlet with it, but they should probably load after (so give the folder a name that comes alphabetically after the Gnamod folders). No guarantees it will work, I do not really support adding other modlets on top of Gnamod. If something fits well and the author allows it, a modlet or it's functionality may be included, but otherwise it's meant to be played as is.


    If a modlet does not work with Gnamod you can check with the modlet author to see if they are willing to make a version that works with Gnamod, otherwise you may have to do the work yourself to make it compatible.


    But as far as I know the Mod Launcher should be able to load modlets on a Gnamod install (but it probably does not rename it if needed for load order).


    Ok I understand. Take this opportunity to congratulate you on this great mod. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I'm playing this mod and I wanted to ask you, is it possible to add a life bar indicator from the launcher's modlet manager?

    Thanks and best regards.

  3. Hello, I do not understand that it contributes to the gaming experience that the crafting table, bonfire etc. should be kept open ... to tell how a mission has been accomplished. For example 10 minutes watching how 10 pieces of meat are cooked. Playing and enjoying, thanks.

  4. Hi, I've been testing the mod and I've found badly generated terrain. I also like an error in the console, I leave the video that allows you to search and have a look, in minute 27:38 the error jumps, later.



  5. Hello, I am enjoying this incredible mod and trying to make the chain of missions of the laboratory table, here comes the question. He asks me for a purified lab and I do not know where to do it, I fill it in the lab sikn but then I do not know how to purify it. Thank you.

  6. Hey there, I was wondering if I could get a little help.


    I have installed Sorcery, together with a bunch of other modlets (no overhaul mods, just lots of small mods).


    My problem is twofold:


    1) I don't seem to be getting any essences at all while chopping trees or mining surface blocks in the burnt biome. Do I need some skill in sorcery/channeling/essence stuff first? I've mined quite a bit and still nothing. I've been wondering if this may have to do with that I run the HDHQ textures. Maybe the blocks that are supposed to give essences have been renamed or something?


    2) All the text files for sorcery seems to be placeholder. Is this a localization thing?


    Thanks in advance for any help. Looking forward to cast some fireballs! ;)


    Hola, tienes que asignar puntos de habilidad para comenzar a recolectar esencia.Igual que las otras ramas de habilidad vas desbloqueando las mismas.

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