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  1. Are you saying that the block durability is dropping without being damaged by outside forces? Or that they all of the sudden fall and brake?
  2. I've never encounter this, Data must be fighting blood moon with friends who are not allies. If you're allies there is no sound. just my .02 Where you an allies with fort owner? Hey Roland
  3. Sharing is caring! Please share fellow traveler! BFE isn't to bad.
  4. I think it was on vanilla setting That would limit travel somewhat, we 3 did a 8k on 120 minutes per day and saw most of the map in about 24 hours of play time. This was a 17 stable build. On a side note, I like the messed up roadside RWG is putting out. If the POI would just not have so many of the same ones next to each other.
  5. I set the AI damage down to 5 HEK 🙂 they can't even get out of a room. This is definitely a test run of the new sliders.
  6. Try some seeds! There is a hugh variation by just adding one letter. I used BETHTEST an got a cool one with a nice mix of hill and water that stretched for 2.5 k with town an residential areas. + A lot or Radio towers 🤐 but other than the to many towers there was a nice mix on a N/S corridor. TFP said RWG is getting some love soon!
  7. Thanks Jams I'll double check the Steam folder on the remote server. This is looking like a folder access issue the provider my have over looked do to this new build!
  8. Hey anyone know were the heck the new UserDataFolder Is? I have a rented server and can't find it to save my life! My World Folder has an Empty a Naz an Playtest folder with no data in any of them. Config point to user fold but not finding in directory. 😥I ran a test on a Naz map an two RWG Before I had a need to remove player data after testing some minor XML tom foolery. Really need to get to Player Folder in my saved games.
  9. Omg right !! Spend more time playing, there are to many good things to list if you've been here from the start. This has been nothing but fun for so many, you just don't hear much from US players, that's all. The TFP already knows this of course!
  10. It's not that bad It's just not the same game it was, you have to be careful now or you'll get dead! I'm loving it, POI's are well stocked with quick death for the reckless. You gotta have an AK for the radiation types thats all.
  11. Guns are great with mods I was totally bummed out at first with the guns but then I scored a L5 ak and found a few Mods and I am a killing machine as long as I've got ammo. The compound is great too for quite killing. A play style change was necessary however. It's taken me an hour + to go through some of the POIs and have not even went in a bigger one than the Boar facility. The tunnel under it was big suprise and great loot. I love that you have to be careful and make sure you have an exit opening or you'll loose your stuff. A few balancing passes down the road and everything will
  12. Omg your ai is great fun faatal! Those Valombies are no fun if U get scratched! Great work people, well worth the wait! I am having a superb time using the bow and staying clear of the deads hands! The new AI is so much more of a challenge. They don't flank you in groups yet thank goodness. I doubled all the Zed xp per kill on my server and am having a great time unlocking the perks. So many new things to learn, thanks for all the solid work you all put in. Such a big step forward from previous works.
  13. Sound great! Dude! How about a Video SOON, I'm die in over here. The last one was good enough to watch a couple times but I need a new FIX! Come on Pimp Sir, stoke the Hype Train! PS i though you did pretty good for all the screwing around you did with a fresh start. It's a whole new game again from what i saw.
  14. Having security issues with win10. Can't install launcher getting "you admin has blocked this app" even though I was opening as the admin and was on my admin user. Could someone point me to work around post? Thanks in advance for your help
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