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  1. Sorry to hear it. The losing of your mod is exactly what we have to worry about now on our play through. My only suggestion now is to jump over to the Discord channel. There are a lot of awesome folks over there ready to help. Most of the time if you provide a summary of the problem and your log, they can help. Just note though, if you are using the mod launcher, you log will be something like C:\7D2D\Alpha18\Ravenhearst\Ravenhearst_6_4_Edition\7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt https://ravenhearst.enjin.com/ - The link is on the left hand side, as well as along the top. Good luck!
  2. If you are both using the mod launcher, be sure to un-check the "refresh mods automatically", then go into each of your installs and delete the RH_ReturnModsOnBreak from the folder under the mods folder. (C:\7D2D\Alpha18\Ravenhearst\Ravenhearst_6_4_Edition\Mods\RH_ReturnModsOnBreak or something similar). My friend and I had a similar issue and the consoles popping up was HORRIBLE. He had a spear break and it caused errors on my screen and he experienced very little to none of them. Anyway, we didn't edit the SphereIICore mod at all, but was instructed from the Curly in the Discord channel to do the above and we have not had a console error since. Hope it helps/works!
  3. Use the lab sink, hold the lab jar like a glass jar (in the tool belt) and right click. It should fill up. - - - Updated - - - When I've had this happen, I used creative mode, and gifted myself back enough of the "notes" that give me that particular skill that wiped.
  4. Mod Launcher? Hmmm Not seeing it on the mod launcher - any ideas? I also checked the GitLab repo, but the 14 day repo was just a README file.
  5. Have you purchased the skill? I checked the XMLs and see it there - I seen it in the forge as well, but has the skill icon next to it. <recipe name="anvil" count="1" craft_area="forge" material_based="true"> <ingredient name="unit_iron" count="400"/> <ingredient name="unit_clay" count="40"/> </recipe> <recipe name="anvil" count="1" craft_area="blacksmithsForge" material_based="true"> <ingredient name="unit_iron" count="400"/> <ingredient name="unit_clay" count="40"/> </recipe>
  6. I was thinking about this too. Early in the game, animals are hard to come by and you can't make a hoe that fast to start gardening, so all you have is canned food or sham sandwiches or rotting flesh. None of which are good options. But then again, the difficulty is meant to be higher... Mixed feelings from me. Also, nice to see the wolf meat got added in, I completely forgot that I had added those myself when I was playing! Admittedly I've not been playing much recently so I've not kept the mode up to date. Again, keep up the good work, it'a amazing all the amount f time and effort you have put into this for us all to enjoy Clockwork
  7. I've been playing the mod for a little while now, LOVE it Clockwork. Very good work, I was a big fan of the True Survival mod in A15, and this is very reminiscent! As for the mines, I am mixed. While I like the idea of the disarming and such, the fact it's so difficult already, I could only image the frustration if I had found some nice loot, didn't have a bed roll yet and hit a mine Keep up the great work, it's much appreciated!
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