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  1. I use Advanced System Care and I checked my firewall setting and all of the 7dtd versions including the mod launcher mods I have tried to play are allowed. I have GNAMod working. If I minimize the screen as soon as it starts loading a window was popping up from system care asking whether to allow it or not. I couldn't see it with the game loading screen. I am not seeing that same window for War of the walkers though so it seems to be my computer settings somewhere. I'm not much of a software user unfortunately.
  2. 7DTDlauncher.txt https://pastebin.com/t05XLFrs output_log.txt https://pastebin.com/0fhAyuxV I hate to bother you seeing how busy you are. When I select play mod It is now stopping at the command line Copying is Done. Launching \7DaysToDie.exe
  3. issues with loading screen If it was that easy I wouldn't have bothered posting. I played War of the Walkers fine with no such long delays previously. I've even left it for over 30 minutes. Oh well no matter.
  4. Gaames loaded from mod launcher stop at loading game data before options screen Hi, As mentioned in the title ay game I try to launch from the mod launcher stops at loading game data. I can load vanilla 7DTD fine through steam. I used to be able to play the mods through mod launcher. Bujt since just before Christmas It hasn't been working. My video drivers are up to date Nvidia Geforce GTX which worked fine previously. I have tried having it C: drive loading it without EAC and the other options in the game launcher. Anyone have some advice?
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