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  1. Do the hordes scale based off heatmap, player level or just the number of days in you are? Does noise matter during a horde night aside from affects on the heatmap following? Do 7th day hordes scale dynamically during the encounter based on any factor? And lastly is it just an endless horde until 4AM or is there a finite number of specific enemies that spawn per 7th day? Thanks!
  2. I love the injury system, it keeps combat high stakes considering the more hits, the higher a chance for something crippling. But at the same time you do have an initial resistance to prevent cheapshots from crippling you with a deadly infection right off the bat and armor will also help you survive deadly conditions. The mix of remedies to injuries is also great, it can create some awesome moments when you're staggering through a building with a broken leg shooting down zeds and downing pills to fight off a concussion. But what about when you get back to your home, it's night, nothing exciting is going on but you still have 30 minutes to fix your leg? I'd suggest the ability to sit in a chair, couch, or lay on a bed to slow your hunger and thirst drain while ticking debuffs down quicker. It fits into the gameplay loop of loot during the day, rest and build at night. That said, it shouldn't lock you in place, that's potentially the same gameplay problem we're trying to avoid in injuries preventing people from "playing" until resolved. You could have it so interacting with your active bed gives a buff respective to that type of bed (Weakest on bedroll, highest on king sized bed) allowing you to continue crafting and building in the interim. And only be available once a day
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