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  1. Lol I was pretty far off from getting this to work properly after looking at what you put together. Do you have charts for this,have some tool,or have you just memorized how to do all of this? The buff can even be topped back up when touching the plate now! 😎 I've gone through other mods xml files trying to learn how to make these mods but I haven't been able to figure out how to take from them on how to structure these mods correctly. The traps mod made by someone else is similar but comparing what you put together and what they put together,they're very different from each other. I
  2. Like this? It doesn't reset the buff so i'm going to assume I did it wrong. What should it look like? I've buffed then restarted the game and severytime it applies the buff at 59 minutes without fail on reloading back in when loading out with the buff. It's weird because it doesn't do that with the recog plate buff,also the recog plate buff can be reset without issue by touching the recog plate.
  3. Woooow I was over complicating that to hell and back. What I was trying with 5-30 lines you've done in only a few. When I trigger the buffs,I can't seem to reapply them if it's already going so if I trigger the 8minutes then I have to wait the full 8 minutes before being able to reapply the buff. Is there anyway I can get the plate to retrigger the buff and set it back to the 8 minute cap? Also,by using what you posted as a template,I got the swing speed working and lol. Slowly turning 7 days into a punching doom mod. I just reloaded my game when having the buff and when loading back
  4. I really don't know what i'm doing anymore lol. Been at this for hours. I changed it to onselfbuffstart,deleted several lines,shifted them around,and nothing has worked. At one point I had it give me a 50 second buff that lasted for 5 minutes until I closed it,assuming it had a infinite buff timer while not giving me the actual speed buff,only the text from it.
  5. I got the recog one working correctly thanks to your help and from there I got the fortbite one working too. I'm stuck again now though. I made a plate give the RunSpeed buff but I can't figure out how to keep the buff once leaving the plate. This is what I have: What will make it work correctly? I get the buff while on the pressure plate but lose it the instant I get off it. I tried using yours as a template at first but I couldn't get the buff to work,this is what I tried: Also wanted to mention that the speed buff plate makes snakes move at light s
  6. I got it working thanks to your help! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with all of this. Now I have a better idea on how to put together the other mods I want that use buffs. I saw someone elses mod here with plate traps that stun or set on fire but I wanted them to be able to do a bunch of other different things too. Now,how would you make something give you several buffs or debuffs at the same time? I tried making a drink before that took recog and fortbites that would apply both buffs at the same time to try and cutback on carrying multiple items at the cost of 3
  7. Awesome! thank you! i'll see what I can do with it here in a few. 😀
  8. So then i'd make changes in a buffs.xml to make the block give the buff with a duration? and not blocks.xml? Are there any tools available to make this easier? currently i'm trying to use wrathmaniac's mod creator and i've made a few very basic mods and used it to revive a old dead mod but the block buffing thing I'm not sure on how to get it working. I'm trying though lol. Do you think it's at all possible to get this working the way I want it to with a block applying a buff and it giving a customizable duration when getting off the block? I went over your modlets in your thread,pret
  9. darn,I hoped it'd be as easy as adding a duration line. I'm new to all this modding stuff with the game. I have no idea on how to do that at all. I appreciate your replies.
  10. Is it even possible to put that in blocks.xml?
  11. Hello, I'm tinkering with a mod that buffs me when I stand on it but the buff disappears the moment I leave the block. How do I get the buff to have a duration after I get off the block? I have this line with a trap in a blocks.xml. <property name="BuffsWhenWalkedOn" value="buffDrugRecog" /> Which applies the buff. What do I need to add that'll give that buff a duration ? <property name="BuffsWhenWalkedOn" value="buffBurningMolotov"/> Sets me on fire too and when set to,say,a dirt block,it turns the game into the floor is lava which is cool. So i'm looking to see how
  12. oof i'm a idiot. I responded to myself without realizing it
  13. I would also like a variant that doesn't include the recog buff
  14. I've been trying to make it myself but it gives errors and I can't get anything to work so i'm here to request it: Drink: Name: Blood drink Lasts for 6 minutes Gives: Fortbite buff Recog buff 90% increased movement speed A buff that lets you swing melee weapons faster through drink duration Recipe cost: Fortbite Recog Megacrush Bloodbag Grandpas learning' elixer I'd like for the image in the hotbar to be a coffee drink basically but the glass to be colored red. The purpose of what i'm asking for is to reduce the amount of items in my toolbelt and to combat
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