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  1. I keep getting stuck when launching the game with "Exception: Block with name 'tungstenOre' not found!" in the console and the game won't do anything else. II tried a fresh install from both the Mod Launcher and downloading it manually. Big Bag version, I should specify.
  2. Just came back to the game and having issues installing WotW 5.2 mod. I reinstalled 7D2D and then ran the launcher, clicked the WotW Bigger Back Pack 5.2 mod and have Force Mod Download checked. Clicked Play Mod and it seemed to install something but it was a very quick dl. Game opened and it was vanilla. I closed everything down and tried running the launcher again with the same mod, still vanilla. Tried the regular 5.2 install without the BBM and still vanilla. Even tried checking Run Game As Admin, still vanilla. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, it's always worked before. I did check, install path is correct for my system.
  3. Lost Doesn't seem to have posted so let me try again. I'm trying to get Ravenhearst to work with the Mod Launcher but I'm totally lost. On the Ravenhearst page (https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?76822-Ravenhearst-Mod) there's a link to use Mod Launcher but all it does is take you to the page to get Mod Launcher. Ravenhearst isn't on the list of links on the side, and I can't find how to add Ravenhearst to it. Help!
  4. Lost I'm totally lost right now (which isn't unusual for me as I have some medical mental issues), but I've been looking into playing Ravenhearst and I see people have said they installed it with Mod Launcher, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do so. I love the links to the other mods already provided (makes my life so much easier) but Ravenhearst isn't there, and I don't know how to get my downloaded files into the program. Any idea how I can do it? (Or if ravenhearst can be added to the links already provided you'll make my day)
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