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  1. Ticket answered from Gameservers.com and they opened the port. Map is now fully functional. Thanks for all the help. I didn't realize what I was missing. Great job on the mapping Alloc.
  2. Thanks for the response, but I should have been more clear. I am going to the http site, yes it is the console plus 2, but I am receiving the page can't be displayed. So that is why I was wondering if maybe the port is closed???? Have ticket in with server company to ensure it is open, don't know what else to do.
  3. Trying to get the mapping working for the first time. I have received below line, however it says authentication disabled. How do I enable? Does this mean the port is closed and I need to contact server host to open? 2014-12-21T07:43:33 26.884 INF Started Webserver on 2xxx9 (authentication disabled)
  4. Same issue here with build 126. Version mismatch. Says server is running 9.0 and I am running 9.1
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