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  1. Depend on your goal. 2 to 3 is still fast to enter. I personally use 16 on my server, so it doesn't take 2 minutes breaking inside even with concrete.
  2. You have a file named "serverconfig.xml" somewhere with "LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier" and "LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier" parameters. These two control the hardness modifier. 4 is the default. 0 means infinite (so no damage can be dealt). If you want no protection, just set it to 1. Reset the servers with the new values and it should be working
  3. Im playing on Standard difficulty and 1 or 2 shotgun slugs in the face is enough (I specialized in shotties). Just make them fall in a pit and kill them there. ~750 slugs is more than enough to last a night. Add electric fences at the bottom and they can barely hit your walls before you explode their face. And the repair cost is extremely low (I do more damage to the opposite wall with my slugs than the actual zombies)
  4. I wish jeep kills would count on the zombies kills stats. I love to kill zombies and have it show on my score :3
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