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  1. Well, I have an Inspiron 7746 with an Intel Core i7-5500U CPU @2.4 GHz that has 4 threads (2 virtual 2 logical), I have 16 GB of ram, I have 2 intergrated graphics cards. 1 is the intel HD graphics 5500, and the other is a GForce 845M (render-only) and I'm running windows 10 64bit. Oh and its a laptop Idk what to do with it tbh, all my other games play pretty good with low to medium settings so I'm not sure what settings to use that would make it better.
  2. Just a quick experiment for those who might want to know. These are the resolutions I have and frames I get. My display is a 16:9 though so the lowest I have for 16:9 is 1280x720. Other res's 640x480 = 70 fps 800x600 = 53-60 fps 1024x768 = 38-45 fps and 1152x864 = 30-35 fps Now this was all standing outside on the roof of my base just looking out at terrain in the distance with trees and stuff. The issue I have though is black bars on the outside left and right hand side because they are all 4:3 resolutions so they don't fit the screen. Hence why I play it at the aforementi
  3. I am currently using 1280x720 which I use for all my games. I'm not sure how much lower I can go but the lower I go the crappier it looks lol - - - Updated - - - Ahh okay makes sense. I get this with a lot of mods. But, I do realize games change with the times and computers need to change as well. I don't have options to get anything better at the moment so I just make the best with what I got! Thanks Haidr
  4. Yes. I actually have a setting which is auto but I went under programs and made sure. Besides, I know which one its using anyway due to the really bad framerate on the intel hd 5500. I just dont know. I cant drop anything any lower so I guess I'm stuck with it the way it is sadly but, one thing I do notice is if I play Darkness Falls, it seems to give me higher framerate which, I have no idea why. There is more zombies and such. *Shrugs* Who knows.
  5. I actually don't know what I am doing wrong, but I have a GForce 845M and I know that its a low end gpx card but I used to play the game at about 50 fps back in 16 but since then, even with everything on the lowest setting, the game looks terrible but I cant seem to get higher than 35fps in the world. If I'm in my base its 50 or so, but doing anything in the game drops my frames so bad. I wish that I had good changes but it just runs terrible for me. Upgrading is not an option for me as I am on a laptop, Inspiron 7000 series so, I know, I cant expect much, but my Intel HD 5500 sure cant pla
  6. Not sure if this has been asked or not but should we reset our worlds with 18.2 Exp. We updated our server today to the latest experimental from 18.1 and for some reason a lot of our trees are at 1 hp and if we hit them, they are one shotted, with axe or bikes. There is also a ton of new trees as well so we have double the trees everywhere..... Not all trees are at 1hp, only some are. Its as if the ones before the update were affected and new ones spawned or vice versa. Any feedback would be helpful!
  7. Hey there! I have noticed that the hatch elevator is no longer working I dont know if this is intentional or not but I am sure some would agree that it would be awesome if you could make it work again as we've been using it for years and I love it so much <3
  8. Hey there. I have tried installing Ravenhearst 5 vanilla textures both through the mod launcher and manual from the download link and copying all the files and both times, when I try to start a new game on single player, I get a red text and crash that says ArgumentOutofRangeExeption: Argument is out of range Parameter name: Index. I am not sure what I or the launcher is doing wrong so could anyone please help? Thanks
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