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  1. Yes, i actually started a new map using a new seed. The file says it was created precisely 6 days ago on file explorer. It appears i do have a couple of older maps in here.... That should not affect new generation surely?
  2. I generated this map in A19 though? Its a new map as of 6 days ago. All of my maps were generated in A19.3 Ive just checked, there has been no update since December last year. I only started playing on a fresh install this year.
  3. I am using the vanilla map generator, and why do i need to wipe anything? Has there been an update in the last 5 days? To add more information, the traders settlement is literally not there. Its not even placed the prefab. I got this error from a fresh generate. <decoration type="model" name="settlement_trader_04" position="-216, 50, 1290" rotation="2" /> <decoration type="model" name="settlement_trader_02" position="104, 47, 2464" rotation="0" /> <decoration type="model" name="settlement_trader_03" position="-24, 51, 2623" rotation="2" /> <decoratio
  4. Hey guys. I am having a problem with a RWG i made. I got the error where it shows "NO TRADER" when i start the white river citizen quest. I read on another thread that you can fix this by running away for a few hundred meters and re giving yourself the quest via the console. Did not work several times. Ive tried going into the XML file for the prefabs and it has put the traders in this file. However when i go to their co-ordinates there are no traders to speak of. Is this a bug?
  5. Finally i managed to do what i set out to do using the following code: <configs> <append xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name='perkMasterChef']/effect_group/passive_effect[@level='1,5']/@tags">,foodBreadLoaf</append> </configs> I found the Wiki page for XML Xpath for 7 days to die.
  6. Hey, thanks for the reply. I got this error "2021-01-17T13:10:30 252.654 WRN XML patch for "progression.xml" from mod "Jamoy's Ammunition Emporium" did not apply: <append xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name=perkMasterChef]/effect_group"" Could other appends not being applied cause a fall over of future appends? Edit: I have tried a different approach and now it complains that there is already a perk in the table with the same name. This was the approach i spoke about that works with items and other objects. I am not trying to create a ne
  7. Hello, i am struggling to get appendage of perk recipe unlocks for a mod i am making. I dont understand why i cant append the perks in the same way that you can append and overwrite weapons by simply copying the code into your modlets hirearchy. I have looked up a couple threads on Xpath, im using an example from a user called stompbox108 here: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/11088-does-anyone-have-a-good-example-of-actually-adding-a-new-perk-or-skill-level/ Basically what i am trying to do is add recipes to be unlocked to the Master Chef perk. It keeps on returning the foll
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