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  1. Is there anything this affects that can't be solved by reversing any relevant mousewheel binds?
  2. Is there a new experimental or update in the works soon? I wanna start a new game but don't want to have it instantly invalidated by a new patch. Making a new map takes a very long time...
  3. Where on earth am I supposed to get mechanical parts without using a wrench? The traders have none, nothing seems to scrap down into them, haven't looted any in over a week... they're pretty important, and I need them!
  4. Any chance of an update dropping soon? I'm worried about starting a new game...
  5. On the subject of xml and worldgen stuff, I hear that a bunch of POIs (namely the skyscrapers) aren't set to spawn in RWG anymore? Is this true or are they just really rare, because I'd like to use all the vanilla POIs in worldgen, if possible. If they are truly not set to spawn, does anyone know how to change that in rwgmixer? I know that RWG is set for a bit of an overhaul soon so hopefully we get to see all the potentially missing content in the future now that performance is much less of an issue. It's a little dull how it seems like the only POIs these days are redneck stores and oat mil
  6. Barrett 50. Cal? Seems like the obvious progression; just an ultimate one-shot one-kill rifle. edit: wait, you probably wouldn't want to introduce a new ammo type just for one gun. There are some badass .44 Magnum lever action rifles if you want to make .44 useful elsewhere; maybe you could slot that in at T3, or bump the Marksman Rifle up and have it be a new T2? There are also many other marksman rifles like the G3SG that could fit realistically as a military gun.
  7. Are we getting A19 or A18.3 in this upcoming patch? Any hints for what's to come? Wait yeah I just saw that post, how is 7DTD not an FPS?? It's first-person and you shoot. Seems like all the criteria has been met to me.
  8. I've thought about this myself, and the only thing that comes to mind is that brick blocks can be thrown down instantly, while cobblestones must be upgraded from flagstone, which requires time. Bricks are the highest-HP block that can just be tossed down freely, which gives them a nice niche of effectively patching holes on horde night. That being said, that's still not much of a niche due to their high time/resource cost and inferior showing in every other regard compared to cobbles. You can probably grief folks pretty good if you wall them in in an instant though.
  9. Not a chance lol. That's probably not until like, A22 at the earliest.
  10. Thank you so much! Looks like I have plenty of time to dump into 18.2. Thank you for actually clarifying 'soon' because that could really mean anything; days? Weeks? End of the month? Everything is soon compared to forever...
  11. Noice! I'm excited. Is there a time-frame on when 'soon' is? I wanna know how much effort I should put into this Stable.
  12. I wouldn't mind secondary resources like that being biome exclusive, but clay being so crucial to the tech tree makes the desert just totally untenable to live in long-term. Really the problem is just that I'm sick of 80% of my world seeds starting me in the desert. I don't want to spend another 20 minutes generating a new world or spending a day or two in-game hiking out of the desert only to walk into the wasteland or something. The desert just sucks in a way the other biomes don't as-is.
  13. If A18.2 is going stable tomorrow, will there be a new experimental after it?
  14. Normally I'd agree, but clay is so crucial to doing basically anything in the game that it just makes the desert not viable to live in. Every game I just end up hauling ass to the forest and living there instead. There's just not enough clay or wood to make a sufficient horde base. The other non-forest biomes are similarly too high-risk/low-reward but at least you CAN live in them if you want. Please consider adding soil patches or something in a future RWG update to the desert. It just sucks as-is.
  15. Can we get some more clay in the desert? It's basically impossible to forge, or build a structurally sound house, or do anything long-term there, really.
  16. Man I hate landmines. Just died to one that was inexplicably in the paper mill, a very low-tier quest. I thought those were supposed to be gated to high-tier quests, the wasteland, and army bases? How much damage do mines even do, anyway? Is there any way to meaningfully resist their one-hit-kill existence early on?
  17. I forgot zombies can stand on each other's shoulders now. Guess who forgot to put bars around their base's walls??
  18. I read this as "combat tricks" at first and thought we were getting shoves or parries or something new and crazy. Damn my bad eyes
  19. Perk balancing suggestion: A lot of perks, like Infiltrator, Animal Tracking, Lockpicking, etc. are really underpowered and take way too many valuable perk points to get anywhere useful. My suggestion is to compress the perks into only 3/4 ranks rather than the default 5, and to add better unique rewards, comparable or equal to a magazine or rare item (the fact that certain magazines like the mine immunity one almost COMPLETELY obviate an entire 5 point perk tree is absurd). For example: Animal Tracking 1: all small animals (rabbits, chickens, snakes, etc.) Animal Tracking 2: all large a
  20. Thank goodness someone has the wherewithal to make a great guide like this, and to mention the importance of making your bug reports actually make sense. Good job!
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