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  1. Hi Jax Love your mod very much After playing your mod it's impossible for me to go back to the vanilla version of the game. Love the cars many great models in the game. But I am not sure If you know your guns Becasue there are a couple of wepons wrongly done. Especially Desert Eagle has a wrong pistol model and one of the Squad Automatic Weapons has a wrong icon. I belive it was LSAT had a M4 icon. There are a ton of cool weapons in Experimental Recepies mod maybe you could prot some of them to your mod? Especially two variants of shiny Desert Eagles 50 BMG version and Magnum and my fa
  2. Machete kills again Hi! Love the mod but some thigs are missing that were in the A15 version of the mod, anyway I have my wepon smithing at 7 points and I unlocked machete perk for 4 points went to the smithy made a machete blade took some leather went back to the workstation and I cant make the damn machete it got a big exclamation mark and it says I need to read a book??? It says in an update list "fixed machete receipe" So what am I doing wrong? Cheers!!!
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