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  1. They definitely are programmed to prioritize to target doors alone over weaker points to a certain degree, I had a room set up as a killzone with iron bars and unreinforced concrete blocks making up the wall in between where I was at and where the horde was entering, to access where I was at by going through the doors you had one fully upgraded steel door that opened into a small hallway before a second fully upgraded steel door opened into the room I was in.
  2. As a player since 2013, I don't necessarily mind the changes between alphas that force people to figure out new strategies but in the case of A19, I found the programming initially feel extremely cheap and unfair up until the point you figure out their AI and then they become so easy to manipulate that it practically removes the sense of danger completely. I feel like the most dangerous thing about the horde and what's kept it exciting for hundreds of hours over the years is that their AI was utterly unpredictable, you had no idea where they'd try to come through at or what they might end up doing and their occasional stupidity made them more dangerous, years ago I remember being somewhere in the day 40-60 range and I and a couple friends had gotten lucky on RNG that game and built up a completely steel plated fortress with numerous escape paths and support walls, after spending the night picking off the horde from the roof I went down to inspect the damage and found that they'd dug under the base and hollowed out a massive cavern right underneath and that it could've collapsed entirely had that managed to dig it out just a bit more. It was that sort of chaos that's made the game fun enough over the years that with A20 released I'm ready to shell out the money for a new GPU so I can play again. However compare that to my experience in A19 where we decided to reinforce the entrance to the base just a little too much only to see them instantly fixate on a exact spot right where we are at and have them tear through the steel plated concrete wall in literally a couple seconds, sure they're more dangerous than before in that instance, in fact so much so that it was the first time it ever just felt un fun and I've been playing since 2013 back when every single night every zombie in the area would start demolishing whatever you're hiding in, by the next horde we'd figured out you could simply bait them with a door or even a series of doors and they'd line up in a nice tight group for you to unload on and would completely ignore the much weaker iron bars in-between you and them and if you don't take advantage of their AI, then horde's new psychic ability to instantly identify and target the weakest point of your base with pinpoint precision means they'd tear a path to you within seconds every single bloodmoon. So I'm curious if their AI has been tweaked a little for Alpha 20 or if horde mechanics are largely the same, either way A20 is still making it tempting to buy a new GPU now rather than waiting a bit longer for prices to drop but honestly defending the base with friends and trying to predict the horde has always been one of the most fun parts of this game so I'm hoping it's not going to be the exact same A19 mechanics again, what's been everyone's experience so far?
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