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    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Does this still work like the NPC Modlet did before? I noticed in the mod launcher (on my end) the name changed overnight even though this post you made was from a few days ago. I'm not sure of the differences between Modlet's and DMT, so I have no experience with it. I'm asking because even though I've downloaded the Launcher fresh recently, I can't seem to find any DMT section. Also for some reason my World save from yesterday no longer works (even though the mod changes I guess are from before that), so I'm having to restart new...again. It's really getting frustrating having to spend my normal play time trying to troubleshoot problems that I didn't have in the last 2 days...when I made no changes during that time. Edit: Belay my last. I've been having nothing but problems of one sort or another with 7D2D this whole last week, and I'm done messing with it. Even with new content I'm bored with Vanilla play and modding, even with the Mod Launcher, is giving me nothing but headaches. I'm just going to uninstall and find something else to do.
  2. I know I'm a bit late to the party with this, and probably in the wrong thread...but is there a mod out by now to adjust 'Selling to Trader' xp? Or would I need to manually change an xml somewhere? Keep in mind I have zero experience when it comes to adjusting files, so I'd rather avoid it if possible. I have a mod going (Butcher's), that add animal skins with semi-high sell prices. I like the ability to hunt for skins and trade for a good value, the problem is that as soon as I sell even a few of them, I end up at an unreasonably high Player Level from the sales xp. Normally it wouldn't be an issue if I added the mods to a save where I've progressed already, however when starting new games, it's a bit ridiculous to be level 20+ (and then some) on day 4-5 just from selling a handful of animal skins. Not to mention the Game-Stage havoc it plays having Radiated Demolisher groups spawn at night and during the 1st horde night on day 7. A little exaggerated maybe, but you get the point.
  3. NazT_DragN

    Valmars A18

    Thanks...as I come upon others I'll post them here. I'm sure there are probably a few more, but I'm running so many mods it's time consuming and frustrating trying to test everything and weed them out.
  4. NazT_DragN

    Valmars A18

    Need to adjust Mechanic Class Quest 3/3. Quest requires Crafting of an Engine, but no recipe for engine without adding a different mod for it. Currently using Dan's Craftable Engines: Direct download as the Launcher can't find the files for some reason. https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/game-modification/mods/154075-dcsobral-s-mods
  5. NazT_DragN

    Farm Life v2

    Thx for the H/U. I don't feel confident enough to tweak files, so I'll probably cheat 'em in and delete materials 'used' directly.
  6. NazT_DragN

    Farm Life v2

    I may be missing something here...but I'm interested in adding this to my current game...and the links in the OP are going to some weird thing about making offers to buy farmlifemod.net. Is the mod not being worked on anymore?
  7. Oh yay... I just noticed that even though it's labeled as a "Language Patch" it actually has a lot to it. I didn't realize that changing a language had to do with the Font being used. I just read it all, and wish it was labeled differently to something of more importance. Since I do not understand any other languages I thought nothing of it...and now that my saves were reset from the changes I need to start over yet again. ....I'm starting to get tired of having to constantly "Start over" after all I time I put into play and building. Nothing aimed at the Mod at all, just venting in general.
  8. I started having this problem with the SMXMenu just starting today, although it's looking like (to me anyway) that this may be the same problem from others before, but instead of the 'Video options' menu, it's all menus incl. the Continue Save which is featured in the screens. I'm using the launcher as well if that helps too, but not sure what other info you may need if any. For now playing with that specific mod uninstalled, as that is the only problem I'm having so far in my modlet list. **New edit** Apparently it's all SMX elements, and/or their interaction with the game. When I loaded into my saved world, not only were the elements not showing, but my progress was reset as well because I left it on day 2 working on my base from last night, and was locked out of any input and had to Alt+F4 in order to exit. The red text was a continuous rapid repetition.
  9. Fresh Launcher install worked. Not sure what did it about the backpack though. I switched to Donovan_MegaBackpack for the moment and it's working fine. Loving the other ones you made though. I have Everything sell, Loot Obj, Mining, Nuclear, Shelves, Random Supply, and the plain Zombie modification. All playing together and working fine. o7
  10. Well, here is another one I just got today. The only change I made from yesterday was I uninstalled the 187 slot and added the 375 slot, and then I had to leave. Today I'm getting an error talking about the 187 even though I removed it already. I'm going to try re-installing the launcher and hope that works. Otherwise I'm going to have to contact SphereII to see if it's something with the launcher itself. The downside is that everything worked fine for the last week, until I tried to add the backpack yesterday. I haven't been able to play anything modded since.
  11. I'm not sure if this came up or not because there are so many posts it makes my brain smoke. The download for the 187 slot backpack is broken on the 7D2D Launcher. I keep getting this message: GitHub is not an option for me because they keep automatically trying to force me to change my password every time I try to log in to download. At the time of this post I am going to try the 375 slot one (I'd prefer the lower 187 slot one, but this was the next size up), however I'm not sure how small it would make my hud. Will update in a bit. *Sorry about the size of the SS. I took it on a 36" widescreen so I'm not sure why it's that small*
  12. NazT_DragN

    Mod List

    Maybe, Maybe not. Last post I saw was in October 2019 at the top of this page. I was going to ask if there was a way to add links to the lists, as they are all only text, and with the timer on the search function it's taking forever to copy/paste everything in order to find info for each mod. I've been using the Modlets in the Launcher and starting and restarting the game to deal with compatibility issues and test to see what each mod adds when they don't have a useful description. Sorry guys. I know you worked hard on these. It's just that in the Launcher some mods have 1 or 2 word descriptions, and others have multiple listings (with exact wording) for the same mod but with different Author spellings, so it's hard sometimes to figure out which mod works and/or affects what when troubleshooting.
  13. That might have been it. Been watching JaWoodle on YT for build ideas and seen him select and delete terrain areas to make them flat for building, and he never typed anything in or used the prefab dialog box to do it, but he could have just been in the world editor and not survival. As I have never used W.E. I always assumed that it was blank like the prefab editor, so that you could add and change whatever you wanted...yet JaWoodle's 'Build Park' looked like it had towns in it that weren't built by him. The Dev tool items DO work in survival. @Telric Not sure if that was what you meant by 'Tools'. And for context, JaWoodle is the main one that has only explained it as "Just select an area and delete it, it's that simple." Honestly I'm getting frustrated about the whole thing, and getting ready to just cheat the Dev tools in on my play world, just because it takes too long to keep switching between game saves.
  14. This has probably been touched on, but with 387 replies I don't have the time to read through all of them. Goldenrod Tea is still an actual thing, as it combats dysentery (food poisoning), it's just as an 'over time' effect now. Kind of like how Antibiotics are now 'over time' and not instantly fully removed. And those with the argument about how cooked food is no longer worth it, consider this...Canned food may be a 0% chance to get food poisoning, but only restores Max Sta/Health regen at a capped rate of around 15% or less. Cooked food, from what I've gone through so far, has around 50-56% added effectiveness (for the complex recipes) for only a 4%-7% chance of food poisoning (food exposed to the atmosphere of whatever toxins are left in the 7DTD universe). So allocating points in perks to negate FP, or taking Vitamins before eating something, are still 'valid' options...as well as just keeping a supply of GR Tea or Red Tea handy as a main hydration source. IMO the occurence isn't anywhere near the level needed to justify all this b!tching in the first place. If it's something that is undesired, and 'you' (as in all complainers) are unwilling to deal with the system that TFP has in place while they continue to hash out details towards an intended 'End-product'...nobody is twisting your collective arms making you play the game.
  15. I'm posting this because everything that comes up when I try the search function has nothing to do with what I'm asking it. I'm trying to find out how to correctly use the select and fill options to flatten large areas to test builds in. I can select an area easy enough, but nothing happens when I try to manipulate what I have selected. I've seen it done many times in YouTube vids, but every time I ask how to do it they all say: "Just select an area and delete it, it's that simple." It's really not that simple when every time I try to do it, it only removes the blue selection box itself, but not the terrain I have selected...no matter what other commands I try that are listed in the options menu. (Fill, delete etc.) I know I'm doing something wrong, but I can't get a straight answer anywhere. For the last month or so I've been stuck having to manually delete blocks one line and layer at a time with the Dev Digger Tool.
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