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  1. I wasn't too sure how to word the title so plz bear with me. I was going through the 7D2D Mod Launcher looking at the different packs that have been assembled, but I'm a little confused. Some of the descriptions mention things like adding X mod for inventory stash buttons, and X mod for adding a 10 slot Tool-belt...but those things are already in the base game for A19. Wouldn't they counteract anything or cause other potential problems because those mods are trying to add things that are already there? A couple of examples are: Grey's Prophecy: - Added 10 slot toolbelt and Romero Mod: - Added 10 slot toolbelt, - Added backpack stash buttons
  2. No biggie. Just doing a quick FYI. It's not too consistent, but breaking the block under works more times than not.
  3. I disregarded two lines of yellow text for almost a week now, until I came across the block in question while fortifying a POI for a 7-14 day base while I was building my main. They were [bunkBedMade1] and [bunkBedMessy1], both of which are over downgrade limit. The looping is making it so I can't get rid of it even with Dev Tools, and it's still giving exp for destroying each stage, regardless of how many times I've tried. I'm currently ignoring the bed and building around it, as it's currently only a temp base to get me through the first two hordes, but it's still a problem for others to run into a block that can't be removed.
  4. Thx guys, it's good to hear that. Hell, coming back to 7D2D this far into new content, I was worried all the modders would throw their collective hands up just trying to deal with code changes. I know I did and I'm not even a mod dev. I scrapped the story-line project that I originally started back in A12.4-12.7-ish. Just because of how fast and often TFP came out with new things, and how slow I was plugging around. kutgw and thx for the mods. o7
  5. After a few hours of starting and restarting for each mod I was using, as well as taking out some of the cosmetic ones, I found that there is a conflict with War3zuk Kitchen Utilities. It threw a red error in the console for: Duplicate Item ID 130 in loot.xml. I stopped at that point, because like I said, the other mods after were cosmetic items and not interactables so I dropped them out. *So far the mod set I'm using is: **Beyond your White River set** [Stallionsden] OpenDoorSyndrome with Respawn and Lockpicking additions Store Shelves {Lootable...not 'Original' version} Supply Crates and Lootable Objects [Donovan] Mega Perks x4 [War3zuk] Mega Vault NSFW Paintings set And as of now things are playing pretty well with each other... Well other than the odd spawn-through-wall I got from a couple Supply Crates 😁 *As listed in the 7D2D Launcher
  6. Tried adding this to my SP game but does not work well with the 7D2D Launcher at all. Everything from WR is in the right folder, but it won't show up in the launcher, and the error messages that pop up in the console are confusing as hell to me. Going to try adding the mods I want to use manually and start the game as normal. I really want to try how the Quests are set up, so I hope I can install this right. **Update: I got things working, but I think I ran into a bug where: - Tier 1 : Kill 10 Zombies. This is the Basic level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Citizenship Card ...except I also got a +Sealed Citizen Crate, and when I put it down other than hitting the crate with something, I can't do much else. It downgrades into a cardboard box (which again, all I can do is hit it), and instead of opening, it gets destroyed with an 8 x Paper drop to my inv. Neither stage acts like a container to loot from at all. Is the bug with getting the crate in the first place...or is it the fact that it won't open, and hitting it only gives me 8xPaper for my troubles.
  7. NazT_DragN

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Does this still work like the NPC Modlet did before? I noticed in the mod launcher (on my end) the name changed overnight even though this post you made was from a few days ago. I'm not sure of the differences between Modlet's and DMT, so I have no experience with it. I'm asking because even though I've downloaded the Launcher fresh recently, I can't seem to find any DMT section. Also for some reason my World save from yesterday no longer works (even though the mod changes I guess are from before that), so I'm having to restart new...again. It's really getting frustrating having to spend my normal play time trying to troubleshoot problems that I didn't have in the last 2 days...when I made no changes during that time. Edit: Belay my last. I've been having nothing but problems of one sort or another with 7D2D this whole last week, and I'm done messing with it. Even with new content I'm bored with Vanilla play and modding, even with the Mod Launcher, is giving me nothing but headaches. I'm just going to uninstall and find something else to do.
  8. Oh yay... I just noticed that even though it's labeled as a "Language Patch" it actually has a lot to it. I didn't realize that changing a language had to do with the Font being used. I just read it all, and wish it was labeled differently to something of more importance. Since I do not understand any other languages I thought nothing of it...and now that my saves were reset from the changes I need to start over yet again. ....I'm starting to get tired of having to constantly "Start over" after all I time I put into play and building. Nothing aimed at the Mod at all, just venting in general.
  9. I started having this problem with the SMXMenu just starting today, although it's looking like (to me anyway) that this may be the same problem from others before, but instead of the 'Video options' menu, it's all menus incl. the Continue Save which is featured in the screens. I'm using the launcher as well if that helps too, but not sure what other info you may need if any. For now playing with that specific mod uninstalled, as that is the only problem I'm having so far in my modlet list. **New edit** Apparently it's all SMX elements, and/or their interaction with the game. When I loaded into my saved world, not only were the elements not showing, but my progress was reset as well because I left it on day 2 working on my base from last night, and was locked out of any input and had to Alt+F4 in order to exit. The red text was a continuous rapid repetition.
  10. Worlds are created as normal, and the mod changes the assets in that world. Unless someone (Mod Dev or otherwise) uploads one of their worlds as a custom addition, there are none to download. **Please correct if I'm wrong anywhere, but iirc that's how all the mods work. Unless there is an addition by a Mod Dev to any of the server files downloads.
  11. I've been dealing with snow lately in my new playthrough and noticed that the Frozen Sarah/Larry models are walking disjointed textures. I hate dealing with snow as a preference, which is why I haven't noticed before, but am working through (in my way) to accepting that biome as part of the game. Not game breaking in the least, just really annoying. I've had some difficulty with my aim because since I don't see their feet, (and most of Larry's legs) it's hard to judge their height sometimes. And like Rutted stated...restraint is the name of the game. I've wasted a day, most of the night, and 18 Stone Axes during one playthough beating on all the doors in the County Jail, just because it's a structure I know would last a few beatings while I got my stuff together in peace. I guess it's about how each player views things. Sure having the CJ as a base on day 2 is a bit on the overkill side of things, but I wouldn't want it removed because not only is it somewhat balanced by RNG in RWG (like the ships), but also because it makes for an interesting gameplay when trying to create an original build for the long-term.
  12. Is there any way to lower the Town spawns in the RWG? I have tried many many seeds and on every one I end up with a medium to large town/city in every chunk on the Editor Preview. It would cut down lag immensely seeing as how the zombies spawn more frequently/closer to the player. So far the lag is the only reason I haven't been playing as often because (yeah I'm running an i3 potato), but I'm also pushing 18GB ram with a GTX 750Ti 2GB RAM dedicated. Other mods run decently well...but they're not Ravenhearst, and I don't enjoy them as much.
  13. Well that's just it. Before BM's were implemented there were "Normal" 7 day hordes without the extra weather effects and specialized zombies. Then after, there were still the normal 7 day hordes and a BM event that happened randomly every couple horde nights or so. Now it seems every 7th day horde is a BM one, with lightning, a darker night tinted red with Ferals added, and (for most modded) Boss zombies and Ferals added. During the "Normal" 7 day hordes, Ferals and 'Boss-Strength' zombies (Cops and 'Hub City'-type) weren't added to the horde list until day 21 when the game stage was higher, but still had normal zombies (ex. days 7, 14, 28, 35, 49 ect...) where every 21 days (21, 42, 64, 85) would have higher zombie counts and tougher than normal spawns. Unless I missed something and everything got turned on it's ass in the base Vanilla coding that every 7 days is a BM and that is the only dated horde type now. (Excl. 'Screamer' and Wandering hordes which are dynamically spawned.) I am so confused now.... It's hard to keep everything straight since I can still remember experiences from back in A12.4, but can barely remember what I ate the day before.
  14. Here's something I haven't seen in the thread yet (or I might have just missed it). Will 3.0 have regular 7 Day hordes in the 21 Day Bloodmoon pack? I'm on my 3rd playthrough atm because I keep screwin my base up and resetting, and so far on day 18 again. All 3 plays so far I'm noticing that yes, the Blood Moon hordes are on 21 days, but I'm not getting any regular hordes...apart from random wanderings anyway. Is this intentional to have all horde nights every 21 days? Or is it a bug that pushing all Bloodmoons to 21 days it disables the normal 7 day hordes? I like the extra time sometimes for me to figure out big builds on test saves, but it does get a bit boring after a while, and then getting slammed with the BM enemy types as a first horde on day 21 kinda sucks. Trying to design a base especially for larger hordes ahead of time is a bit of a pain when the kill xp from the previous smaller hordes goes a long way towards the skills needed to craft stuff for the larger ones. I like the idea of the 21 Day BM pack because even in Vanilla I end up getting BM's on EVERY horde night, not just every once in a while.
  15. Taken from Mini-Faq... Sry, it sounded better in my head... This is actually something new to me as I've never had this problem. I always got both hunger AND wellness when I eat from inventory (as I always keep often used stuff in toolbelt), and I even got them from when I eat from table inv. as I tend to forget long-cooking recipes in it when I'm out gathering while things cook. (Spreads heatmap out a little by working in a different chunk than what your fires/furnaces are running in...I always end up with at least 3 going at any one time. )
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