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  1. I wasn't too sure how to word the title so plz bear with me. I was going through the 7D2D Mod Launcher looking at the different packs that have been assembled, but I'm a little confused. Some of the descriptions mention things like adding X mod for inventory stash buttons, and X mod for adding a 10 slot Tool-belt...but those things are already in the base game for A19. Wouldn't they counteract anything or cause other potential problems because those mods are trying to add things that are already there? A couple of examples are: Grey's Prophecy: - Added 10 slot
  2. No biggie. Just doing a quick FYI. It's not too consistent, but breaking the block under works more times than not.
  3. I disregarded two lines of yellow text for almost a week now, until I came across the block in question while fortifying a POI for a 7-14 day base while I was building my main. They were [bunkBedMade1] and [bunkBedMessy1], both of which are over downgrade limit. The looping is making it so I can't get rid of it even with Dev Tools, and it's still giving exp for destroying each stage, regardless of how many times I've tried. I'm currently ignoring the bed and building around it, as it's currently only a temp base to get me through the first two hordes, but it's still a problem
  4. Thx guys, it's good to hear that. Hell, coming back to 7D2D this far into new content, I was worried all the modders would throw their collective hands up just trying to deal with code changes. I know I did and I'm not even a mod dev. I scrapped the story-line project that I originally started back in A12.4-12.7-ish. Just because of how fast and often TFP came out with new things, and how slow I was plugging around. kutgw and thx for the mods. o7
  5. After a few hours of starting and restarting for each mod I was using, as well as taking out some of the cosmetic ones, I found that there is a conflict with War3zuk Kitchen Utilities. It threw a red error in the console for: Duplicate Item ID 130 in loot.xml. I stopped at that point, because like I said, the other mods after were cosmetic items and not interactables so I dropped them out. *So far the mod set I'm using is: **Beyond your White River set** [Stallionsden] OpenDoorSyndrome with Respawn and Lockpicking additions Store Shelve
  6. Tried adding this to my SP game but does not work well with the 7D2D Launcher at all. Everything from WR is in the right folder, but it won't show up in the launcher, and the error messages that pop up in the console are confusing as hell to me. Going to try adding the mods I want to use manually and start the game as normal. I really want to try how the Quests are set up, so I hope I can install this right. **Update: I got things working, but I think I ran into a bug where: - Tier 1 : Kill 10 Zombies. This is the Basic level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Citizen
  7. NazT_DragN

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Does this still work like the NPC Modlet did before? I noticed in the mod launcher (on my end) the name changed overnight even though this post you made was from a few days ago. I'm not sure of the differences between Modlet's and DMT, so I have no experience with it. I'm asking because even though I've downloaded the Launcher fresh recently, I can't seem to find any DMT section. Also for some reason my World save from yesterday no longer works (even though the mod changes I guess are from before that), so I'm having to restart new...again. It's really getting frustrating having to spend
  8. I know I'm a bit late to the party with this, and probably in the wrong thread...but is there a mod out by now to adjust 'Selling to Trader' xp? Or would I need to manually change an xml somewhere? Keep in mind I have zero experience when it comes to adjusting files, so I'd rather avoid it if possible. I have a mod going (Butcher's), that add animal skins with semi-high sell prices. I like the ability to hunt for skins and trade for a good value, the problem is that as soon as I sell even a few of them, I end up at an unreasonably high Player Level from the sales xp. Normally it wouldn'
  9. Thanks...as I come upon others I'll post them here. I'm sure there are probably a few more, but I'm running so many mods it's time consuming and frustrating trying to test everything and weed them out.
  10. Need to adjust Mechanic Class Quest 3/3. Quest requires Crafting of an Engine, but no recipe for engine without adding a different mod for it. Currently using Dan's Craftable Engines: Direct download as the Launcher can't find the files for some reason. https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/game-modification/mods/154075-dcsobral-s-mods
  11. NazT_DragN

    Farm Life v2

    Thx for the H/U. I don't feel confident enough to tweak files, so I'll probably cheat 'em in and delete materials 'used' directly.
  12. NazT_DragN

    Farm Life v2

    I may be missing something here...but I'm interested in adding this to my current game...and the links in the OP are going to some weird thing about making offers to buy farmlifemod.net. Is the mod not being worked on anymore?
  13. Oh yay... I just noticed that even though it's labeled as a "Language Patch" it actually has a lot to it. I didn't realize that changing a language had to do with the Font being used. I just read it all, and wish it was labeled differently to something of more importance. Since I do not understand any other languages I thought nothing of it...and now that my saves were reset from the changes I need to start over yet again. ....I'm starting to get tired of having to constantly "Start over" after all I time I put into play and building. Nothing aimed at the Mod at all, just venting in
  14. I started having this problem with the SMXMenu just starting today, although it's looking like (to me anyway) that this may be the same problem from others before, but instead of the 'Video options' menu, it's all menus incl. the Continue Save which is featured in the screens. I'm using the launcher as well if that helps too, but not sure what other info you may need if any. For now playing with that specific mod uninstalled, as that is the only problem I'm having so far in my modlet list. **New edit** Apparently it's all SMX elements, and/or their interaction with the game. When I
  15. Fresh Launcher install worked. Not sure what did it about the backpack though. I switched to Donovan_MegaBackpack for the moment and it's working fine. Loving the other ones you made though. I have Everything sell, Loot Obj, Mining, Nuclear, Shelves, Random Supply, and the plain Zombie modification. All playing together and working fine. o7
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