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  1. Can I play with my friend who connects to my client without any extra setup/modifications? Yesterday we tried it and after 1 hour gameplay we got console errors that prevent the play. (we both set eac off, and I'd choosen to generate a random world) In short, is it possible to play two person connects one another without a server?
  2. I think player should be able to craft glass jars with default forge, need for blacksmith forge is quite harsh. There are many actions that don't return jars, and atm player have to wait to be 60 for it.
  3. I think its not a big deal to not know of the exact day count either. If you ask me, I can even accept a random bloodmoon night, like between 5-15 days, a bloodmoon can happen.. That will be a tense experience.
  4. Playing this mod for a while, I think its great mod and even has greater potantial. No clock is a small but very nice touch to the game immersion, and its not that hard to determine the state of day/night as well. I have two issues, first, are vultures immortal? I spent 20+ arrows and 10+ club hits still can not kill it. (or maybe they are undead dragons but model mismatch!??) and I can find too many wrenches, maybe they can be rarer.
  5. maybe campfire quest can be triggered before that quest that needs forge? I know you urge to create complex meals for proper fullness and wellness but charred and boiled meats can provide a bit more fullness imo, simple cooked eggs are better related to them. Flour icon is missing. Thanks for this great mod.
  6. Those nighttime sound fx's, I think they are not immersive as planned and not necessary. Maybe if they were rare and subtle, probably they work better.
  7. Yes my backpack was full or almost full, I lost at least 3-4 items, if I remember right they were weapons, so I lost from the belt. By the way, isnt the blacksmithing station skill requirements are a bit harsh, I mean you can not craft iron tools or minibike without it, and 60 construction and 30 armor/clothing make me feel that way, just thinking.. And I really enjoying this mod, so far my favorite with true survival.
  8. I'm killed by an npc, and after recovering the backpack, some items were missing like compaund bow or water, is it intended or a possible bug?
  9. Started to try this promising mod, so far so good, also not demanding on hardware, no stutter or lag, my only wish is kind of a bear trap to use.
  10. I was trying the diesel because I can not craft standard generators due to need of console, lack of any gauge and no trader luck. I accept that but weird thing I can not see craft option for fuel deposit or generator housing in big anvil's menu with a smith hammer in it (for diesel), that stucks me. For electrycity my last try is the battery bank, I can use lathe that way, but I need a generator anyway to recharge those batteries.
  11. Gauges do not drop from cars anymore? Only workingstiffs I understand from loot file. Also how to craft fuel deposit, description says in smith hammer, it should be mill? I'm at lvl 75 and can not use electricity yet because of these..
  12. altug

    True Survival

    Handsaw is loot only right, how rare is it and is there an easier method to find it?
  13. altug

    True Survival

    @spider sorry about that, trying my best, and hey thanks for that additional tool to carry
  14. altug

    True Survival

    When scrapping a stack of vegetables, only one serving is produced, have to split and scrap one by one (when not using station). Also claw hammers can not upgrade spike traps only stone axe can.
  15. altug

    True Survival

    Boiled meat doesn't return glass jar, bug or feature?
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