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  1. Hey don't put the blame squarely on me lol, that's how the wight was for ages before this recent change. Clearly the devs agreed that he looked better without clothes at some point too. 😉
  2. Just wanted to point out while the topic of the zombie designs is still kind of fresh in this thread that imo the new models for the feral Z's like the spider and wight, while they look good in general I think the shorts look a little silly and reduces the scare/cool value. I liked how the wight before looked completely different from any other zombie in the game and had no clothes, reinforcing that they're more monstrous and inhuman. My buddy got genuinely scared @%$#less the first time they got ambushed by the current wight lol, because it doesn't look at all like a normal zombie and it's shocking to see that sprinting out of nowhere without warning. Same friend also agreed that the shorts looked goofy when I showed them the new designs.
  3. @faatal Seeing the new awesome street prefabs used in POI towns, is it planned to make the dynamically spawned roads have similar dividing lines and look more natural at some point (or somehow replace dynamic roads with prefab chunks)? If not strictly planned is anything being considered at all regarding the roads, or has that been internally ruled out? Also on a related note about roads, is it planned to have power lines along the dynamic roads at some point? I think Madmole may have told me a long time ago in a livestream that that was planned, not sure if things changed though. And another unrelated question, I realize this is a fairly far-off thing to ask about seeing as even NPCs aren't in yet, but are there any broad plans to add a reputation system to the game in some form once factions are implemented? Maybe something like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. where for instance killing a certain dude might make the faction he belonged to hostile to the player but may increase rep with factions that oppose that NPC's faction? And related to that question, will there be faction-specific NPC patrols or the like spawning out in the world in addition to bandits? Something similar to, for instance, the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout or such. Actually come to think of it the relevancy of my previous question kind of hinges on this question, since you can't @%$# off a faction in the way I described if there are no actual killable faction NPCs wandering around lol. If it's too early to ask about factions I understand, just thought I'd throw it out there.
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