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  1. is there chance to make mod give bigger storage for all vehicles ?! thanks for a18 bigger backpack mod
  2. hey ,, iam still playing alpha 16 as i do not like 17 and... it is very strange that i never know where to find titanium ore except trader!!! is there titanium ore under surface
  3. any one know how to get old update for alpha 16,,, i want that version when the class gives you diamond tools from day 1 !!!
  4. where i can find lathe ?,, i noticed i can not craft it edit: what skill needed to unlock auger and chainsaw!!! i can see it in all skills even advanced engineering !!!!
  5. i did not read any mystery book cos i can not read them,,, i finished my 2 class < laborer and scientist> and found the laborer mystery book but i can not read it <<< i though i can save 30 points by read the book>>> is this intended or bug? edit ... i tried to put the book in tool belt and use right or left mouse to read and it worked but in inventory i can not read it
  6. is mastery books are no longer readable and for scrap only?? i already complete all quests for this book
  7. I started new game yesterday and was so lucky that I respawn in front of the retirement village but I noticed that miner 69 is not working,,,reached lvl 30 and bought 3/5 in miner 69 and my steel axe still do same block dmg ,,it only go up with mining tools
  8. i passed level 60 and purchase quality joe 4/5 but the best quality i got is around 250 and very rare green or above ,,most item from 100 to 250 ,,how scavenging work ? you removed that skill although you can just show it with remove of buy option like other skills!!!!!! is the last quality joe will even do anything 45points needed to just increase loot quality by 30 !!!!???? iam confused ,,,what should i do to loot green or blue items as no savenging skill found one more thing about quest those we loved its requirement holding your start firearm??? how this supposed to be iron bow for arch
  9. they change cities size so small cities means no trader in them and big ones has trader look for those big cities and you will find,,if you have bad seed you can move your character to new seed and not begin from zero
  10. all right i hope this is not complain because i really love this mod first my trader disappear although i upgraded his walls <snow trader> and i can put another one but he keep disappearing after i close my game so any solution? i feel op <overpowered> when i put new one as i get new stuff < i bought 3 beaker in 2 days> 2nd i got my first steel pickaxe 24 quality with block damage 140 but it cause 210 to stone ore and 140 to iron ore ;;i hope this is correct 3rd i can sell weapons with higher price ,,all i need to remove 1 part and kaboooom <SMG 74 quality worth 887 bu
  11. is there trick or place to find diamond axe schematic , i searched over than 400 crack abook shelf and box and no luck...is there a chance to find it like .001% or iam too unlucky or may be iam searching for it???? i hope you make it craft-able in research table for 325 like class or even more i never find that schematic in ravenhearst even older versions :(
  12. iam sad about these small cities but iam frustrated about traders number <most seeds with 1 trader in 9 cities and max 3 in 9> i was lucky to find one of these cities. i also found bug with shortly meat stew and meat stew if you put them in your belt ,,you can use them when you thirsty with 100% food full.
  13. can i please ask to fix cities,,since you narrowed streets and most cities become small and almost 2 streets,, i thought cities become smaller but they become villages as you also removed much of its bulk. example seed KandQuinn 9 big cities now they are 9 small villages and if some one has nice seed with at least 4 big cities of 9 shown ,,i will be grateful . edit ; i also tested seeds posted in alpha 16 forum and those seeds have huge cities and all became small as most houses removed
  14. hi again first i never thank ravenhearst team so thanks for this awesome mod 2nd i had this issue with radiated feral weight ,every time he hit me i get broken leg,how he hit with his hand to my head or upper body and broke my leg ,,this is weird ,,i already can make reinforced splint but this is frustrated
  15. hi,,sry more questions to ask 1. do i need certain level to find the diamond axe recipe. 2. did the average joe crate worth it? only shotgun and average joe and i complete all classes 3 dirty and filthy mess i got both in the same time ..is this normal 4 i still can not find bolt rifle any advice ,, i go at night and i kill those insects and nightmares <awesome loot> but no bolt rifle edit is the industrial biome<westland> still have mines, i find nothing but may be someone did
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