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  1. As mentioned previously, this game isn't anything like Ark. It requires a hell of a lot more system resources than Ark does. Hence the issue.
  2. I was reading the Kotaku articly on it, and I really like their analogy. Fahey says I think the thing in the end is that it's not a revolutionary new console. The textures and client for the game aren't going to being different for it either. (although maybe they will add better textures for it because of having more RAM) It's a faster system on the same platform.
  3. To all you "PC Master Race" Idjits. Q: Which system has better hardware, PC or Console? A: Almost any PC system made in the past 7 years. Oh wait a minute..... Reality..... What ever will I do..... Seriously Jack (and I do take offense since my name is Jack), you really need to read that response again. I don't think he's talking down to us, he's just making very clear the harsh reality many of us don't want to accept. The game is simply designed to run better on a system with at least double the hardware the consoles currently have. Because of this, we have issues on the console. The only degenerate childish remark here is just about anyone that throws out PCMR as an argument. That only means that that person is a child who cannot accept reality. Sure, I've seen SylenThunder get a little bent sometimes, but it is usually with a pretty damn good reason. I would too if I had to put up with half of the idiots that post on forums these days.
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