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  1. Not trying to be an ass and don't take this wrong but it just might be me and a % of 7 day fans who think this way but why should the pimps have to tie a tbone around a zombies neck to get some one to want to kill it as it is a zombie killing game and the main reason we even have zombies is to just kill them before they kill us. I see your point just think it takes away from the whole zombie exp as well as if zombies drop the loot no reason to go hunt and search for loot if it travels to you on legs.
  2. So far I love a17 and the fact I see a lot more hordes and zombies. Loving the hell out of 7 days. Only down sides from my point of view is the following. Bug of tablesaw missing in the progression.xml so you can make it. Not all of the wood blocks are craftable in frame form and up gradable. example joints Some smaller blocks that are not full blocks example railings,joints plates can not be overlapped in the corners to allow better building options. Some things I'd like to see added as static models after finally getting the bus model are tractor trailer, Flat beds and the truck
  3. Madmole any chance we can see this in the future?
  4. On the trader note I would agree that traders don't need to sell full weapons but only pieces of weapons. IMO it is way to easy to get weapons in 7Days so I always mod every patch. First all full weapons are removed from drops and only parts are dropped in game. All mining helmets an nail guns are removed only parts are allowed to drop. And now I don't use traders to much when I play only to get the quest done finding that first trader. Basically I need to look into replacing all weapons on traders with just weapon parts maybe then I will use traders.
  5. I'd prefer they not waste time doing this and get A17e all tho I'm not against some lets play from the fun pimps show casing some things while we wait. Hint to madmole: About video time. Recording your self every time you test just to get bloopers is a waste of time working on a project cause time goes into recording every time you test. All tho just a random lets play show case is simple fast and not time consuming during work hrs.
  6. Hum IMO if you go over day 100 this game isn't for you. I never make it past day 22 before making a new map. By day 7 first horde night I'm already like level 50+ of course I play with lower night cycles and max day cycles but that's how I like to play. I really like playing that way and day 7 horde night when set this way all zombies will auto know where you at until I think 4am at this setting. My best fun is starting over and changing things up never same building or base style. In long term MMO's and such I don't like to lose what I earn, but 7 Days to Die is not a MMO and I treat it
  7. Do to latest video getting less slack from cry babies I changed my avatar as I said I would Joel. Walter Goes Pimp.
  8. I love the fact that zombies want leave corpses now and there will be a bag with loot if it drops anything. Stops me from having to play clean up. What I would do tho if it's possible over time is expand on the decal system. Explained and a wish if possible to ever work in to the game. When a gun shot or weapon blow does dmg to any player, mob, or zombie a blood decal is left like a blood pattern. This blood pattern has a scent that can attract zombies if not taken care of over time. Block walls need to be cleaned and ground blocks need to be covered up with a chemical to hide the scent oth
  9. Tarew MArr here for around 14 years and a GM for 7 years on the server. But that was then sad to see a game really die IMO EQ has died. Looks like a small fire with some unburnt ash and coals still smoldering.
  10. Bah streamers who cares honestly. I personally don't like streamers cause they act like idiots in my own personal opinion which just turns my stomach. I'll wait for mature videos from Joel or one of the members of the team or the release my self before I personally ever watch a streamer.
  11. Love the work so far TFP, can't wait till A17. Some wishes for you to look into playing around with when you have spare time maybe you like and they could make it in or not. 1) Do away with bird nest and add the feather/eggs in trees with a search option. When I mod I do away with bird nest and make trees a loot container and add the feathers and eggs to the tree container cause it feels more realistic. 2) If there is a way to make the ground layers separate by height. So example every 5 blocks down there is a air layer which keeps getting thinner the deeper you go. Which would cause
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