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  1. I just like the damage the zombies do to you on insane,One mistake and you are dead.I did some research on it,but look like in vanilla A19 game stage don't depend on game difficulty as compared to darkness Falls,Look like some coding done here which is out of my reach. Anyways I just love and appreciate your's work on Darkness Falls. Thanks.
  2. Hello KhaineGB, Is there anyway that Gamestage don't increase like now it do on insane difficulty,I know that it make game harder but also it make it shorter too. I already done 2 playthroughs and they were only enjoyable till day 45-50,after that there were no point in going for looting and doing quests since i had already everything,lvl 80 guns and all masteries. I just want to make the game being enjoyable for longer.
  3. Is it possible to set weather to rain and cloudy only?
  4. Hello Khaine, Hope you are doing well,I just wanna ask that there is a mod(Stupid undead),will it work with Darkness Falls?
  5. Increased toolbelt to 15 slot. lol Khaine,10 was enough.Vanilla just got 10 and now you are spoiling players with 15 slots 😁.btw which keys it will use. Anyways thanks for update,TFP finally fixed that turret's game freezing bug,was too annoying since A19 came out.
  6. Hello KhaineGB, Thanks for releasing DF for A19,I have one question,Did you changed something on insane difficulty settings, because horde nights are just brutal right now,I just did day 21 horde night and there were already behemoths.They destroyed my steel base like it was nothing,I think I have to lower the difficulty. Also is there any DF map with only vanilla POI,I don't like those custom POI.
  7. NO,It's a mod which can be installed in chest armor.
  8. Hello, Can anyone help me on this,I'm having very hard time with leveling up,I'm currently on day 85,lvl 63 and gamestage 315 at insane difficulty,also having 5k+ zombie kills,and 2 deaths.Problem is this that game take my already earned xp,when I do mining,I remember that at first days when I used to do mining,I was getting xp.Is this intended or my savegame just went bad.
  9. You can easily find them in snow biome.In my playthrough,snow biome is too far from my base,but i found them in desert too,just look at hills,which can be easily spotted.Sorry for my bad English.
  10. Does anyone know?Which skill unlock research desk?I tried to make research desk schematic but it need Research desk,also unable to craft cooking pot is kinda lame.
  11. Hello JaxTeller718, Can i replace steel one with Knuckle Wraps's model?I kinda like those.
  12. Yeah i tried to increase heat for DFAdvForge but it didn't work,because they are even smelting materials but they are not even on.So i just increased heat for normal forge from 6 to 36,and it did work for me. Also I saw your's and many others post on A18.3 about performance and i just rushed to try it,but it kinda backward for me.On A18.2 i can get 90+ fps and on A18.3,same setting i can get barely 45-50 fps,maybe it's another AMD thing.
  13. Is there anyway,through which I could add heat to advanced forge,I have currently 3 at base,but never seen any screamer,and heatmap stay at one place,Normal forges increase heatmap so fast.
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