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  1. I do not. I have one for my twitch, but that's probably not appropriate And I do hang out in the 7 days to die discord a LOT. EDIT: Actually I'll add a channel to the twitch one I already have when I get back from my holiday. Don't fancy trying to mess around with it on mobile!
  2. Quick patch. P225 and 44mmHP Ammo were too easy to find because I cocked up the probability, so I lowered it.
  3. Problem exists between keyboard and chair. BBM version now has the icons. Server and EAC versions had them, so no issues there. I think the rwgmixer is now in a place I want. However, I will not be pushing it atm as I'm supposed to be away for the weekend.
  4. They do for me. I'll re-push the mods folder with the icon before I go to bed, just in-case. EDIT: YEP! I'm dumb. I pushed it to the EAC version, but not the BBM version. I shall do that tonight, but you can grab the mods folder from the EAC version and use that if you don't want to wait/in-case I forget since it's nearly 1am.
  5. Well I think I got it sort-of working. I made cityLarge the only one allowed to have the skyscrapers that I want to limit, set co-ordiates and it was -500 away from them to the west. So there's progress!
  6. I may need to pick your brain, Tin. Using that rwgmixer, I CANNOT get my city to spawn at 0,0 (or close to it) since it likes to put it's own there. Any thoughts? I do have wasteland_hub around it, if I can restrict things based on biome. EDIT: Though I did find setting a custom cell rule to probability 100 totally crashes the game. So that was entertaining.
  7. Yes, but you HAVE to use SDX to fix it, which I don't want to do so people have the option to use EAC.
  8. I thought increasing the dead cell probability would work, but I wasn't sure if that would screw up the wilderness POI's. Thanks for the hint though! Will play around with it.
  9. Not gonna lie, I couldn't get rwgmixer to do what I wanted. So I grabbed Tin's A16.3 one he posted up and I've been playing around with that. I may end up using that, with some more of my own tweaks. I'm partially posting that here because I want to be transparent, and because I want to give credit where credit is due. Now I just want to make the cities spawn further apart and I will be super happy.
  10. Pushed an update to increase the wilderness POI's. Yep. @KhainesKorner on twitter. Huh. I haven't had that problem, though I've only gotten up to day 7 on testing since I kept having to restart. Honestly, when the choices are: No NPC's at all, NPC's with NRE console spam or NPC's but the trader may disappear.... I'll take disappearing trader. What I can do is increase the amount of traders to 2 per biome and see if that helps.
  11. So thank you dreamdancer and Tin. The POI situation is pretty much sorted. You can still get a somewhat large expanse of land between POI's, but it's not as bad now. And there's a lot more POI's in the wilderness. Currently playing around with my hub city setup a bit.
  12. Yep, I'm fixing the asphalt thing for most cities. There's supposed to be a lot of zombies outside the cities. The cities just have more.
  13. Perfect. An example of where to find the min,max numbers is exactly what I needed. Because, honestly, I was being blind.
  14. Hey, mini discussion is fine. There is still a LOT I don't understand about rwgmixer. Now I need to work out how to add more wilderness POI's.
  15. It increases the size of the cities because cities are a biome within a biome (it's how I have different zombie spawning rules for within a city). But thank you for the tip. I shall have a poke at that since I wanted to have a look at my hub city again. :)i
  16. I shall try and pop in later then I see you're also in the UK, so I'm hoping it's going to be in the evening. Mornings and afternoons I have to mod for my mate on twitch, so I don't get a chance to hop around streams. EDIT: And I just realised who you are. Fox... keep an eye on Kickz. He'll try and drop you on zombies again. - - - Updated - - - Right, I had a look at rwgmixer and tweaked it a little. I lowered the cell size by 200, which actually made for some interesting cities. There were 2 sprawling ones, and 1 smaller one that I found. Really liked that. But it also helped
  17. Cell sizes were turned up to make for bigger cities. Probably didn't have much luck with your seed either. When I was testing last night, I literally spawned on a road between two cities. Having said that, I do plan to look at rwgmixer again, because I got a really flat world with no POI's around yesterday.
  18. BIG update time! Titanium added! Spawns underground and on the surface in specific biomes. Titanium bound club, barbed club, spiked club, sledgehammer, hunting knife, machete, fireaxe, pickaxe, shovel, arrows and bolts all added! Steel lowered to level 100, Titanium requires level 150. This gives a smoother progression (Scrap tools at 5, Iron tools at 50, Steel tools at 100, Titanium tools at 150) Loot lists updated to include recipes for some of the new titanium items (some unlocked via perk). Trader lists updated to sell some titanium stuff, recipes and alsoe the new guns and ammo. Craftab
  19. Right now, I'd be happy if the forge worked properly. So far it seems to be an issue with the normal forge AND my modded forge. The first item in a stack is instantly melted, and the last item in a stack remains. Does it with iron, brass, lead, clay and the new titanium. However, that's with the bigger backpack mod installed, so I think I need to test it without that. EDIT: Aaaaaaand does it with the normal one too. Huh. I wonder what I broke. Another Edit: Works fine if you don't watch the forge. Alright then. Whatever game.
  20. Just thought I'd update this with my current plans. So I'm working on adding titanium to the game. The idea is I'll lower the requirements to learn steel (probably to around level 125) and make titanium what you can learn at high level. I might go 50/100/150 for iron/steel/titanium. It won't be used for armour, but it will be used for tools and weapons. The idea is it'll do about the same damage as steel (maybe slightly more), but use less stamina because it's lighter. So yeah. That's the plan.
  21. And localization added! Also tweaked the new quests to give 300, 350 and 400 coins on completion depending on which one you complete.
  22. Mod updated! NPC Guard Captain added to all traders. They have a unique "for sale" list consisting of 3 quests. Those 3 quests can be bought for 200 coins each, and grant coins as a reward and skill notes so players have another way to get them in order to craft skill books. Amount of coins rewarded will be tweaked, and the quests need localization right now. However I wanted to push this patch so any new traders you find will have the NPC's. Old ones you have already discovered likely will not have the NPC's. If you have any errors, you may need a new world. Skill points per level de
  23. Started working on an NPC for players to buy quests from last night. Totally broke it, because coding while you are tired is not wise, but I've got a good base started. Once the code is done, I'm going to push the patch and then work on the localization aspect later. The reason for doing it like that is because I would need to edit the trader prefab, which can require a world reset. So I'd rather get THAT part released first, and the "prettyfying" bit later.
  24. Just a small update. Tweaked the XP required to level so it takes slightly longer. Skills should level at the same rate. Server version of the 45-slot backpack mod added to downloads (use the EAC-safe files for servers if you don't plan to use the backpack mod)
  25. Mod Updated! NPC's could drop their guns and ammo on death. Now they can't. NPC guns given their own "parts" so players cannot craft them. NPC's were not reloading guns due to too many ammo types. Now they do! NPC guards added to all trader prefabs! They shoot zombies and bandits as default... and you if you attack them.
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