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  1. So I just built a gaming PC, well as gaming as it can get due to the graphics card shortage (Using a 1050 TI), I bought this game again on sale because I was curious to see just how different the patches have made the game compared to the console version. Holy. It's like a completely different game! I'm blown away at how far it has come. It's just so good! My GF and I would play co op on my PS4, when she saw the PC version she asked me if I would build her a PC as well so she can get her own copy haha! Very exciting stuff!
  2. It's never going to happen, so people on consoles were sold a product that will forever be in a broken alpha state. You can't get a refund either....nor will they offer players a cd key of the PC version. The consumer basically got screwed on this one and there is nobody to complain to.
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