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  1. I'm currently doing a brawler build and love my steel knucks. I completely avoided knuckles until I finally got a pair of steel knuckles (around day 19, pretty late for me). Beofre that I just used stone sledged and bats. Now that they're modded up, quality 6, and I'm 5/5 in brawler, they're a force to be reckoned with.
  2. Oof, I've got to spend 100 dukes to stop a sprain though? Not fun early game (in my opinion)
  3. The only one that irks me is the sprained arm/leg. They last 40+ minutes on average, and there's no easy way to reduce it like some of the other ailments. Broken bones have splints/casts, infections have antibiotics, lacerations have sewing kits and abrasians have aloe cream. What to sprains have? (unless there's something I dont know about?)
  4. Honestly, I just buy as much ammo and then more things to smelt.
  5. I feel like the fact that zombies run at night would make this style horde base not very useful. Even so, I think it would only be effective for the first few horde nights. Once you start getting hundreds of zombies, it would take you forever to kill all of them in a stealth/agility way. Naturally just a slower style of gameplay.
  6. I don't bother with lucky looter or the eye kandy in A19. Playing the amount that I have, and watching several youtubers, it just seems that it isn't really a boost to the loot at all. Not worth the point or inv spot in my opinion.
  7. I have my dart traps facing eachother (from the side of my pathway), and they do not damage the other dart trap when they fire. I also have mine set up to only fire when zombies are on the pressure plates. I'm not 100% sure about the pressure plate taking damage if the dart trap is above, though.
  8. I love using traps to help with my horde defense. I use a hatch base, and at the choke points I have a double layer of electric fences and 8 dart traps. it decimates the zombies I'm facing right now (day 24). I'd like to add some blade traps at some point.
  9. The first 1-2, maybe 3 blood moons are perfectly doable with just cobblestone blocks, or a small amount (around choke points) upgraded to concrete. No need for an Auger that early, you don't REALLY need one until you need your whole base to be concrete or better.
  10. Thanks for this - actually really helpful, and I know this took a while to put together.
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