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  1. Sorry about that - just woke up and decided that I should give it a try before letting everyone else know lol Killing everything at the moment.
  2. Hello!! I was wondering - I have some mods in their own folders but they're kind of spread out on my drives. Should I just go ahead and install or should I start wiping?
  3. Missing items after death: Not that I know of or experienced here with WotW. If it's the 'last x spots' in the backpack then at least with Valmod - that means the added "Bigger Backpack" mod exclusively for Valmod wasn't installed properly or got corrupted during install. I would presume its the same here but here it wouldn't be an 'added' mod as it is with Valmod - here it would be the install on either the server or client. Most of the time its on the clients side 'if you're sure its installed correctly on the server.' Not sure what you mean by "nothing found on the last sides..." Forge lag: since 10/2017 it was a known issue: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?53190-War-of-the-Walkers-Mod-(Overhaul)&p=740360&viewfull=1#post740360 Do not forget that this game isn't optimized yet. There are work-arounds as noted in the above.
  4. Hello! There aren't any recipes in the builders forge, any help?
  5. Opps, my bad! I remember when MS publicly announced that they were having all the 'big names' in the computer industry to BG's 'home.' From a friend whom helped with his house I knew they were already doing this... This was back in the day when the big push in the software industry was to make the code smaller... Then along comes MS and their 'conferences.' Then a bit later Everything starts to increase, and then "Bloatware" lol Now you need a faster processor, more ram, more hard drive space... So yes the entire industry is a scam!
  6. Hello! Yes, well the game itself without a mod is 8GB, and yes WotW takes up more, so it is 'the ball park' for ram usage. No, since the Samsung ram/memory factory burnt down the other year, they've been 'high priced' since. Frys.com sometimes - sometimes has 'specials' maybe bestbuy.com but I doubt it.
  7. What are the burning barrels all about? Hello! My wife and I are wondering what is it with all the burning barrels? Is there some story or reason behind them?
  8. So I was wondering - is WotW a pure xml mod? - - - Updated - - - I see that with Valmod when it isn't installed properly, not sure what the exact problem is here.
  9. Is the latest Starvation compatible with Alpha 16.3?
  10. Thank you DorHans! Excellent!
  11. That is probably the worst offender! HERE HERE!!
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