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  1. If you're trying the BBM mod: Please note that some server companies won't allow "system files" such as modified DLL's onto their system. So the company has to say that they support this type of feature. Albeit you should get an error when uploading noting something to the effect that there was an error with uploading the AssemblyCSharp.dll file which a lot of mods modify for various reasons and one of them is Backpack changes. If they don't then that's the biggest problem and 'unfixable'/'un-installable' with their system. Please insure you're trying to install the right files onto the right system. Actual log files would help, but it would seem that either a file got corrupted or worse. Generally you can try reinstalling to take care of that issue. I do know that working with a rented dedicated server that sometimes the server will not update the files properly and this seems to be the cause of some of these errors. Not sure how or why but after uploading the files, making sure all of the settings are correct - then rebooting the server usually helps.
  2. Okay! Okay! You got me beat lol
  3. I understand! I also know the usage of the underscore, so you may not be as old as you think <G> Technically I go way back to look down Moria on original IBM PC XT server lol Played Pin Balls and juke boxes where the only things around, till many years later when Pong came out lol So to me - everyone's a whippersnapper lol What I've resorted to (yes - I noticed that the traitor does have the clock) is DM'ing and then opening the console to see what time it is. When playing this game I take it as Time being your worst enemy. OH! I can't seem to find the right 'workbench'/'etc' to make bullets.
  4. Yes! A few of them... Anyway - I do have Save all games local checked... But been running a tonne of mods lol I think I'm going nuts But after looking at a few posts I see others have had similar problems. I also have accidentally - quite a few times run saved games in mods that they weren't created from lol My bad - but now I have a list so thats good now. SIDE NOTE: Is it possble to run say like vanilla with Bigger Backpack, and compo pack? Or do I have to do something like that manually? I tried it manually a couple of times but it hasn't worked.
  5. Hello! I was wondering if a 'clock' is available? Maybe a SunDial even? lol
  6. Hello sphereii, I was wondering - if you'd be so kind as to add an 'auto save' function when the launcher is closed? Maybe save all installed mod save games to a 'backup' folder of sorts with '2' levels... And maybe add a function/button/menu so we could choose which 'backup' to use/overwrite the existing save file? Please? lol
  7. Starting to check out the mod - Wow! Using the map viewer to check a seed Jericho - Wow - a lot of large cities as opposed to War of the Walkers generation. Usage went to 28GB of 32. https://imgur.com/1iEtXdR While starting a new SP game memory went to 28GB again and then dropped to 25.3GB... World Generation is slow, way slow. As for the "stability/sleeper errors" it would be my guess that it's the Mob-Morpher... Sphereii's Transmogrifier; maybe its related to the very big cities, the sheer numbers of zeds, buildings and such forces the system to constantly write; with this mod probably even more so than ever. Okay - now I'm near the end of the first day. First thing I don't care for is how making seeds is locked behind a class?!? I mean that should be the basics of survival - and 'everyone' should know it or at least be able to learn it. It would be the same as 'basic' rock tools, everyone should know how to do it. Basic bandages, basic tools, basic farming, basic weapons, basic reading and basic building... From my POV - and from a "vanilla" standpoint when you spawn into the world you have items... How do you explain them... It can only come from being at say like a colony or 'family' - which then begs the question - what did I do to get thrown out or Kicked to the curb?!? The hitboxes for the bulls needs to be adjusted. Wasted about 10 arrows trying to find it while running away from them lol Went from the pine forrest to the forrest and they look good! But thinking about it again from 'the world as it would probably be' is that there probably should be tonnes of grass, shrubs, etc. But it does look good!
  8. I know some POI's in Magoli's Compo Pack are that way. NEPA being one. You'll probably need to try the modders forum.
  9. So I'm not the only one 'concerned' about this "too many things locked behind perks" and some you can't buy...
  10. That night I did connect to our dedi with Valmod, etc. using the Mod Launcher. Then the next morining I closed the client and then highlighted WotW in the launcher and tried to play a local game with the resultant corruption/player info wipped. EDIT: Happened 2 days ago, but the launcher updated yesterday.
  11. Geez! -Fixed Board in a Roaming Horde Group I mean we love boards in the Roaming Hordes!!! They drop the best loot and are the easiest to kill!! -Fixed Medium Storage Container Max Damage Now you've done it! You've gone and nerfed the whole thing! How else do you think we're gonna kill entire BloodMoon Hordes?!? With Stone Axes?!? I love duel weiling my two 600 Durability Medium Storage Containers!!! -Changed Stuffed Otters now Stack to 50 I love Stuffed Otters on Thanksgiving!!!
  12. Weird... This is the 2nd or 3rd time its happened to me. Last night I played Valmod. Then this morning I closed 7D2D and then selected War of the Walkers (Left tree window) and tried to play (far right "Play Mod"), during creating player it gave me: "IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range." errors. Once I spawned into the game it said "Welcome to Valmod." Last time the save was corrupted, this time after spawning in as "valmod" I exited and just checked save by logging in with War of the Walkers and entire inventory is lost with the exception of the Land Claim Block... Base and stuff still there but character is back at level 1. Launcher: https://pastebin.com/7FTFdyWK War of the Walkers: https://pastebin.com/7h9AS5Pa Those are the only logs listed. EDIT: Day has not reset and is at 23, quest log is empty.
  13. Generally that's an installation bug. You can try reinstalling again and it should revolve it.
  14. Hello Flyingwolvez, The game itself - vanilla - now requires 8GB ram, this mod and others push that to 16GB of ram. Try lowering your graphics settings. Another issue with these incendiary rounds is that if you run out of them, all other shells will at least show the incendiary effects.
  15. Review Well I do really like your mod and thanks to you and everyone involved with making it!! I like virtually everything about it with a bunch of exceptions. The first thing is that there are way, way too many forges, work benches, etc. It would be nice to have it more of a ‘upgrade’ to the forge for things like weapon smithing, etc. Like adding a tap & die set for the weapon smithing. IE: If you finally get the weapon smithing perk then all of your forge changes (are upgraded) to add another item slot to them such as the tap and die set. Same with the work benches, way too many… Class vending machines – way too many, have one where you can access a drop down menu… With all that you need a lot of room to have them all! That’s a lot of room, sure you can go to the class place to access them all, but most I would think would want them at their bases to have 24/7 access to them. I do like a lot of the environment, with the exception of the desert. There’s too much ‘empty space’ and not enough cacti. As compared to vanilla something in between would be great… Tumbleweeds! Things in the class progression system is a bit farfetched… I mean for the builder – 10k rocks, wood and plant fiber for the first quest?!? How long do you think that would take? If I remember correctly the 2nd one for the builder is to make, lay and upgrade 50 wood frames? How much wood does that take? How much rock to make 50 cobblestones? How much plant fiber & dirt to make sod or grassy ground? Something along those lines would be better and more in a progressive line than hitting ‘us’ with 10k each right off the bat! I would rather have it be like gather wood for the 50 wood frames, then onto cobble stones upgrading them to flagstones… Get iron and upgrade that to steel… Something a builder should inherently know how to do. I would also like to see the ability to select a class from the begining so "I" can focus on one thing instead of having to switch back and forth and being knew to the mod that took a great deal of time. Especially when I hear that 'clunk' letting me know that something in some class progression was achieved - not a 'full progression' but one of the in between steps. Example: Need items to make a workbench - for me in this test I'm at day 5 and still haven't found a claw hammer, nor the schematic for one! Could be just the randomness. UDPATE: I'm thinking the HD versions of things probably shouldn't drop till like day 50 and that's just a guess. Maybe not till you've reached tungston crafting... Not sure. By day 7 I'm level 44 and at the end of day 7 I'm level 50... Now I'm running through a horde night video and it looks like I have a HD Chainsaw which is extremely OP! I mean I spent like 1 or 2 game hours and got well over 50K wood! That's because of how quickly it tears through any tree. In the video its Horde night day 14 and I'm already level 99, with 814 kills. I don't know what the GameStage was but I got radiated non-cop zeds. Sometime later I got the HD Auger and that is way too OP too! I can virtually walk through rock drilling a 3 block high tunnel! In sand I can almost run through and do the same! OH! I do like it that you can dig almost anywhere and get almost any resource! But the amounts are a bit high. I like those nodes that are 8K and give silver, gold and diamonds, but they too seem to be too numerous. In my game I found about 7 so far! Sure you don't get a whole lot with using an iron pickaxe but still that seems a bit op. I like the Survivor NPC's it would be nice to be able to interact with them. Say for like some food and/or ammo, or other goods I could 'emply' them into my clan. And yes that would be an entire workload in itself. I know some if not all of this can be done - especially with the forges and workbenches, but there are a tonne of them. It would also be nice to be able to actually attach items such as a silencer to a gun and not have to replace the barrel and such. Overall I think you've got something good here. Its combining different aspects of different mods I like such as Valmod and Starvation. Thanks and I'll keep enjoying your mod. I've been trying to press our group to get the mod, but they're still stuck on Valmod!
  16. More system specs please. Yes, this mod does push the 16GB ram barrier as I see it hover just over 16GB. OH! I would suggest reinstalling; albeit it might not be necessary if you use the mod launcher. When I first installed the mod without the launcher it ate up 24GB of ram... I suspected that was too much and uninstalled/deleted and then reinstalled and its fine now. I then deleted all mods and installed the mod launcher and its still right around 16GB of ram.
  17. I looked on my current map and every ship I see has the name. Flew to them and verified that they're all there. What's your seed name?
  18. I've seen a few different pirate ships - but have never seen them disappear as Jeraal posted about the NEPA building disappearing. With the NEPA building I believe some are supposed to disappear. With the NEPA building I noticed in the previewer that the ones that can disappear will not have the modders' information on them. Whereas most of the ones that do not disappear do have the modders' info on them. IE: If you zoom closer to the building/structure in question - it will show the "modders' information" in text just above the building/structure. Also with the NEPA building - the ones that disappear will disapper once you get to a certain range of them. I have a feeling this is directly from the Compo Pack, and not any other mod since I saw this with Valmod also.
  19. Update WotW? Game? Launcher? If you use the launcher depending on how you've installed it and run it - it can update WotW by itself or you can have it update it on demand or automatically. If you want to update WotW without the launcher then I believe you'll have to manually download it and install. I would guess that it would be best to start with a fresh copy of the game files and then the version of WotW you want. Please note that I noticed in the above post: "AHH! If you look a bit further down you'll see the set for the server and are from github. If you open the file and look in the mod folder and look at "ModInfo.xml" it says: <Version value="5.2.3 B111"/>" When playing the game will also tell you in the upper right it will tell you the WotW version. - - - Updated - - - Pass? - - - Updated - - - Opps sorry delanooch see post below yours: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?53190-War-of-the-Walkers-Mod-(Overhaul)&p=786467&viewfull=1#post786467 If you download then you can look at the xml file and actually see the version. I believe that link for WotW is supposed to link to the latest version - read that some where. - - - Updated - - - Just a while ago I started getting NRE's - tonnes, could only move with God Mode but kept coming up. Generally once I get an NRE - you can move backwards to a point before you got it and it would be okay. Then logging out and back in would take care of it. Not this time. I had to move a long ways away in GM to stop it. Nemo888 may have found a clue to 'it' or 'one of the causes.' https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?53190-War-of-the-Walkers-Mod-(Overhaul)&p=787079&viewfull=1#post787079
  20. AHH! If you look a bit further down you'll see the set for the server and are from github. If you open the file and look in the mod folder and look at "ModInfo.xml" it says: <Version value="5.2.3 B111"/> Yeah - I recently downloaded the client and the textures are also missing. Not sure if thats the way its supposed to be or not. - - - Updated - - - If the console comes up it should show an error, what is it? Or it should also be in the error logs too. Any of that info would be helpful. At first glance it would seem that the files got corrupted - have you tried downloading and installing again?
  21. Hello Ravashack, sorry to hear you're having major issues. Looks like you shouldn't have any with that rig! Yes, WotW will eat a tonne of ram. I have a 4790K with 32GRam, 3 SSD's. I noticed the other night while watching my resources that most of the time WotW will gobble up 16GB for breakfast and think nothing of it. Only once - when I had issues with the initial install did it start eating breakfast and end up at 28GB, it was slow and choppy but playable. I knew there was something wrong and reinstalled everything. Now it goes to 16GB and hovers around there and fairly smooth and definitely playable. Vanilla takes 8GB min since Alpha 16.4. When adding a mod like this I wouldn't doubt it goes towards 16GB no problem. In my setup I have my OS on C, my swap file on E at about 20GB and then 7D2D on D. Yes, I know not everyone can do this, but it definitely helps with accessing times. Not sure if you've done this but I install 7D2D and verify the files, then copy all of that to another folder and that is where I apply the WotW mod... Just a few days ago I let the 7D2D Mod Launcher do it all for me now. I'm not 'up' in modding, etc but my guess is that it is the BBM that is taking up a bunch of ram since it's got to rescale the backpack and the 'icons' within it.
  22. Ahh! Okay - well looks like some how the install got corrupted is my guess. Back in 10/2017 (about page 95) there were similar problems mentioned by two people but they didn't get answered for +5 pages. One possible issues that may have caused it is using a saved game from an older version... From you're previous response it seems like you know. So - question becomes - does looking at 1/5 show 'completed' in the right window? If so - then again I'd say something got messed up... OH! If you put 2/5 in the search it may come up or should, not matter the status. See what it says! I'm wondering if you've 'accidently' or unknowingly completed them already lol That would be funny! OH! Here's one other thing... Hopefully you didn't cancel that quest to do another quest? I just remembered people having problems with canceling quests to do other quests...
  23. Interesting! But I've just started WotW. Definitely have to check it out afterwards!
  24. Well not sure what you mean by loosing the class quests. If you mean you don't see them in the upper right part of your screen - then click on the inventory - click on the exclamation point (!) just to the middle right. The left side is a list of all quests - the ones in 'bright white' are active, the grayed out ones are one's that should be completed. There can be multiple pages of them. To have any given quest shown in the upper right of your screen - click on the quest in question and then at the upper left part - I think its the far left one but click on that one and it should now be shown on your screen. Please note that there can only be 'one' displayed quest at a time. You can just repeat this process to show which ever one you want. I found it a bit helpful to look at them - especially when I hear those 'objective in quest completed sounds' are made.
  25. Well, without looking at the xmls - it would seem from my experience that they're available in loot - all forms of loot. It would also seem that this needs to be checked and then a re-balancing for the distribution of them. Quite a few of them I've gotten +10 stacks (they only stack 5 high) of them... And it doesn't help to check the traitor/ 'school'(?) since they're extremely rare. Nor at the class vending machines. In the many times I've checked I've only seen one at the school and that was on day 1.
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