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  1. Tried fire traps... Found only one section of 8 traps working before the valve. Looks like the itty-bitty-tiny baby sheep can get through reinforced concrete walls 2 blocks high.
  2. Starvation: for Alpha 16.4 OH FYI - this one is unmodded except for stack sizes due to the limited space. I have the below setup for a large box area. About 50 x 50. In the center of the directions is a path I use to cross wooden spikes on a bridge. Initially I had one boiler for each direction. Only the first one after the boiler in the north-east direction worked. All others in the other directions didn't work. 2nd time - tore up everything (and I mean Everything) and went to creative mode to replace everything. Still same result - only the first one after the boiler worked in the north east direction... Third time... Rebuilt everything. TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Boiler ---Valve--------Valve--------Valve-----<END> Same results... Same setup - placing 3 blocks apart.. MILL (was able to place it and was able to access 'internal mill menu' T T T T T T T T M Boiler ---Valve--------Valve--------Valve-----<END> Same results... OH - Journal has: 34_Title 38_Title 34_Title 38_Title 38_Title 34_Title OH! The farmer - planted only 7 plants in the totally wrong direction F=Fertilized Ground W=Water N-Normal Ground FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FWWWWWWWWF FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF NNNNNNNNNNNNNN FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FWWWWWWWWF FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF ^ she planted up and down across the designated rows. Killed her. Running over bare sections of pipe can spawn pipes on top of the bare pipes.
  3. So spike traps not working? Boiler - heat pipes - 3 blocks to valve - then 2 pipes to spike trap. All hooks up fine - even hooked up a mill at the end (past spike trap) and I can access its menu so I know its getting heat power.
  4. Well many of the others (5) are having problems with it. They try to rest on their bedroll, drink the tea but the flu quickly comes back, and that's why I'm back lol Going to try to add water and maybe a couple of charred meat to see if that'll work.
  5. Opps! I think we're all enjoying the CP too much! With the recent changes and all!
  6. Well... I'm back for more punishment lol So Flu... First thought was to take them out - flu and flu2... Looks like I can edit the buffs xml and possibly change the increments to 0? Or can I just add water to the cure in the buffs(?) xml?
  7. Started working not long afterwards! Thanks! FYI: Couldn't do anything, except force close... Or maybe close caused launcher to close...
  8. When trying to run launcher: Error reading XML File: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JaxTeller718/7D2DConfig/master/dona.xml System.Xml.XmlException: There are multiple root elements. Line 26, position 6. at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Throw(Exception e) at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseDocumentContent() at System.Xml.XmlLoader.LoadDocSequence(XmlDocument parentDoc) at System.Xml.XmlXmlDocument.Load(XmlReader reader) at _7D2DLauncher.frmMain.ReadXML(String strXMLFile) in C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\Github\7D2DModLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher.cs:line 604 https://imgur.com/zNie4C8
  9. UGGG!! Well... Its been a while but I got it close to how the girls wanted. No snakes, no 'weird animals' as they've put it such as no scorps, crocodiles, rhino's, hyena's, etc. No bandits and actually an extremely low chance for Paco, Yetti and Santa - 0.000001 or so.... When I checked 'vanilla' on Horizons seed, there were tonnes of Paco settlements! One town just to the left of 0,0 had a street filled with like 20 of the small churches (western?)... Not to mention a tonne of power plants too! Anyway there were inter-dependencies with say for instance the spiders... I don't remember it all, nor wrote any of it down... But other mobs have a chance to spawn spiders, rad spiders, etc... Then there's the 'first one' where I think it may have been in the rwgmixer where it would lay down the spider nests and rad nests... What I did in that case was to have it lay down fertilized dirt! lol Changing the nests to fertilized dirt. At first I tried to put in the ambulance and the science truck... YIKES! There were tonnes of them all over the place!!! lol With certain bosses spawning other things like the spiders made it a bit hard. One other thing I did was to change some of the animals - say for arguements sake the rhino - I changed it to the wolf... Yikes! Too many wolves... Then there were things such as some entities where players! Yikes! As with the prior example of having too many wolves, there wasn't much ability to tune the numbers down by the 'max spawned animals' in serverconfig!!! Probably because of how they're handled... Donno... I donno, it was a long grueling, mentally straining and taxing task... I'm not totally sure if I even tried the prob=0... I started by lowering them drastically but that didn't help. It went something like - lets try this, upload the files to the server, start the server, jump onto the server, enter Debug and look around... One 'session' like that took at least 1/2 hour!!! Unless I write a mod myself - I don't think I'll ever do that again!
  10. I would guess your trying to use Bad Company Server Manager and 'something' within that is actually causing you issues. Don't know it since I only use Alloc's... Might have better response there?
  11. Excellent Dust2Death!!! I was wondering - is this client side only or available on servers? I'd love to pop this onto our group lol
  12. What did I get myself into?!? lol
  13. Ahh! Good to know. Getting things read and will test before dropping it on the server.
  14. Thanks! Will investigate further tonight!
  15. Hello! I've been trying to get our group to try Starvation - a few did but they're saying that there's way too many animals and wanted to see if I could cut some of them out or reduce their numbers. I play it unmodded just fine They'd like me to cut out the scorpions, spiders and snakes. For the spider nests I figure I could change the nest to say for instance a block of fertilizer to stop it from existing and therefore spawning any spiders. For the animals and such - it looks extremely complicated and I'm not sure how to proceed. Can anyone give a hand please? Thank you for your time and attention!
  16. In the 7D2D folder for the mod in question - there's a TempMods folder - you have to update that for any changes to take effect. The Mod Launcher updates from that folder. Technically speaking - There are many versions of Valmod with and without the compo pack and bigger backpack mods in the Mod Launcher. They work fine. Don't know about Fennec's mod - but Starvation doesn't have a bigger backpack nor a compo pack... I've tried merging various Bigger Back Pack mods for that for Starvation Mod but they don't work right. You can get them to work - kind of but you loose everything the last bunch of spots in your back pack every time you log out. As for Compo Pack and Starvation Mod - that's a mess trying to merge them. I tried but can't get it to work properly - there are conflicts and such because they both edit the rwgmixer.xml file. I don't know if Magoli will try to attempt that. With that said - Starvation has some issues of its own; at least till they get an update.
  17. Is there a way to scale down Santa... Just started a game with my wife and there's like 20 Santa's within 3 'city' blocks of where we're at... A bit much. EDIT: Okay - only 5 but when to come together like they just did it can be devistating. https://imgur.com/a/BRlfEVV
  18. Trying to view the map after reinstalling, and I see the background, the menu bar on the left but no check box menu on the right. I've reinstalled it a couple of times... Same thing. My bad! Forgot to upload the serveradmin.xml
  19. Workaround - I looked at the mod launcher log and saw that it was pulling a copy from a subdirectory in the mod folder called "TempMods" - I went into that subfolder and found the items.xml and edited that one. So now its working. <a>\<b>\<c>\<d>\TempMods\<e>\Data\Config\Items.xml Where: a = <Drive & Folder where you tell 7D2DModLauncher to store your mods> b = <Mod maker?> c = <mod name> TempMods <Internal 7D2DModLauncher Mod Name? In my case its: "0-Valmod-Overhaul">
  20. Nope, never. Disable UNET, Update Registry (not sure why I have that checked) and Save all games local to mod. EDIT: I just set the items.xml to read only and sure enough 7D2DModLauncher wants to overwrite it, but can't since I set it to Read Only. Launcher can't launch after that even when I specify to continue.
  21. Hello! I've been trying to change the stack size in Valmod, but it always reverts to the original stack sizes. Is there a way to do this?
  22. Hello sphereii, I was wondering if it's possible to install the launcher on a server?
  23. This sounds like the Traitor Bug. It would seem to fit since the class traitors seem to be vanilla 'traitor' traders... With vanilla traitors all you can do is to try to regen the region files; that is - if you're base or anything you've built is not in that same region. If you have things in that region then they will disappear once you regen that region.
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