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  1. You mean a new game? If it's the first time you're loading into a particular save with a level 1 character, you have to do the quests.
  2. Lol I did too. I'm, personally, not expecting anything for at least another week or two though. No insider info, just my guess.
  3. Official Forum Rules and Guidelines: "Release Date Harassment Please refrain from spamming the forums requesting information regarding update releases. Civil discussion regarding updates is allowed, and The Fun Pimps want the community to be excited for future updates, but request that you do so in a respectful manner and do not continually request information that the developers and moderation team have already answered or placed a restriction on answering. Furthermore, please do not private message the developers or moderation team requesting information about the update's release schedule. This information will become available with time, and will be available in the developer diary section of the "News & Announcements section of the forums for that particular update." - - - Updated - - - It's been said over and over that when Clare knows, she'll post it.
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