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  1. Thanks! But it seems to be every terrain block I place just seems to be predetermined no matter what block it is. I can place a forest ground block, looks like dirt, place a stone block in the same place, also looks like dirt. It's as if what belongs there is predetermined, and no matter what terrain block you put there it just changes to that predetermined block. Very frustrating
  2. So... you can craft asphalt but why the hell would you if it doesnt LOOK like roadways when you put it down? It doesnt even have the durability it SHOULD have as asphalt. It just takes on whatever terrain property it looks like when you place it down.
  3. Hey Survivors! So we made a base in a forest biome and we are trying to levcel the ground. It seems when we put a terrain block down it is never what we actually place but it only takes the texture of what we removed. We remove a dirt block, put down a forest block it looks like dirt. Pile it up and it just looks like dirt. Same with sand, and asphalt. The block we put down will always just look like what is down already. So we cant landscape a yard or add a road. I know in all previous versions we always did this but it just doesnt work here. Why would TFP change
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