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  1. Steam name: Wexurune Hours played:1395 hours Started on Alpha: A15 Discord name: Wexurune#9178 Native language: Swedish
  2. I will check now on the 23th and the night to see if it happend. With the range feature, i saw it was gone now in the latest update, i did the backup and replaced the mod/game when you released it as you stated and suggested. Because the range feature will show the red moon etc when its horde night? if it's normally on every 7th day it should not show the red moon if the horde is on the 8th day right?
  3. Hi! I had some problems finding an answer for my question. When i first started with this mod again just before the previous update you did when alpha 17.4 released, i think there was a setting for that horde night could come +1 day so instead of day 7, 14, 21 it could come on 8, 15, 21? If im not mistaking. They came as planned on day 7 and 14, but now im on day 23 00:20 and no horde came at day 22 22:00. I had the horde bloodmoon and so on day 21 but no horde came at all, maybe KhaineGB or someone else more experienced with the mod can inform me if i have missed something But it's
  4. The problem was not there before i installed this mod, so yeah but i just need to cut the faulty trees down and plant new ones, problem solved
  5. Hi m8! I really love this mod that you have provided the community with. I was playing a seed and installed it after i saw Games4kickz using this, i just have a slight problem, i understand there can be complications and such when applying it to an ongoing save But got two big holes in my concrete walls like 5x5 was really fun, due to a tree got spawned at the location of the concrete wall But do you or anyone know a fix to fix the 1 hp trees? That is the problem i really was going to ask if anyone experienced aswell and now how to fix Edit: nvm, seems like it only affects tree
  6. Hi! Thank you for a awesome mod! i really enjoy playing with all the new crafting system and +1000 for the tooltip on where to craft and where to use the items I noticed today while playing your mod that when you put wood in the campfire in the 2nd slot for example, the right one instead of the first one, it doesn't recognize that it is fuel in there, and keeps graying out "craft". I am not sure if this is from vanilla or only in this mod but just a FYI Not a big problem, just a small thing i found
  7. Krizzlock

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Ahh thank you, then i understand, i will try that next time i start 7d2d
  8. Krizzlock

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I am using Valmod Overhaul pack and encounters this issue: I am encountering FPS drops when i open my forge and try to add fuel. Someone else with the same issue? I have restarted 7d2d valmod part but still the same issue, it goes from 85fps to 6-10 fps only when trying to add fuel or trying to use the menus in the forge. I tried replacing my valmod files with the updated version that i saw on page 352 here in this thread but still the same issue with fps drops.
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