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  1. My class selection quest is completed. I have tried to make active other quest and then reactivated "place class crate". Issue is, that i do not have that crate. I did not get it, when i completed earlier quest.
  2. Hello, I had fresh install of 7DaysToDie. Then i downloaded and installed this mod version: V5.1.7 B64 BBM NON-EAC SAFE Version On linux server side, i have downloaded and installed this version: Mod Pack for Server for BBM Version V5.1.7 A16.4 When game starts, i craft bedroll. Then i get a chance to select a class. When i select class, i did not get anything. There is a quest: "place class crate", but i don't have that crate. Did i made any mistake on installation?
  3. Hello guys, Has SMX mod backpack extension compactible with Valmod?
  4. BigBug

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Thank you. Then i think, i have an issue: I have blacksmith lvl 16. But i'm not able to craft bellows.
  5. BigBug

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hey, i have installed Expansion pack and then Overhaul on top of it. Will that work correctly?
  6. BigBug

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hello, is there any tutorial, how to install Walmod on linux server?
  7. Hello, How to update linux server from 15.2 to 16 version? I have launched steamcmd and then run "app_update 251570". Steamcmd updated instalation. But when i run server it shows 15.2 version. Thank you.
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