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  1. you forgot to check off getting mad when vultures attack while on bike or vehicle check check and double check.
  2. questing questing in alpha 18 is really bad the rewards suck the xp sucks even more now that is the only complaint i have besides the trees having 1 hitpoint on accasion and popping in out of no where. other than those two complaints i'm loving alpha 18 over all.
  3. screamers first sorry for replying on this thread not sure where to send this if you can forward to right person i would appreciate it. second adjust the darn heat map i just had 12 screamers in a row from 2 forges. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/763850685499238228/626A143BF0FB73255BF7123000081CAA4E64BB2B/
  4. replied to wrong thread sorry ment for the screamer and heat map section
  5. you get a zombie with a nightmare speed setting place barbed wire fences down if you know they are nightmare speed before you wake them up pro tip. - - - Updated - - - noooooooooooooooooooo
  6. about the same as a truck does now with is expensive i saw one for 50k so i would say at least 100k for a legendary fully repaired item.
  7. in a max fox voice impersinating madmole look at those textures aren't they grand?
  8. update to 17.4 should fix it
  9. or old books from a library for knowledge that you read permanently learn the skills you read about not this half an hour crap.
  10. i want a riverboat so i sing rollin rollin roland on the river P haha - - - Updated - - - hey guppy you could be real mean and add a zombie with a bow and arrow afterdeath reflex is shooting anyone that moves hahaha except me.
  11. she wont want you to plant your tulips on her in that way
  12. if you want to hand down your old one i'll take it chances are its better that mine contact me via gmail at worf3k@gmail.com ill send you my info
  13. its supposed to be faster zombie speed not human - - - Updated - - - i like the way they jump it makes me think of karate kid and the crane or the show kung fu with david carridean or how ever you spell his last name.
  14. worf3k

    Xajar's Mod Collection

    how do i download the modlets to use in my mod? i want to learn to mod.
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