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  1. you need to opt out of current build and scroll down to experiment build to get latest update. sorry i misread comment unfortunately updating sometimes changes setting so just put it back to where you had them i have to every time so i feel ya.
  2. Hi Hated love this game current 6850 hours or so in it. land claim block is not working at all. i can not place it just had to wrench apart my chemistry station!

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      sur mon serv il ne me laisse plus y accédé

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      il me note sur mon serv alpha 19.1


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      sorry english on here you might need to use google translate

  3. you forgot to check off getting mad when vultures attack while on bike or vehicle check check and double check.
  4. questing questing in alpha 18 is really bad the rewards suck the xp sucks even more now that is the only complaint i have besides the trees having 1 hitpoint on accasion and popping in out of no where. other than those two complaints i'm loving alpha 18 over all.
  5. screamers first sorry for replying on this thread not sure where to send this if you can forward to right person i would appreciate it. second adjust the darn heat map i just had 12 screamers in a row from 2 forges. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/763850685499238228/626A143BF0FB73255BF7123000081CAA4E64BB2B/
  6. update to 17.4 should fix it
  7. or old books from a library for knowledge that you read permanently learn the skills you read about not this half an hour crap.
  8. i want a riverboat so i sing rollin rollin roland on the river P haha - - - Updated - - - hey guppy you could be real mean and add a zombie with a bow and arrow afterdeath reflex is shooting anyone that moves hahaha except me.
  9. she wont want you to plant your tulips on her in that way
  10. if you want to hand down your old one i'll take it chances are its better that mine contact me via gmail at worf3k@gmail.com ill send you my info
  11. its supposed to be faster zombie speed not human - - - Updated - - - i like the way they jump it makes me think of karate kid and the crane or the show kung fu with david carridean or how ever you spell his last name.
  12. best reason ever good explanation. i know i've been upset a lot but i still love the game and have been doing better. it is eperimental after all.
  13. tis the season to start over fa la la la la, tis the season to complain fa la la la! like my christmas song
  14. that was a bug with the poi the door is there just place a frame to reveal it i have had that happen to me in previous game.
  15. what fataal told you is correct that is supposed to happen but doesn't always. i had it double the amount of zombies once and only once so i never bother to post it but next time it happens i will.
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