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  1. you need to opt out of current build and scroll down to experiment build to get latest update. sorry i misread comment unfortunately updating sometimes changes setting so just put it back to where you had them i have to every time so i feel ya.
  2. Hi Hated love this game current 6850 hours or so in it. land claim block is not working at all. i can not place it just had to wrench apart my chemistry station!

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      sur mon serv il ne me laisse plus y accédé

    3. kalyfre27


      il me note sur mon serv alpha 19.1


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      sorry english on here you might need to use google translate

  3. you forgot to check off getting mad when vultures attack while on bike or vehicle check check and double check.
  4. update to 17.4 should fix it
  5. i want a riverboat so i sing rollin rollin roland on the river P haha - - - Updated - - - hey guppy you could be real mean and add a zombie with a bow and arrow afterdeath reflex is shooting anyone that moves hahaha except me.
  6. first hurray updats, second make you have no other mods istalled best thing i found to do i delete all mods and start again and also dont forget to presync the mod. so make sure on the mod launcher it is completely empty of any mods, install mod presync mod. this process works for me everytime. also make sure after deleting the mods to close out the launcher and restart it. - - - Updated - - - you know most cows survive a good milking, but moo to there own. - - - Updated - - - i would have put it like this pretty sure i "herd" you have to kill the cow. la moo.
  7. worf3k

    True Survival

    make sure your game in steam is on 16.2!
  8. I just wish it was solo friendly and no mp heavy.
  9. worf3k

    True Survival

    nice hope i helped, to change the version i believe it is in the xml files common servers section where you would put the name of the server. i'm not familiar with xml but am learning.
  10. worf3k

    True Survival

    uninstall all mods, then verify files going through 7 days to die game properties local files hit the verify files button let it run, then do it again, then see if game is vanilla by doing a test a world, once you find its working in vanilla again reinstall only jz mod true survival make sure you are on 16.2 if just true survival not sure about jz version although i think it is current. then it should work.
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