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  1. Does this mod work with the newest Alpha version of the game ? (17.2) i stopped playing 7dtd since version 15. something... is it a good time to come back ?
  2. Ohhh wow okay, this mod just made me throw Vanilla A17 to the trash, reinstall A16 and download it lol! (Question : If TFP add something from someones Mod to their Vanilla version is it Legal or not ?.)
  3. Quick question to creator. Any plans on making this amazing (my #1 mod) to A17 ?
  4. How can i download this mod ? I don have it in my 7DTD Mod Launcher. Edit : Sorry, image is small...So the options are 7 day Horde Edition 21 Day Horde Edition 7 day Horde Streamer Edition 21 day Horde Streamer Edition Dedi 7 day Horde Edition Dedi 21 day Horde Edition Ravenhearst 3.0 Test Server Only Files Dawn of the New apocalypse Whitelist download. Which one is it ???
  5. Mate, I think that if you play the game more then 1 Week you know a couple of things about temperature and staff like that.For example that if you get wet your temperature falls if you are in snow biome same thing, if you Drink coffee or eat Meat Stew it grows and many many more...Also, if your temp goes very high and falls very low you get a notification.
  6. The problem is that everything was working just fine until this type of weather appeared, before that weather was changing normally It was sunny rainy etc etc...If i enable cheat mode is there a way to change or change it with a command ? Ohh, and about the Bee sting effect.I used painkillers after the sound of the bee's was gone because when you hear the sound the effect is not yet there.It applies when the sound goes off. Edit : I did the Pre-Sync mod and problem is still there, Also there is no way im using outdated files because im not getting any errors Edit 2 : Fixed the weather issue, had to change day/night cycle to 60 minutes instead of 90.
  7. The Screenshot shows the foggy weather not the bee sting effect...Btw its been 5 days now and the weather still haven't changed is there a way to do in manually ? I play on SP too and as I said Painkillers did not work for me.
  8. Hey guys something weird is happening to my game... (Yes, Im playing on newest Starvation mode) For 3 days now the weather is foggy i'll also add screenshot.And when I get a bee sting I can not cure it...Tried Antibiotics,Painkiller,Herbal Painkiller,First aid kit and the Bug Bite cream but nothing works the Bee Sting effect is still there.
  9. Oooh thank you mate just found it in Creative.
  10. So in A17 + you might change them a bit ? Huh...There is already a 50 Sniper Rifle ? Do you mean the Heavy 50 Cal. Machine Gun ? or something like this http://shoota50cal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/sniper_rifle-50cal.jpg
  11. I know Im asking same question 2nd time now but i really want to know. Hey creator, Yes! Creator! are you planing on updating the PSG1 texture ? I think it needs some serious rework (Me and many others) it looks really boxy and doesn't fit to the game right now.Even the Vanilla one is better Also, many other firearms don't quite fit and need a bit of rework ofc not like the PSG1 but still...Character doesn't hold them properly the attachments you can barely notice and their textures and crappy...Shhh okay, it's time to stfu now and stop complaining.The mod is very nice and thank you for what have you created P.S Any plans for NEW big Sniper Rifle (for Ex 50. Call or something similar) But, no Auto or Semi-Auto because would be too OP.Bolt Action would be enought. Could you guys like this post if you agree so Mr.Creator sees this ? Thank you!!
  12. Hello, I have just 1 question to the creator. Are you planning on making a new sniper rifle that looks better than the PSG ? I really liked the original one.Yours seems really huge and its texture is not so nice even tho everything else looks amazing.Also, the Pacman Sight would be really nice to replace it with Red Dot and the Normal Zoom (The red dot that you have right now) with the Vanilla one
  13. Is the creator of this mod still working on it ? (Will it have future updates? )or they've abandoned this one already ?
  14. Hello i have a simple and a fcking quick question...Where can i craft the god damn SAWBLADE in order to upgrade my god damn Baseball Bat ? Thank you
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