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  1. This already exist in current version. I like the new system, looks good and cant wait for more polished version.
  2. It is from yesterdays dev stream, you can watch it here -> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1163132757
  3. This is an amazing idea, would make them a priority target just like demolishers, cops or screamers are. Current jump is cool but I preferred them climbing as it was more challenging. (yes, could easily make roof railing to prevent them from climbing to top, but now they jump over you anyways) Your idea reminds me of old days with gore blocks piling when zombies climbed them. Made it challenging and fun in horde nights.
  4. You are delusional and in denial so much that you can`t comprehend simple information.. why don`t you educate yourself on this topic before you go around insulting people and calling names? Also as @%$#ty as it is, I`m pretty sure that console sold 7days to die as complete version, not an alpha, so you got what you paid for. As for "time for answers", they have answered all your questions multiple times already. Your arguments about consoles current build still applies to pc version... at certain point in game you get bored. Not gonna bother checking that link, but if 11,000 people signed it, it is just a sad, sad sign. Can`t buy common sense. Not to mention bad rep that it gives to console players who are actually understanding and waiting patiently
  5. Yes, they will use current gun ammo - 9mm, 7.62, shotgun. Blunderbuss ammo is getting removed.
  6. Always saving Dog Food for Learning Elixirs from Day 1, most important canned food for our group and no one ever eats it.. better eat rotting flesh than this gem. Everything else gives food, so doesn`t matter that much, but usually we don`t eat stuff that can be used more wisely later on. As in "gross" factor or correlation to real life doesn`t influence me at all, game is game and if it gives you stats - eat it.
  7. While I agree that there should be key bind options for HOLDE/TOGGLE ADS, I hope that hybrid is also an option as I prefer current ADS hybrid system. Hold for ADS or simply click for toggle. Easy to use and practical. P.S. I play competitive FPS games and wouldn't call current system terrible. Suits this game.
  8. It`s interesting how some of you jumped on a guy pointing out that this community is "toxic", assuming he is emotional etc. proving his statement to be correct. You don`t need to use foul language to be toxic. Also implying that someone doesn`t understand sarcasm, humor, irony whatever is irrelevant when that is not what he actually meant( as I understood it) and again further proves his point. As a hard-core 7dtd fan and years of lurking I have "learned" most of posters personalities(and snowdogs small wiener *wink*) and can honestly say that this is the best community I have seen, probably because average forum members age could be 35+ish? So mature adult gamers here, but sometimes it`s saddening to see bunch of you guys being "toxic", could easily call it "unpleasant" or "unnecessary rude" to new members. Lately it has become more obvious as forum is becoming less active and some of you guys are becoming more negative, whether it`s due to worlds current situation or lack of A20 news doesn`t change the outcome. Then again, this forum has never been very "new member-friendly" unless it`s Adam who spammed every post and became forum child. 😀 Members of this forum is like a family, very tight one. How many active members are here? probably less than 50, and everyone knows everyone as majority of you guys are here posting and busting each others balls for years already, so when there is a newcomer and god forbid he doesn`t share the families opinion.. well good luck to that poor soul. You make arguments and say that some people can`t handle "bluntness", "criticism" etc., but when it`s the other way around you can`t do it either and become emotional.. go figure. There are many of you(if not all) who actually provide legit and valid criticism with good points, but no one is perfect and sometimes your criticism is just "I don`t like this, because... ummmm... I don`t like it". (Could date this back years for every change - molds, gore blocks, digging zombies, pathing, food, leveling, lbd, farming, now upgrades) I guess I wrote this in hope that some of you could actually take one step back and look at the bigger picture or someone`s thought, especially if one says that we should be more friendly towards devs/members and be less "toxic", but answer to that is "Are you a mod? If not, mind your own business" like wtf, lol. I blame rum for this post, so on a more positive and topic related note, do you guys think we will see something new and interesting in todays dev stream or will it be just them playing and showing new twitch integration?
  9. You are missing everyone's point entirely. Game is already balanced for default settings, but you make it "unbalanced" by making everything harder.. So of course zombies will be stronger, faster and so will be zombie dogs, animals etc. I don`t understand your logic coming here and complaining about your own hard game settings when you are the one choosing them!? Also, many people answered your questions multiple times, you are just beating dead Orsey now.
  10. Will traders be more specialized in their respective trade as Jen is medic, etc? I know it was supposed to be in A19, but at the moment every trader is jack of all trades and you can`t notice the difference. Then you get "lucky" and when they restock Trader Jen sells 1 splint as medicine. What kind of a medic is she if she doesnt have any medical items to sell.. Ideally I would prefer if traders sold only their stuff, so you need to travel to different traders to get what you want.
  11. Then you got extremely lucky, I hope you are not suggesting for a nerf. Although traders are unbalanced as hell, but schematics and books should not be gated by gs. Did you start a new game?
  12. Are there any plans for snowberries? They are the only food item that has no use or real purpose in the game, can`t cook anything, can`t make any special elixirs, gives only 1 food, literally useless and wasted plant. Maybe it could be added to some recipes, if not edible, then special elixirs? Also, removal of water chance to give dysentery feels to make the debuff irrelevant as you getting it is almost impossible, only 4 items can give it to you - Murky water, Raw meat, Rotting flesh and Old Sham Sandwich. 2 of those doesn`t really count as you can easily boil water and cook meat in campfire( which you have already made for the starting quest in first 5minutes) without cooking pot. Feels like a wasted good debuff.
  13. Yes, new update B169! Also lost my game save when updated, but that`s fine, aren`t we supposed to start fresh game with every update anyways?
  14. I can generate an 8k map and send it to you directly, so you can enjoy playing it, if creating it is a problem. If interested, send pm.
  15. From what I understood food will not be an issue SP or MP if you dedicate your time to it, meaning you go and search/hunt animals, especially small ones (chicken, rabbit), but it will be harder if you expect food to come to you directly for free.
  16. Yup, that`s the one! I`m playing on max settings (ultra+ where possible) , 1440p and I`m having steady 60-80fps(usually 70) with Terrain Quality being the only thing turned down to "Lowest", If I increase it then fps drops to 40-50 and the difference it makes(not much really) does not justify the fps drop for me. Oh and in hilly areas or between mountains if Terrain Quality is anything above "lowest" it can tank down to 10fps which is ridiculous. On horde nights with max alive 64 I usually get between 20-50fps. PC Specs: Would you be so kind to tell me why stone age is boring to loot for you? I like stone age loot progression and what it is.. I get in loot everything I would get if my game stage would be 100+.. you still get sewing kits, duct tapes, anvils, all kind of raw mats etc, the only difference there is is tools/weapons. But how is getting stone variations any different than getting iron/steel? If I`m mid game and every box I open there is Iron shovel/pickaxe/hunting rifle it`s the exact same boring @%$*#! all over again, no? What`s different? Or are you saying that that is the problem and you should be getting Q2 stone axe in T5 quest loot boxes? There is still plenty of variations for primitive age - stone axe, shovel, clubs, spears, bone knives, sledge, blunderbuss and hopefully more to come in A20 with new primitive weapons for each class. Same as there is in any other gs - pickaxe/shovel/sniper/m60/machete/magnum etc. To me, personally, that feels like natural progression. Are you actually suggesting going back to A17 perk system where you were gated behind certain perks? That system was hated by far far more players than any you hint at not liking the new one. (Not saying you said that, that`s how I understood it) Not all perks should be equal as it has been stated already, it`s a choice for different people with different play styles, of course, it`s not perfect and could use some tweaking, but I honestly don`t think any perk at it`s current state is useless or not worth investing as you mentioned. I can debunk usefulness of any perk you name with your provided logic for not wanting crafting perks. (why waste points in melee, when I use only ranged...) Any % increase is still faster and cheaper no matter how you look at things. Yes, you can craft another workstations and get that +100% speed, but I can do the same thing with perk, so how is that a valid argument? How many workstations are you willing to craft? 20, 40? And then there is a problem called performance if you have too many workstations and screamers and now you need bigger space for it, more management etc.. Can it be done? Yes, but that in no way makes the %faster/cheaper perk bad or not worth investing especially in late-game, why waste your precious time mining when you can do other things? If you like mining, that`s fine, but not everyone plays like you and it`s not black and white either, where it is miner/crafter or run and gun looter. Regarding painkillers - Aren`t they the only item that can heal concussion? Also being loot only item it seems decent getting it as an option for a quest reward. Maybe 3 of them is a joke, but I would take 3 painkillers over any Q6 weapon that I`m not spec`ed into as a Tier 5 Quest reward. Best item to get your hp back instantly.
  17. Fully disagree, for me stone age is still fun and rewarding. Getting that next quality stone tools feel the same as getting next quality T3 weapon, what` s different? I don` t perk into strength, so I can`t craft better tools and that Q2 to Q6 stone axe/ shovel progression is fun for me and makes perfect sense from realism and gameplay aspect. Not to mention your gamestage increases really fast and you fly by that stone age real quick. That said, I hope that books will not be affected much by gamestage, as that would feel too "gamey" and forced to find the same books/schematics multiple times. There are soo many books/schematics that finding that T3 schematic is already a rare and lucky thing, same goes for all the foods. Unlocking best food recipe doesn`t mean jack @%$*#! if you cant get enough resources to make it. So what if you got T3 weapon schematic early game, you still need to wait and loot for that weapon parts before you can start making them. The only exception I could think of is armor pocket mod schematics because they are easy to make and to get triple pocket mod schematic early game completely bypasses armor pocket mods 1 and 2.
  18. This sounds awesome, but I think that Large Predators should be able to spawn at day time also. Make it very very small and rare chance, but if they spawn only at night, then some people won`t ever see them as they are hiding/organizing stuff at night and that would be a shame. Also it adds for a great gameplay to change your plans/route because there is an unexpected predator in your way.
  19. Candy "Atom Junkies" does not increase explosive arrow damage, is that a bug or intended?
  20. Looking at your debuffs pains me. that` s a rough start. Talking about rough start, i Just had the fastest permadeath game session ever, didn`t even last half a day. Generated 4k rwg map, had a nice spawning point (in a car lol), and my first buried supply quest led me to mountain lion.. I though hostile animals spawned at night or was that change only for forest biome? Joining in on Perks, I play with purist builds/roleplay, I never spend a single point outside my specific tree until it`s maxed out. Now I`m playing agility, maxed it out fully before I got anything else and I`m doing fine. I`m on day 60 (40min day, no loot respawn, bm every 2-4days, max alive 64, survivalist, nightmare) and don`t even have a bicycle and honestly don`t see a need for one as there is still plenty to do in my town near trader. After maxing out agility just now started investing in intellect (engineering, physician) for faster crafting times, not the items they unlock. Reading people say one or other perk is a "must have" really baffles me. What were you guys doing before perks were introduced? Some of them are better than others, sure, that`s the beauty of it, but saying one is a mandatory perk is just wrong as it all depends from person to person.
  21. Hey guys! Been lurking for around 4-6 years, can`t remember anymore, and fighting the urge to post here for every heated discussion since AI swiss cheese(which was great btw), goreblocks, crafting molds, lbd etc., but I think it`s time to step out and share my experience and thoughts. First, I would like to say thanks to The Fun Pimps for this amazing game, their devotion to it and fantastic engagement with community, overall best game I have played and it gets better with each update. Now for A19, short answer - I`m LOVING it! Long answer and some thoughts in spoiler, so I won`t clutter forum. Regarding tool stamina usage and quoting MechanicalLens - another spoiler for same reason. Traders specializations Is this system in A19? I thought the theme thing for their inventory would be much more noticeable. For me there is no real change from previous alphas as Trader Jen who is supposed to be a medicine trader is selling 1 blood bag and 2 bandages... I was hoping for more. ATM every trader is jack of all trades. I`m hoping that it will get balanced and changed in A20 with upcoming traders leveled loot. personally I would like to see traders selling only their theme specific items, not everything.. So Jen would sell medicine and it`s related items.. some herbs. All traders could still sell generic decorative items, but for every trader selling everything.. breaks the immersion and I`m afraid people getting used to getting easy access to everything will result in large upraise and crying if they nerf it.. same as nerfing vehicle speed after people are used to driving max-speed. Weapon auto-reload Why was this removed? I could understand it being removed when you were stuck in animation, but now that you can switch and cancel animations having manually reload weapon is such a pain regarding X-bow and hunting rifle. Thankfully bow is still reloading automatically, hope that` s not a "bug". For some folks having performance issues, i would recommend turning "Terrain Quality" to "lowest", it gives huge performance boost, in some cases 40-80fps and doesn`t look that bad.. I have everything turned on Ultra+, but in hilly area fps can drop from 60-80fps down to 15-30... by turning Terrain Quality to Lowest I easily get back to 70-110+ in those areas, playing on 1440p. If anyone made it through this mess, thanks for reading and I forgot to say big thanks to you guys for being mature and keeping things civil in this forum.
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