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  1. Ryzen 3900, RTX 2070 super, 32gb ram. Playing 1440p, everything maxed out on ultra+ (motion blurr off) and I get 80-120 fps. Went into midle of a huge city, spawned in with " 25 per click/spawn" option vultures and 3 different kind of zombies, not sure how many zeds I had on screen 100, or 64. FPS Tanked to 20-30, but it has never been this good in any previous alphas.
  2. This already exist in current version. I like the new system, looks good and cant wait for more polished version.
  3. It is from yesterdays dev stream, you can watch it here -> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1163132757
  4. This is an amazing idea, would make them a priority target just like demolishers, cops or screamers are. Current jump is cool but I preferred them climbing as it was more challenging. (yes, could easily make roof railing to prevent them from climbing to top, but now they jump over you anyways) Your idea reminds me of old days with gore blocks piling when zombies climbed them. Made it challenging and fun in horde nights.
  5. You are delusional and in denial so much that you can`t comprehend simple information.. why don`t you educate yourself on this topic before you go around insulting people and calling names? Also as @%$#ty as it is, I`m pretty sure that console sold 7days to die as complete version, not an alpha, so you got what you paid for. As for "time for answers", they have answered all your questions multiple times already. Your arguments about consoles current build still applies to pc version... at certain point in game you get bored. Not gonna bother checking that link, but if 11,000 people signed it, it is just a sad, sad sign. Can`t buy common sense. Not to mention bad rep that it gives to console players who are actually understanding and waiting patiently
  6. Yes, they will use current gun ammo - 9mm, 7.62, shotgun. Blunderbuss ammo is getting removed.
  7. Always saving Dog Food for Learning Elixirs from Day 1, most important canned food for our group and no one ever eats it.. better eat rotting flesh than this gem. Everything else gives food, so doesn`t matter that much, but usually we don`t eat stuff that can be used more wisely later on. As in "gross" factor or correlation to real life doesn`t influence me at all, game is game and if it gives you stats - eat it.
  8. While I agree that there should be key bind options for HOLDE/TOGGLE ADS, I hope that hybrid is also an option as I prefer current ADS hybrid system. Hold for ADS or simply click for toggle. Easy to use and practical. P.S. I play competitive FPS games and wouldn't call current system terrible. Suits this game.
  9. It`s interesting how some of you jumped on a guy pointing out that this community is "toxic", assuming he is emotional etc. proving his statement to be correct. You don`t need to use foul language to be toxic. Also implying that someone doesn`t understand sarcasm, humor, irony whatever is irrelevant when that is not what he actually meant( as I understood it) and again further proves his point. As a hard-core 7dtd fan and years of lurking I have "learned" most of posters personalities(and snowdogs small wiener *wink*) and can honestly say that this is the best community I have seen, probably because average forum members age could be 35+ish? So mature adult gamers here, but sometimes it`s saddening to see bunch of you guys being "toxic", could easily call it "unpleasant" or "unnecessary rude" to new members. Lately it has become more obvious as forum is becoming less active and some of you guys are becoming more negative, whether it`s due to worlds current situation or lack of A20 news doesn`t change the outcome. Then again, this forum has never been very "new member-friendly" unless it`s Adam who spammed every post and became forum child. 😀 Members of this forum is like a family, very tight one. How many active members are here? probably less than 50, and everyone knows everyone as majority of you guys are here posting and busting each others balls for years already, so when there is a newcomer and god forbid he doesn`t share the families opinion.. well good luck to that poor soul. You make arguments and say that some people can`t handle "bluntness", "criticism" etc., but when it`s the other way around you can`t do it either and become emotional.. go figure. There are many of you(if not all) who actually provide legit and valid criticism with good points, but no one is perfect and sometimes your criticism is just "I don`t like this, because... ummmm... I don`t like it". (Could date this back years for every change - molds, gore blocks, digging zombies, pathing, food, leveling, lbd, farming, now upgrades) I guess I wrote this in hope that some of you could actually take one step back and look at the bigger picture or someone`s thought, especially if one says that we should be more friendly towards devs/members and be less "toxic", but answer to that is "Are you a mod? If not, mind your own business" like wtf, lol. I blame rum for this post, so on a more positive and topic related note, do you guys think we will see something new and interesting in todays dev stream or will it be just them playing and showing new twitch integration?
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