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  1. You are missing everyone's point entirely. Game is already balanced for default settings, but you make it "unbalanced" by making everything harder.. So of course zombies will be stronger, faster and so will be zombie dogs, animals etc. I don`t understand your logic coming here and complaining about your own hard game settings when you are the one choosing them!? Also, many people answered your questions multiple times, you are just beating dead Orsey now.
  2. Will traders be more specialized in their respective trade as Jen is medic, etc? I know it was supposed to be in A19, but at the moment every trader is jack of all trades and you can`t notice the difference. Then you get "lucky" and when they restock Trader Jen sells 1 splint as medicine. What kind of a medic is she if she doesnt have any medical items to sell.. Ideally I would prefer if traders sold only their stuff, so you need to travel to different traders to get what you want.
  3. Then you got extremely lucky, I hope you are not suggesting for a nerf. Although traders are unbalanced as hell, but schematics and books should not be gated by gs. Did you start a new game?
  4. Are there any plans for snowberries? They are the only food item that has no use or real purpose in the game, can`t cook anything, can`t make any special elixirs, gives only 1 food, literally useless and wasted plant. Maybe it could be added to some recipes, if not edible, then special elixirs? Also, removal of water chance to give dysentery feels to make the debuff irrelevant as you getting it is almost impossible, only 4 items can give it to you - Murky water, Raw meat, Rotting flesh and Old Sham Sandwich. 2 of those doesn`t really count as you can easily boil water and cook meat
  5. Yes, new update B169! Also lost my game save when updated, but that`s fine, aren`t we supposed to start fresh game with every update anyways?
  6. I can generate an 8k map and send it to you directly, so you can enjoy playing it, if creating it is a problem. If interested, send pm.
  7. From what I understood food will not be an issue SP or MP if you dedicate your time to it, meaning you go and search/hunt animals, especially small ones (chicken, rabbit), but it will be harder if you expect food to come to you directly for free.
  8. Yup, that`s the one! I`m playing on max settings (ultra+ where possible) , 1440p and I`m having steady 60-80fps(usually 70) with Terrain Quality being the only thing turned down to "Lowest", If I increase it then fps drops to 40-50 and the difference it makes(not much really) does not justify the fps drop for me. Oh and in hilly areas or between mountains if Terrain Quality is anything above "lowest" it can tank down to 10fps which is ridiculous. On horde nights with max alive 64 I usually get between 20-50fps. PC Specs: Would you be so kind t
  9. Fully disagree, for me stone age is still fun and rewarding. Getting that next quality stone tools feel the same as getting next quality T3 weapon, what` s different? I don` t perk into strength, so I can`t craft better tools and that Q2 to Q6 stone axe/ shovel progression is fun for me and makes perfect sense from realism and gameplay aspect. Not to mention your gamestage increases really fast and you fly by that stone age real quick. That said, I hope that books will not be affected much by gamestage, as that would feel too "gamey" and forced to find the same books/schematics mul
  10. This sounds awesome, but I think that Large Predators should be able to spawn at day time also. Make it very very small and rare chance, but if they spawn only at night, then some people won`t ever see them as they are hiding/organizing stuff at night and that would be a shame. Also it adds for a great gameplay to change your plans/route because there is an unexpected predator in your way.
  11. Candy "Atom Junkies" does not increase explosive arrow damage, is that a bug or intended?
  12. Looking at your debuffs pains me. that` s a rough start. Talking about rough start, i Just had the fastest permadeath game session ever, didn`t even last half a day. Generated 4k rwg map, had a nice spawning point (in a car lol), and my first buried supply quest led me to mountain lion.. I though hostile animals spawned at night or was that change only for forest biome? Joining in on Perks, I play with purist builds/roleplay, I never spend a single point outside my specific tree until it`s maxed out. Now I`m playing agility, maxed it out fully bef
  13. Hey guys! Been lurking for around 4-6 years, can`t remember anymore, and fighting the urge to post here for every heated discussion since AI swiss cheese(which was great btw), goreblocks, crafting molds, lbd etc., but I think it`s time to step out and share my experience and thoughts. First, I would like to say thanks to The Fun Pimps for this amazing game, their devotion to it and fantastic engagement with community, overall best game I have played and it gets better with each update. Now for A19, short answer - I`m LOVING it! Long answer and some thoughts in spoiler, so I
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